• Iwata Airbrush Parts fluid needle for use with airbrush CS, SBS

    This is the replacement Eclipse Needle .35mm for use with the Iwata BCS/BCR/CR Airbrushes.FEATURES: Steel ConstructionINCLUDES: One Steel .35mm NeedleREQUIRES: BCS/BCR/CR AirbrushSPECS: Length: 140mm (5.5") Diameter: .35mm (.01")IwataPart IWAI6172

    • Color: silver
    • Brand: Iwata
    • ASIN: B000BQPNVE
    • UPC: 734748161722

  • Chemours Krytox GPL105 1oz Needle Nose Bottle - Industrial Oil

    Krytox performance lubricants are the products of choice for applications where complete, oxygen compatibility, and resistance to aggressive chemicals are requirements. Krytox oils offer a unique combination of properties that provide exceptional, yet cost-effective solutions to your most difficult lubrication problems. Krytox provides superior protection and load-carrying ability under the most severe developed to provide the best protection for bearings, valves and other components in extreme-temperature service. A few of the many current uses include: lubricating valves and seals, vacuum sputtering machines, welding machines, gear oil, high temperature fans, clean rooms, chlorine service, acid service, textile equipment, tender frames, high speed motors, instrument bearings, sealed for life motors, film blowing machines, lubricant for valve stem packing, relief valve -ring lubricant, and steam turbine control valves.

    • Brand: Krytox by Chemours
    • ASIN: B00WE0DEKW
    • UPC: 036121970809

  • ITEMporia Dozen Pack 10ml Syringes with 16Ga Blunt Tip Needles and Caps - Great for Refilling and Measuring E-Liquids, E-cigs, E-juice, Vape

    Industrial Syringes are of the disposable type. They are made of plastic with a NBR stopper. The needle comes with a plastic cap for storage between uses. They may be used multiple times for various applications. Due to the large gauge/size of the filling needle, these syringes work well with viscous liquids. The tip of the needle is blunt and flat so that it would not pierce any skin. The needles are non-sterile. They may not be used for injection or any medical purposes.

    • Brand: ITEMporia
    • ASIN: B01LWNDPW3
    • UPC: 654391621995

  • Duda Energy Syringepk005 Industrial Syringes with 15G x 1-1/2" Blunt Tip Fill Needle and Plastic Cover, 5 mL (Pack of 10)

    Industrial syringes with Blunt tip fill needles by Duda Energy about industrial grade syringes Duda Energy industrial syringes are of the disposable Type. They are made of plastic with an NBR stopper. The needles come with a plastic cap for storage between uses. They may be used multiple times for various applications. Due to the large gauge/size of the filling needle, these syringes work well with viscous liquids.The tips on the needles are Blunt and flat so they cannot pierce skin. The needles are non-sterile. They may not be used for injection or any medical purposes. The quality Duda Energy specially manufactures its own syringes with quality in mind. The markings on the syringe barrels are made with a high quality ink which is resistant to rubbing off. In our tests, the markings on the syringes could only be smeared initially with extremely potent solvents such as Pure Acetone. Other solvents such as biodiesel, methanol and isopropyl alcohol could only remove the markings after several minutes of the syringe being submersed in the solvent, followed by aggressive rubbing of the syringe. Beware of other cheap syringes. No other supplier offers such high grade syringes with rub-proof markings. Our needles have a large gauge and are a true Blunt tip so that cutting/scrapes are u...

    • Brand: Duda Energy
    • ASIN: B00DXPR7V4
    • UPC: 840194115957

  • TCP Global Complete Professional 9 Piece HVLP Spray Gun Set with 2 Full Size Spray Guns, 1 Detail Spray Gun, Inline Filter & Air Regulator

    Details of Sets Components: - 1 - HVLP Primer Spray Gun with a 1.8mm Fluid Tip (Model G6600-18) - 1 - HVLP Topcoat Spray Gun with a 1.4mm Fluid Tip (Model G6600-14) - 1 - HVLP Touch-Up Spray Gun with a 1.0mm Fluid Tip (Model G5500) - 2 - 1 Liter Aluminum Cups with Lids - 1 - 150cc Stainless Steel Cup with Lid - 1 - Locking Air Pressure Regulator (0-180 PSI, 1-12 BAR) - 1 - Inline Mini Moisture Filter - 1 - Spray Gun Cleaning Kit with Spanner Wrench, Hex Wrench, Brush and 2 Filters - Instruction Manuals - One Year Warranty Features and Specifications: - High Performance HVLP Spray Guns with Stainless Steel Needle and Nozzle Sets - Knobs for Full Adjustment over Spray Pattern, Fluid Control and Air Pressure - Operating Pressures of 29-50 PSI - Air Consumption 3.5-7.1 CFM - Spray Guns have Standard Size 1/4"" Air Inlets Optional items available for Model G6600 Series Full Size Spray Guns: - Needle, Nozzle and Air Cap Sets in sizes 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0 and 2.5mm - Complete Model G6600 Spray Gun Rebuild and Repair Kit

