• Men Deep Orange Narrow Retro Autumn Ties Stylish Textured Necktie For Groomsmen

    About Our Brand Kihatwin 1. Kihatwin is a manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in silk products,specializes in manufacturing neckties, bow ties, waistcoats, vests, silk scaves, pocket square, handkerchiefs, cufflinks, knit ties, knit bow ties and fashion accessories. 2. OEM and customized requests available. Your logo can be printed, woven, jacquard,embroidered on the products. 3. Please send inquiry now to get your project start, or have more latest fashion designs from our new catalogues. Our specialists are standing by all the time. About Kinit Tie If you have been reading any menswear blog or flipped through any menswear magazines, then you should know that the knit tie has become a must have accessory for any well dressed man. Knit ties: Unconventional, fun, and contemporary. They are the perfect piece for all your patterned dress shirts, sports coats, cardigans, and V-necks. Navy knit tie: Textured and slick; this top-notch Navy Blue Pointed Knitted Tie from Kihatwin is the individual accent to your off-duty outfits have been looking for. Its versatile navy hue will appear just as sharp under a shawl-collar sweater as it will with a lightly structured suit. Briwn knit tie: A working wardrobe isn't complete without a versatile Brown Pointed Knitted Tie and hand-ma...

    • Color: Deep Orange
    • Brand: Kihatwin
    • ASIN: B07CJY6BXN
    • UPC: 738956501745

  • Checkerboard Ties for Men - Woven Necktie - Orange

    Scott Allan Ties are made from a thicker woven microfiber for that perfect knot and a quality feel. YouÕll know our ties by our signature embroidery. These elegant Neckties are designed with style and sophistication. Finding the perfect balance of classic design and modern styling. The Scott Allan collection offers many patterns and colors for even the most fashion forward tie wearer.

    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: Scott Allan Collection
    • ASIN: B002LOIEBA
    • UPC: 753182088488

  • Origin Ties Square Polka Dots 100% Silk Men's Skinny Tie Orange

    The internet principle is simple: if you have direct approach to superior silk, craft for luxury quality and excellent design, why you still pay for the extremely expensive ties in store?Origin "Source the luxury" is Darren's initial intention. As the founder of Origin Ties, he spent time finding the best tie factories in the world. The owners replied bluntly that they would support him with the best ties in spite of a limited investment.Design In the beginning, we invited Italian designers to design our first batch ties. Tie is an art combined with pattern and fashion. Origin Ties will be open to the global independent designers soon.Price $19.99 is a temporary price which excludes the advertising expenses. We hope more people take the first step to experience our products. Origin Ties will always be the most cost-effective choice though the preferential price won't last for a long time.How much a luxury quality tie costs? Design Fee -- $2, an excellent design Materials -- $3.6, 100% natural materials Labor -- $3, fabricated like luxuries Packaging -- $0.5, less fold, more decent Transport -- $0.6 Commission Fee -- $2.25 ------------------------------- Fixed Cost -- $11.95 Origin Ties Price -- $19.99 -------------V.S---------------- Traditional Retails -- $80

    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: ORIGIN TIES
    • ASIN: B01GJ36EHE
    • UPC: 608408906261

  • Tangerine Orange Silk Tie Fall Formal Dress Necktie Decent Holiday Gifts for Men

    Kihatwin Plaid Ties 1. Create your own signature style with a plaid tie from Kihatwin Ties. These affordable ties come in a variety of colors - from the classic reds, blues and grays, to eye-catching, bright and multi-colored designs that can create a focal point for any outfit. 2. Ties are the ultimate accessory to dress up your favorite shirt for an important lunch meeting or to create a sleek look for an evening on the town. You can also pair a funky tie with an untucked shirt for a cool, casual look. Kihatwin Ties has a huge selection of fashionable ties in a variety of colors & patterns.For an affordable way to increase the versatility of your wardrobe, add a few plaid ties to your closet. Welcome to Kihatwin We are a fashion necktie provider for school ties, hotel uniforms, restaurant ties, churches, missionaries, weddings, waiters, bartenders, or barmitzvahs. Whether you need a crazy tie, hot tie, cool tie or even a wild or ugly tie, Kihatwin has been helping trump the neckwear industry since 2005. Our selection of all men's formal ties, bowties, fleur de lis ties, and silk ties takes the cake in all categories of best, sale, clearance, cheap...good great and awesome. Custom ties are our specialty, and inexpensively make novelty(an offering more than regular ties) ties wit...

    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: Kihatwin
    • ASIN: B07C84J1NV
    • UPC: 738956488268

  • Men Boy Orange White Flowers Silk Cravat Colorful Business Formal Ties for Gift

    About The Kihatwin Team * Kihatwin is a family-owned-and-operated business, and we give each order our personal attention. Our family is dedicated to providing customers with high quality neckties, bow ties, pocket squares and other fashion accessories at affordable prices. * We had the stripes and the prints and the novelty ties, but people would often ask for solid colors and we didn't have any. For many tie sellers, solid colors are a very small part of their business. * These ties are durable enough for everyday use and inexpensive enough for anyone who needs large quantities for a one-time event. We¡¯ve sold hundreds of thousands of ties for use in weddings, clubs, churches, high schools, colleges, fraternity and sorority groups, choirs, traveling groups, restaurants, business conventions, sports teams, school bands and by many, many individuals. * We have supplied ties to many production companies and have seen our ties worn both on television and in movies, and they look great! You may think that ties worn by actors are expensive designer brands. * Sometimes they are; often they are not. We know a lot of people are hesitant to buy a necktie for such a low price. But, we see the same quality ties being sold for $10 to $25 elsewhere. Many have found us to be a great value...

