• Garritan World Instruments

    The world instruments library contains hundreds of high-quality instruments from all corners of the globe. Garritan World Instruments offers more ethnic instruments than any other single library. You can build instrument groupings exactly as you wish. It lets you create solos, various sections and groupings, Ewe ensembles, Taiko ensembles, drumming circles, oriental orchestras, or any group of your choosing. The entire World Instruments library is integrated into the ARIA Player and works as a virtual instrument. There is no need to purchase a separate sampler. The controls in Garritan World Instruments are streamlined and standardized, so that you can quickly become familiar with the library. Advanced functions such as auto-legato, playable tremolos, alternation, tongue/slur, and other controls provide realistic results with minimal effort. Garritan World Instruments support all popular formats, both Mac and PC, as a standalone program or as a plugin (VST, RTAS, and OS X Audio Units), and works with supported notation programs. Garritan World Instruments can transform your computer into an ethnomusicologist's dream. A unique feature of the Garritan World Instruments is its support for Scala files to adjust to different temperaments and tunings. While many ethnic sample libraries...

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  • Garritan Instant Orchestra

    Your instant orchestra-just add imagination! Orchestration has never been so easy! Garritan Instant Orchestra is a must-have library that offers an easy way to make super-quick orchestrations in minutes-from start to finish. Includes amazing orchestral instrument combinations and effects, bombastic brass, ultra-lush strings, low-octave rumblings, spooky wind textures, mega-hits, wild overlays, slivery choirs, light glissy harps, ethereal textures, chaotic whirls, rises, glissandi, chord clusters, and much more. The premise of Instant Orchestra is to make orchestrating easy. Instead of having to create scores on staff at a time, nearly any musician can complete full, rich orchestrations with just a few staves or tracks of music. You can go from small to massive orchestrations very easily, with little loading and instant results. Garritan Instant Orchestra carefully mixes orchestral instruments from various instrument families-playing in unison, in octaves, and tutti. These orchestral combinations range from light, delicate sounds to big, epic patches, all of which can fill out any orchestral gaps in your music. Immediacy drives the entire product. Also included are many special orchestral effects that you often hear in movies. These effects consist of glissandos, rips, clusters, h...

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  • Power Tools for Reason 3.0: Master the World's Most Popular Virtual Studio Software (Power Tools Series)

    (Power Tools). This definitive guide provides tips for producing music using Reason, one of the most popular virtual-studio programs. This second edition explores new features of the latest version, and projects from the earlier edition incorporate the new devices and samples. Revisions reflect the features added with the MClass Compressor, Maximizer, and Equalizer devices, while a new chapter on audio mastering discusses the use of these devices. A Combinator chapter discusses new synthesis, effect configurations, and methods used in the patches from the updated Factory Soundbank Library. This book delivers advanced production techniques to experienced Reason users.

    • Brand: Backbeat Books
    • ASIN: 0879308613

  • The Routledge Companion to Music, Technology, and Education (Routledge Music Companions)

    The Routledge Companion to Music, Technology, and Education is a comprehensive resource that draws together burgeoning research on the use of technology in music education around the world. Rather than following a procedural how-to approach, this companion considers technology, musicianship, and pedagogy from a philosophical, theoretical, and empirically-driven perspective, offering an essential overview of current scholarship while providing support for future research. The 37 chapters in this volume consider the major aspects of the use of technology in music education:Part I. Contexts. Examines the historical and philosophical contexts of technology in music. This section addresses themes such as special education, cognition, experimentation, audience engagement, gender, and information and communication technologies. Part II. Real Worlds. Discusses real world scenarios that relate to music, technology, and education. Topics such as computers, composition, performance, and the curriculum are covered here.Part III. Virtual Worlds. Explores the virtual world of learning through our understanding of media, video games, and online collaboration. Part IV. Developing and Supporting Musicianship. Highlights the framework for providing support and development for teachers, using techn...

    • ASIN: B01N4Q7XNS

  • Garritan Personal Orchestra 5

    Garritan Personal Orchestra gives you a complete orchestra - strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, keyboards and more. Version 5 is a major new update, now with more than 500 instruments to choose from. Also included are a wide variety of instrument-specific articulations and techniques, performance spaces and reverbs, and instrument body resonances, all engineered to provide incredible realism and authenticity to your music.

    • Brand: Alfred Music
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  • Secret Place

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  • Garritan Personal Orchestra 4

    Garritan Personal Orchestra is state-of-the-art software that reproduces sounds of the musical instruments in a symphony orchestra directly from your computer. The award-winning Personal Orchestra has set the standard for orchestral sample libraries. More than 150 orchestral instruments-lush strings, intimate woodwinds, joyous brass, powerful percussion, a Steinway virtual concert piano, Stradivari violin, a glorious concert organ, heavenly harps, select Program SAM brass, and more. The entire orchestral collection is integrated with the ARIA Instrument Player and works as a virtual instrument. No need to purchase a separate sampler. Garritan Personal Orchestra provides multiple individual instruments from which you can build your own ensembles and orchestras. Construct solos, duos, trios, quartets, chamber groups, sections, or a full symphony orchestra-the way you want. Garritan Personal Orchestra allows you to express your musical ideas quickly and easily. Just load your instruments and play. Standardized controls allow you to become familiar with the library quickly and master all the instruments. Garritan Personal Orchestra supports all popular formats, Mac and PC, as a standalone program or as a plugin (VST, RTAS, and OS X Audio Units), works with supported notation programs...

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