    • Brand: TCP Global
    • ASIN: B001N1E9Y8
    • UPC: 844825092273

  • Iwata-Medea Revolution CR Dual Action/Large Gravity Feed Cup

    HP-CR Revolution Gravity Feed

    • Brand: Iwata-Medea
    • ASIN: B000BQS3UW
    • UPC: 046912599638

  • TCP Global Professional 23 Piece Spray Gun Cleaning Kit with Case, Complete Set to Clean HVLP Paint Guns, Air Tools, Gravity, Detail, Airbrush

    23 Piece Cleaning Kit Includes: - 3 Mini End Brushes: for cleaning the inside fluid tip and air cap or any area that requires a smaller stiffer brush. - 1 Aluminum Holder: for Mini End Brushes - 5 Piece Mini-Brush Set: give you size and brush firmness options for cleaning the center hole and horn holes of the air cap, fluid tip, baffle and other small passages. - 1 Firm Metal Tube Cleaning Brush: for Gun Body-air and fluid passages. - 3 Sizes of Flexible Tube Cleaning Brushes: for cleaning the fluid and air inlets, Gun Body-air and fluid passages, gravity cup outlet, and suction cup tube. - 6 Micro Needle Picks: to remove the needle packing, air cap retaining ring clip, internal gun seals, and cup gasket. - 1 Aluminum Holder: for Micro Needle Picks - 1 Large General Purpose Brush: for areas such as the gun body, cup, air cap and ring, trigger, and gun controls. - 1 Bottle of Spray Gun Lubricant: for use after the gun has been cleaned. - 1 Compartmentalized Storage Case

    • Brand: TCP Global
    • ASIN: B001MSWX3G
    • UPC: 844825092181

  • Paasche TG-3F Double Action Gravity Feed Airbrush

    The Paasche TG-3F is a double action gravity feed airbrush. The airbrush features a chrome plated body and anodized aluminum handle for durability. Included with the airbrush are all three available spray heads, which allow the TG to be used for a wide range of airbrushing applications. Also included is our special fan aircap for spraying wide patterns. The TG is our finest detail airbrush allowing the user to achieve hair line detail and using our fan aircap wider patterns up to 3-inch. A PTFE packing allows the TG to handle any water or solvent based paint. Clean up is as simple as spraying your paint cleaner though the airbrush and wiping of the needle. The TG is best used for those requiring high end detail. Applications including automotive graphics, models, taxidermy, cake decorating, tattoos, finger nails, graphic arts, illustration, etc. The TG airbrush is made and assembled in the US and includes the following. TG#2 double action airbrush with .4-ounce cup, size 1 and 3 spray heads, fan aircap, hanger, (2) wrenches, 6-foot braided hose, lessons booklet and manual.

    • Brand: Paasche Airbrush
    • ASIN: B002N0QA9A
    • UPC: 026614145906

  • Belloccio Sunless Tanning Airbrush Multi-Purpose Precision Gravity Feed Airbrush with a 0.4mm Tip (Airbrush can be set-up for both Single-Action or Dual-Action)

    Hose Connection for Dual-Action: Push on Rubber Surgical Hose or to a Hose End with a 1/8" Fitting Broad Spray Pattern of Hairline to 2.5" Wide. Made with High Quality Precision Components that enable this airbrush to work efficiently while providing exceptional atomization and accurate spray control. Multi-Purpose Usage, as it works well with most paint media and applications. The Comfortable Balanced Feel enables use in Production Spray Environments. The Solvent Resistant Needle Packing prolongs the airbrushes life; enables you to use of Solvent Based Automotive Paints: Urethanes, Lacquers and Enamels. Removing the Needle and Nozzle Caps enable you to spray the full range of texture and stippling effects.Rebuild Kits available for this Airbrush. Full 1-Year Warranty, so you can be assured of Quality and Reliability. 0.4 mm Needle/Nozzle, 2 Screw on Gravity Cups: 3/4 & 1.5 oz., Spray Pattern: Hairline to 2.5" Wide, 5-50 PSI Working Pressure, Solvent Resistant Needle Packing.

    • Brand: Belloccio
    • ASIN: B004GVFEIC
    • UPC: 844925024693