• Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser Dogs, Cats & Small Animals – Features Distribution Alarms, Portion Control & Voice Recording – Timer Programmable Up to 4 Meals a Day

    A perfectly portioned meal for a perfectly healthy pet! Get your precious pooch on an easy, consistent dietary plan with this innovative Automatic Pet Food Dispenser from Arf Pets. As a busy owner you want your dogs and cats to be happy and healthy, but what if you can't be there all hours of the day? Our food distribution system enables you to personalize your pup's dry meal portion and routine. Simply set the clock, pick up to four meal times, customize the helping size, and worry no more! You can even record a special call to alert your pet with a familiar voice. Enjoy days of regular, stress-free feeding with a spacious food compartment and easy-clean serving tray. Plug the feeder into an ordinary wall outlet, or go cord-free with three "D" sized batteries. Gain peace of mind knowing your cat or dog is on a nutritious schedule-while Jumbl is keeping 'em happy! What You Get 1 Arf Pets Automatic Pet Food Dispenser 1 DC power cord A dream gift for your cat and dog The ultimate dietary system for doting pet parents! Specs & Details Measures 9.65" x 11.8" x 15" Capacity: 1.14 gallon Material: ABS Net weight: 4.63 lbs. Power supply: "D" size alkaline batteries [x3]/ DC adapter DC power: 5V1A standard power supply Motor: Working life - 2,000 hours; rotate speed - 8RPM; rated voltage...

    • Brand: Arf Pets
    • ASIN: B06XBRP7J1
    • UPC: 840102182606

  • Aspectek Yard Sentinel 2 Pack Outdoor Ultrasonic Animal Control Pest Repeller - Includes AC Adapter, Extension Cord

    Product Features - Up To 5,000 square feet of coverage range. - AC or Battery Powered, AC adapter & 33-foot extension cord included, Adjustable PIR Infrared Motion Sensor with Night Time Scanner, Inaudible High-Pressure Ultrasonic Sound Wave. - Easy to install and offers great pest protection for almost everywhere. - Operating temperature: 14 ℉ to 122 ℉ - Humane, No Toxic Chemicals & Easy to Mount & Operate.Works great against Rodents, Seagulls, Insects, Rats, Mice, Birds, Bears, Deer, Dogs, Cats, Raccoon. How Does It Work? The Yard Sentinel provides multiple power sources including AC, 6V - 24V DC battery power sources, vehicle power source by connecting to the Cigarette Lighter Socket, and DC Sealed lead-Acid (SLA) battery power source. Installation The ultrasonic sound emits in a forward direction from the device with a range of about 170 degrees horizontal and 60 degrees vertical. Operation Time Selection: All Day / Day / Night The Yard Sentinel offers two repelling technologies - Ultrasonic and Intruder Alarm, that can be used as a burglar alarm and also target animals with sensitive auditory nerves.(Intruder Alarm can be adjusted. If it bothers you or your neighbours, you can turn it down by the volume dial) Ultrasonic Emitting 3 Technologies Selection: Motion...

    • Brand: Aspectek
    • ASIN: B01MQCLN45
    • UPC: 878312004616

  • Animal Sounds Ringtones Free

    • Brand: Tones7 Free Ringtones
    • ASIN: B01ETNNG36

  • JEMPET Automatic Pet Feeder Cats Dogs, 5 Meal Trays Dry Wet Food, Auto Pet Food Dispenser Programmed Timer Voice Recording Function, 5 x 240ml

    Setup Instructions 1. Please connect the DC 5V/1A cable or install 4 "C" batteries and then turn on the power switch, located on the back of the unit. 2. Next you must set the clock time. To do this please hit the setting button until the numbers on the left begin to blink. Use the arrows to adjust the numbers up and down. Do this for the numbers on the right as well. 3. Once you have set the time, you can go through each meal (1, 2, 3 and 4) and you can set the time you would like the food to be delivered. 4. To record a voice message simply hit the activate button next to the battery compartment until the blue LCD illuminates and then hold down the REC/LOBATT button located on the top left corner of the unit (MIC location). Matters Need Attention1. When electric cuts off, you need to reset the current time. The feeding schedule still remain due to the memory function. 2. When the blue backlight on LCD display turns off, the machine enters standby mode. Please press the activate button which next to the battery compartment to unlock the screen for setting. 3. For multiple days setting, for example, if you want to feed your pet for one meal per day, you just need to set the current time and the first meal time, then press the setting button for around 3 seconds to save and ex...

    • Color: AF1 pet feeder
    • Brand: JEMPET
    • ASIN: B06Y29J315
    • UPC: 607994576544

  • Mosher Pets - Pet Repeller Large - Keep Dogs And Cats Off The Couch, Counter And Other Furniture

    Are you looking for a scat mat which doesn't harm your animal? Why use a spray deterrent where you have to keep refilling the spray? The waterproof pet repeller furniture pad crunches when your cat of dog jumps on it, causing them to jump right back off. We have had great success with our smaller version on this product. Not does it stops your pet from jumping on the couch it can also act as a scratch deterrent. So tell your pets to scram with our new product. While you may be looking for cat or dog products, and this may seen a little weird at first, we can assure you this repellent protects your homes most valuable possessions from your furry friend. Other pet products will often alarm you when your pet is on the furniture, we've saved you from that annoying sound, with an automated process with spikes, sonic noises, or electric currents. If your on the lookout for pet supplies why not pick up a pet pad today! Our safe and intuitive design will contain your cat or dog from peeing all over the house. While some couch defenders may be big and bulky this product is easy to store away. So stop searching for how to keep your dog off the couch you've finally found the answer. This device is perfect for puppy proofing your home also as it can block off certain rooms. We can assure yo...

