• Prince of Peace Organic Tea, Oolong, 100 Tea Bags

    Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc., founded in 1983, earned its reputation as a leading and diversified company, specializing in the marketing, importing and distribution of gourmet products, beverages, dietary supplements, natural OTC topical analgesics (like world famous Tiger Balm), herbal products and teas; as well as product formulation, packaging and private labeling. Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc. is headquartered in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA with additional branch offices established in New York and Los Angeles, and internationally in Hong Kong, China, and Malaysia.

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Prince Of Peace
    • ASIN: B0010BQB6A
    • UPC: 039278152005

  • UCC Oolong Tea, 11.1-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)

    UCC is one of the top coffee and tea beverage companies in Japan. This canned oolong tea is unsweetened with no artificial coloring. Great for those who want their oolong tea on the g

    • Brand: C&U
    • ASIN: B0041CH3NA
    • UPC: 022304205127

  • qii Oolong Tea – Removes up to 52% of plaque in one serving, Neutral pH, Sweetened with Xylitol, Dentist-Approved, Brewed with Certified Organic Tea, 30 calories, 12 pack - 8 oz cans

    Let's be honest, we don't always floss and brush our teeth as often and as diligently as we should. Plus, all those acidic foods and drinks we gulp down every day are not doing anything for our oral health. That's where qii comes in. qii is the world's first drink proven to reduce plaque build-up. In laboratory tests, qii reduced the amount of harmful acid-producing bacteria in plaque by up to 52%. It also prevented the growth of other disease-causing oral microbes, including the ones responsible for causing tooth decay, gingivitis and bad breath. This 12 pack of qii Oolong Tea is a delicious and refreshing boost to your busy life. It has all the flavor and sweetness you find in conventional drinks but with 40% less calories, zero grams of sugar, and oral health benefits that your dentist will love you for. By combining the proven antibacterial properties of tea with the benefits of XyVita, our proprietary xylitol-based sweetener, qii delivers a one-two punch to keep harmful oral bacteria in check and reduce plaque-all in a single, easy-to-drink can. qii is made in the USA and created by the team at Dosebiome, a start-up company focused on oral microbiome research based in Toronto, Canada. qii is currently available in five flavors: White Peach, Pomegranate, Lychee, Lemongrass Gi...

    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: qii
    • ASIN: B0781YJ9NF

  • Prince of Peace Oolong Tea - 100 Tea Bags net wt. 6.35oz (180g)

    Prince of peace oolong tea description: 100% natural oolong tea is from the anxi district of Fujian, china, which is named as "the magical village of oolong tea". Oolong is semi-fermented, combining the best qualities of black and green teas. Prince of peace oolong tea is completely hand pick, delight aromatic with a mild flavor and bright golden color. It also offers a large number of health benefits with a history of use dating back 1, 000 years. One of the active ingredients in oolong tea is polyphenol catechism, which has proven antioxidant properties. Antioxidants combat free radicals which can cause cell damage by taming free radicals, antioxidants help the body maintain its natural good health and enhance immune functions. The healthful effects of drinking green tea are numerous. Recent scientific scrutiny of green tea's benefits has been particularly evident in researching how it lowers risks for cardiovascular disease. Disclaimer these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    • Brand: Prince Of Peace
    • ASIN: B00014HS2S
    • UPC: 039278151008

  • Teas' Tea Unsweetened Golden Oolong Tea, 16.9 Ounce (Pack of 12), Organic, Zero Calories, No Sugars, No Artificial Sweeteners, Antioxidant Rich, High in Vitamin C

    Teas Tea 12X 16.9 Oz Golden Oolong Tea Bottle Made from fine Chinese oolong tea leaves, Golden Oolong has a robust taste, golden color, and beautiful aroma. Oolong tea goes well with oily or fried foods, and recent research suggests that it may help speed up metabolism, prevent obesity, and fight tooth decay. Qty: 12x16.9 OZ Weight (lbs): 14.75

    • Color: Gold
    • Brand: Teas' Tea
    • ASIN: B0017SZTR8
    • UPC: 835143000828

  • Keep Calm and Drink Tea- Raspberry Oolong Tea: All-Natural blend, Gluten Free, Immune booster, Antioxidants, Slimming Tea, 24 Servings

    The Tea Can Company All-Natural, Gluten Free Wu Yi Oolong Tea, flavored with Raspberry and enhanced with pieces of dried fruit. Immune booster, rich in Antioxidants and contains weight loss properties.

    • Brand: The Tea Can Company
    • UPC: 602003122965

  • Chinese Oolong Tea 20 Tea Bags

    Oolong Tea is a kind of semi-fermented tea. Oolong tea is loved in both China and Japan . The best Oolong Tea is from Fujian, China because it is the home of Oolong Tea. The people from China and Japan drink Oolong tea daily and a lot of Chinese restraunts in the U.S. serve customers with Oolong Tea. The benefits of drinking Oolong tea are : 1. The rich polyphenols in Oolong Tea help to kill free radicals and lower cholestrols; 2. It is excellent for hangover; 3. Oolong Tea is also called as Beauty Tea because it keeps you slim and it is good for your skin. The Oolong Tea we offer is directly from Fujian, China. The Brand is Sea Dyke Brand, which is the most famous brand both in China and Japan. Oolong Tea is delicious. Please try it.

    • Brand: Oolong Tea
    • ASIN: B0009JQ3MQ