• Oriental Furniture 29" Natural Fiber Chest of Drawers - Mocha

    This unique, light weight 4 drawer chest is a simple, beautiful piece of furniture and décor crafted from tough, durable, spun plant fiber cord. Woven on kiln dried wood frames, it's a great size for a tall end table or nightstand. The plant fiber absorbs dye beautifully, creating appealing, richly colorful home furnishings. As the 21st century progresses, people seem to be shopping for beauty and practicality in equal measure. If you are looking for furniture that is strong and durable, rustically beautiful, and surprisingly light weight, this piece is a great place to start. Note the low prices and excellent quality; this woven fiber furniture and accessories provide exceptional value.

    • Color: Mocha
    • ASIN: B003IB7592
    • UPC: 849527017937

  • Oriental Furniture Rush Grass Storage Box - Natural

    A simple, beautiful, rattan style storage chest, hand crafted from beautifully textured V woven water hyacinth rush grass. The thick, substantial lid is hinged to the box, and the inside and top are lined with a fine white cotton fabric. The unique bowed ends and the wood feet bring a refinement to the rustic design; great for storage or an alternative coffee table.

    • Color: Beige
    • ASIN: B004CKC1R4
    • UPC: 849527014110

  • Oriental Furniture 46" Natural Fiber Chest of Drawers on Wheels - Mocha

    A tall narrow shape chest of drawers, great for clothing, linens, crafter's kit, or other organized storage. Strong and sturdy, built from kiln dried Spruce wood frames and rattan look woven spun plant fiber cord strengthening and reinforcing the design. Light weight and portable, even when full of heavy textiles, the four swivel caster wheels make these chests easy to move from room to room.

    • Color: Mocha
    • ASIN: B004A6SU9I
    • UPC: 849527018231

  • Oriental Furniture 23" Natural Fiber Chest of Drawers - Mocha

    A practical and beautiful 3 drawer chest, a good size for a lamp table or nightstand. Built with fiber wrapped wood frames and woven fiber drawers and side panels, this is a sturdy and lightweight piece of furniture. The tough spun plant fiber cord provides a durable, inexpensive, and attractive alternative to rattan or wicker furniture. Hardy, light weight furnishings, easy to ship and deliver, easy to move when it's time to relocate. The natural fiber cord holds dye beautifully, and unlike painted rattan, colors will not flake off over the life of the product.

    • Color: Mocha
    • ASIN: B003IB757E
    • UPC: 849527017876

  • Oriental Furniture 32" Natural Fiber Occasional Chest of Drawers - Mocha

    A sturdy, inexpensive chest of 4 drawers, crafted in an attractive rattan like design, with woven plant fiber cord. Tall enough to put a small lamp or clock on beside the bed or sofa, and light weight enough to move in and move out whenever necessary. Great design for storing CDs and DVDs in the office or study, or for storing gloves in the foyer or entry.

    • Color: Mocha
    • ASIN: B006OH5FLW
    • UPC: 849527017692

  • ORIENTAL FURNITURE 38" Natural Fiber Chest of Drawers on Wheels - White

    Sturdy, lightweight, portable, and practical, these small chests of drawers provide lots of organized storage as well as a slightly taller end table or nightstand. Crafted from strong, durable, spun plant fiber cord, woven in rattan style around kiln dried Spruce wood frames. Swivel caster wheels make these chests easier to move even with every drawer full. Attractive end tables or nightstands, great next to mattress and box spring sets, high arm sofas, or arm chairs.

    • Color: White
    • ASIN: B003ZIXAAG
    • UPC: 849527018187

  • Oriental Furniture 25" Natural Fiber Occasional Chest of Drawers - Black

    A sturdy and light weight chest. Well crafted rattan like design, built on kiln dried wood frames, with strong, durable, spun plant fiber cord, interwoven with quarter inch dyed wood doweling. The narrow shape is particularly practical, great where organized storage is needed. Can also be used as a narrow end table or lamp table.

    • Color: Black
    • ASIN: B003ZIYY92
    • UPC: 849527017609

  • Oriental Furniture Natural Fiber Chest of Drawers - Five Drawer - Mahogany

    The beautiful color of the cross woven fiber exterior makes these cabinets popular. The design is simple and ships completely assembled, ready to use out of the box. The extra tall height makes this a great choice for a lingerie cabinet or a tall lamp table, making the lamp high enough for reading a book or magazine. Rattan and wicker are perennial furniture designs in America, using rustic tropical materials to create attractive, lightweight furniture and accessories. This piece of furniture with natural spun plant fiber cord design stands out because the fiber is dyed, not painted or stained. The color is vivid and compelling, contrasting simple and rustic with beautiful and elegant.

    • Color: Mahogany
    • ASIN: B003IB7556
    • UPC: 849527018439

  • Oriental Furniture Black Dragons Lacquer Shoe Cabinet

    Crafted by and imported from a small family owned workshop in Guangdong, this stunning cabinet is hand painted with an elaborate Chinese dragon design. Finished with a rich lacquer finish both inside and out, and featuring a removable interior shelf, this cabinet provides both a practical storage solution and a unique Oriental accent for the home.

    • Color: black
    • ASIN: B004L9GIK2
    • UPC: 849527020937