    • Brand: Mosher Pets
    • ASIN: B0752Q6JVJ

  • Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repeller, Outdoor Pest Control Cat Repellent with Motion Detector, Waterproof Garden Animal Deterrent Scare Away Dog, Deer, Foxes, Skunk, Squirrels

    Why choose our solar animal repeller?   The most effective pest and animal control product on the market, playing excellent role as Animal Control, Pest Control, Cat Repellent, Dog Repellent, Deer Repellent, Mice Repellent, Bird Repellent, badgers  Repellent.   How to work? → Mode one : Turn power switch to "ON"  Ultrasound + LED Flash scare animals  The Animal Repeller blasts a range of powerful ultrasonic sounds and flashing LED strobe lights to scare away a wide variety of pests. Equipped with an infrared motion sensor, the pest repeller is activated as soon as a pest animal is detected.   → Mode two :  Turn power switch to "ALARM":  Ultrasound + LED Flash + 120 db Sonic Intrusion alarm - Effectively frightening the intruding animals and pests to leave the area.  Three pest-repelling technologies: An audible SONIC ALARM VOLUME (optional), and an inaudible ULTRASONIC SOUND that only pests can hear, add shock flash light, blasts all animal intruders out of your property  CAUTION: Please check the package is well, if not ,please contact us to replace.  Do not immerse repeller in water. Do not cover-up the PIR sensor.  For best results, keep the repeller head roughly 9-10 inches above ground   The location should allow adequate sunlight To keep the b...

    • Brand: Pest Repellent AA
    • ASIN: B07D6J8NRD
    • UPC: 602822963480

  • Pet Thermometer for Cat, Dog, Rabbit and Big ear animal, Non Contact Pet Thermometer to Measure Pet Ear Temperature accurately, Pet Body Mode and Object (Bath, Milk) Mode Available, C/F Switchable

    It is a multifunctional infrared thermometer touch can measure temperatures Accurarely, cats and dogs temperature in 1 second, as well as air and% off Temperuture measuring as well as baby milk and bathroom. Lap Dog Food Thermometer with talking outcomes. The easiest way to your dog's temperature. No longer invasive probes. As humans as best solution to satisfy a dog by Fever suffer from. But the fact is is a fever often said to be the first visual indication for most diseases effectively, the dog. If the fever is Unentdeckt and untreated and, it can lead to serious health consequences. Some people have attempted to design the human ear thermometer to your dog to use, but they are not reliable measurements, due to the type, such as you are calibrated and the different types of of the ear canal of a dog have to wait until the next visit. Best for dogs are invasive and weight ear thermometer to use. , and very expensive the worst Technology and performance: Normal use conditions: Circum stance temprature 10 °C-40 °C Measuring range: Body temprature mode: 32 °C - 42.9 °C Surface mode: 0 °C - 60 °C Precision: Ciir cum stance Tempratur 10 °C-40 °C Power consumption: Body Temprature mode: 32 °C - 42 °C Surface mode: 0 °C - 60 °C Measuring distance: 3 cm - 5 cm Automatic sto...

    • Color: blue
    • Brand: TeaTime
    • ASIN: B076D4L861

  • Projection Alarm Clock Wake Up Bedroom with Data and Temperature Display Talking Function, LED Wall/Ceiling Projection,Customize the pattern-078.Cat, Window, Light, Pet, Feline, Animal, Siamese

    Your search for the best alarm clock is OVER When you purchase from us today, here's what you'll get... 180° ADJUSTABLE ANGLE & ULTRA-CLEAR PROJECTION - The sleek 180-degree swivel projection guarantee clear and cool view of the time, so you can choose what works best with you in the morning Extra easy to set up, instructions manual included within the box. Start using it the same day it arrives to your home Perfect home gift for teens, child, kids and adults, boys and girls Sturdy and safe materials, make sure the clock will last for years to come Beware of cheap, low quality digital alarm clocks here on Amazon! WHY choose this portable alarm clock? This LED projection clock supports display the current time and temperature and report via voice, the LCD high quality display provides time, date, even temperature Use it anywhere you want - in the bedroom, kitchen, office, take it with you during travels Unique, one-of-a-kind design, 2018 pre-release edition with limited quantity Refers to: travel, alarm, clock, kids, teens, home, battery, up, operated, clocks, heavy, sleepers, girls, portable, kid, child, digital, cute, wake, stop, light, changing, loud, color, fun, boys FULL 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE All we ask is that you give us a shot and if for any reason at all our pr...

    • Color: white
    • Brand: Girlsight
    • ASIN: B078NKHW8Q

  • Pet Alien Sounds and Ringtones

    • Brand: Ivyboat Entertainment
    • ASIN: B019TBDGYC