    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: Kihatwin
    • ASIN: B078V24P6W
    • UPC: 745560188675

  • Biagio 100% SILK Narrow NeckTie EXTRA Skinny BURNT ORANGE Men's 1.5" Neck Tie

    BRAND NEW 1.5 Inches Wide Extra Skinny Neck Tie For Sale This listing is for a BRAND NEW BIAGIO Collection Brand Narrow Extra Skinny Thin Retro Style NeckTie. This is a Solid NARROW Thin BURNT ORANGE 100% SILK Tie. A one of kind vibrant shine, makes this tie stand out and makes you noticed. This is a standard length tie which is 56 inches long and 1.5 inches wide at the bottom. We have more variety of Silk Neckwear NeckTies. Check out our other Silk Ties.

    • Color: Burnt orange
    • Brand: Biagio
    • ASIN: B004HJR0LC
    • UPC: 029741030572

  • Secdtie Men's Big Boy Classic Orange Skinny Silk Tie Sunny Wedding Necktie 11

    About Orange Ties ? A fellow tie aficionado and well known sartorialist once wrote that ¡°A man who wears an orange tie is a happy man.¡± It is true; orange is a very friendly and light color that will transform any rigid looking suit into a fashionable and elegant outfit. ? When wearing an orange tie you should consider the season of the year. Light and bright shades of orange such as pumpkin, persimmon, and apricot look best during the spring and summer season. Darker shades of orange, the hues that have more of a brownish hint, look best during the fall season. Good examples are burnt orange ties and rust orange neckties ¨C colors that remind of turning autumn leaves. ? Orange ties can be matched to almost any shirt and suit. The best shirt colors are light to medium blues and the classic white. The best looking suits for orange ties during the spring and summer are tan, navy, and light gray. For the winter months dark orange ties look best when paired with darker suits such as charcoal, midnight blue, and olive. The Different Shades of Orange on Neckties ? The range of different orange shades is quite wide. Above you will find mens ties ranging from a very loud and bright safety orange to a much darker and more conservative burnt-orange. Common colors you will find above...

    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: Secdtie
    • ASIN: B0723HPG9X

  • Mens Narrow Orange Yellow Woven Silk Tie Regular Soft Business Work Boys Necktie

    The Checks Tie * A Checked Tie, like the stripe, is another tie pattern that is suitable for the conservative workplace. Usually made up of small lines crisscrossing each other throughout the length of the tie, checked tie can have mesmerizing visual appeal. * The checked tie has many shapes and faces, enough to keep any pattern lover enchanted for a lifetime. * This striking style, made up of a solid background crisscrossed by lines of a contrasting color is one of the most basic, and essential patterns for any man's wardrobe. A Checked Tie is Great for Most Occasions 1. This Tie Pattern is also a great choice for work or play. Checked neckties have no connotations like some other patterns (namely paisley and stripes) do. It is a clean cut design that adds interest to a solid suit and shirt, but is not overly busy or distracting. 2. For all of these reasons, many men choose to wear the checked necktie to work. After heading out from work for a drink, or perhaps dinner, the strong lines of the tie will make you stand out as fashionable and stylish, without pushing your image over the edge. 3. The pattern is both professional, but casual enough to leave the workplace with you. For extremely formal events however, it is better to stick with a Solid Colored Tie or bowtie, rather tha...

    • Color: Yellow Orange
    • Brand: Elfeves
    • ASIN: B07BFW22Q2
    • UPC: 745560189351

  • Mens Bronze Yellow Silk Tie Fine Striped Colorful Jacquard Woven Working Necktie

    The Solid Color Tie 1. A Bold Statement for the Workplace 2. The solid color tie is truly the workhorse of the tie world. It can be used in just about any situation, from daily work wear to special occasions. It is one of the most classic, understated, and essential pieces of any professional man's wardrobe. 3. At its best, a solid color necktie can pull together a suit and project a powerful presence, there is a reason after all why the solid red tie is called a "power tie". If you are just starting out as a professional man, infusing your wardrobe with these ties is the first step to presenting yourself successfully. Solid Color tie with ribbed pattern * When you look closely, you will see a very fine ribbed pattern in the fabric. Changing the tension of the warp created the ribbed effect. Solid colored ties with such a ribbed pattern are slightly less formal and less shiny. In addition stains don't show as easily. With this considered, the solid color tie with ribbed pattern is popular for daily business attire. Solid Ties, Bow Ties, Ascot and more 1. Solid Color From Elfeves designs and markets affordable neckwear for men, women and children. Buy ties and accessories in popular solid styles such as standard ties, skinny ties, bow ties, pre-tied ties, uniform ties, boys' ties,...

    • Color: Bronze Yellow
    • Brand: Elfeves
    • ASIN: B07DY1YKD8