• Numark N4 4-Deck Digital DJ Controller And Mixer

    4-Deck Digital Dj Controller And Mixer

    • Brand: Numark
    • ASIN: B006OJC7LG
    • UPC: 132017831152

  • Numark Mobile Computer DJ In a Box

    Mobile Computer DJ In a Box. "With the Mobile DJ in a Box from Numark, you can load up your laptop computer with your favorite feet-moving jams and prepare to rock the party. This all-in-one starter kit includes the necessary DJ equipment: DMC2 Controller, Cue 5 DJ Software, DJ|iO audio interface, and PHX DJ headphones. DMC2 controller This is Numark's flagship rack-mount DJ software controller, featuring a rugged metal frame that can be used in a 3U rackmount setting or as a tabletop unit. The DMC2 has a form factor based on CD players such as the CDN95 and CDN35, which allows mobile DJs who are comfortable with rack consoles to quickly and easily add the power and versatility of softwareabased mixing to their arsenal. No assignment of software parameters for the DMC2 is necessary. Simply connect the controller to a laptop with a USB cable, enable the CUE configuration screen, and watch the virtual controls respond to the DMC2's actions. CUE 5 DJ software Numark's club-tested, professionalalevel DJ software and your personal computer work together to create the ultimate mix. Monitor your audio mix through headphones and visually on your computer screen. Output your masterpiece to a club's sound and video system. Use CUE 5.0's builtain broadcast functionality to podcast on the we...

    • Brand: Numark
    • ASIN: B06Y4DC7LP
    • UPC: 676762821513

  • Numark Orbit | Wireless Handheld MIDI Controller with Motion Control & Built-In Accelerometer

    Numark's Orbit packs a massive amount of DJ control into a compact and intuitive design that fits comfortably in your hands and allows you to mix your music wirelessly on your computer. Wirelessly manipulate effects, launch samples and hot cues, control software, trigger lighting, and more. Every inch, inside and out, is tailor-made for DJ performance and powerful wireless control-Orbit is 100 percent MIDI-customizable, able to go as far as your imagination and creativity will take it.

    • Brand: Numark
    • ASIN: B00BF82I9W
    • UPC: 676762194013

  • Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 All-In-One DJ Controller for Serato DJ (White)

    From Numark the worlds leading innovator of DJ equipment and technologies, comes the incredible MIXTRACK PRO 3 DJ controller, designed with the skilled, professionally-aspiring DJ in mind. Its the latest addition to the Numark family of industry-leading DJ solutions. This controller offers a whole host of features and performance that sets it way above conventional DJ controllers, yet it offers great bang-for-the-buck and its a snap to take anywhere.Put Real Power into Your PerformanceThe place is hot. The action is non-stop. Youre the one in the drivers seat. Make sure you have the horsepower to get it done. Mixtrack Pro 3 will never let you down. Numark has kept everything you loved about the Mixtrack Pro 2, but now theres even more. Hows this100mm pitch sliders that make it easy to perform even the finest pitch adjustments, so its easy to keep two cuts in perfect beat sync without any drift. Other 60mm pitch sliders cant come close to matching this performance. Numark makes you look and sound great!No Limits on Your CreativityDive into the 16 multi-function backlit performance pads and add loops, launch samples, and control hot cues to your performance. Use the multi-function touch strip for dynamic FX control and track search operation. There are dedicated filter knobs for ea...

    • Brand: Numark
    • ASIN: B0182BUEGS
    • UPC: 676762191524

  • LtrottedJ Outdoor Garden Hose Sprinkler Irrigation Controller Solenoid Valve Timer

    Outdoor Garden Hose Sprinkler Irrigation Controller Solenoid Valve TimerDescription:1.The Single-Dial Water Timer will turn your hose faucet into a programmed sprinkler system in minutes. 2.No more dead plants because you forg to water them. No more soggy lawns because you forgot to turn the water off. 3.Just set the timer and go! With a large digital display, oversized dial, and simple controls, programming is fast and easy. 4.Built with high quality materials and water-resistant construction, you can count on many years of dependable service. 5.One dial allows complete timer control functionality. 6.Cycles easily from set clock, set watering time, how often, how long, then run program. 7.A rain delay is built into the run program function. 8.A manual button allows program interruption. Saves water in drought conditions.Features:1.Extra-large LCD with bright, vivid text provides best-in-class readability2.Super-simple programming gives flexible control of watering duration and frequency3.Rain delay and manual watering functions ensure maximum water conservation4.Up to 4000 on and off cycles from just two AA alkaline batteries (not included)1-year limited manufacturer warranty guarantees peace of mindEasy-to-Use:1.This timer features simple, easy installation and programming. 2.T...

    • Brand: LtrottedJ
    • ASIN: B07DCV7Y4X
    • UPC: 703241023066

  • Numark Professional Computer DJ In a Box

    Professional Computer DJ In a Box. "Numark's Professional Computer DJ in a Box is meant for the working DJ who wants to get the most out of his laptop or desktop system while performing at a gig. It includes a high-end controller, software, USB interface, and a pair of headphones, giving you everything you need to bring the party to the party. DMC2 controller Numark's most popular DJ software controller can be used in either a 3U rackmount setting or a tabletop unit. It's designed to be an easy transition for mobile DJs who are used to only working with rack consoles to complement their setup with the flexibility of software-based mixing. Making it even easier, there's no need for manual assignment of software parameters. Just use the USB cable to connect the controller to your computer, enable the CUE configuration screen, and the virtual controls respond to the controller's actions. It has a rugged metal frame and has a similar physical look to Numark's CDN95 and CDN35 CD players. CUE 5 DJ software Numark's club tested, professionalalevel DJ software and your personal computer work together to create the ultimate mix. Monitor your mix through headphones and visually on your computer screen. Output your masterpiece to a club's sound and video system. Use CUE 5.0's builtain broad...

    • Brand: Numark
    • ASIN: B06Y42KC6C
    • UPC: 676762822510

  • Motorized Turntable Software Controller

    Motorized Turntable Software ControllerliHigh-resolution turntable software controller liDirect-drive, motorized turntable platter with high and low-torque settingsliFeatures Serato ITCH software, compatible with Serato Scratch LIVE librariesliLink two V7s together or use a single unit to control two decksliWorks with all DJ mixers for custom system configurationliExtensive loop, cue, and track-access controlsliStrip Search virtual needle-drop controlliComplete effects controls for audio manipulationliAudiophile-grade audio circuitry with line inputs, system and cue outs liPremium, rugged, all-metal construction with high-end knobs and buttonsliIncludes software controller, turntable platter system, 7" vinyl record, 7" slipmat, spindle wrench and screw, 2 stereo audio cables, link, power and USB cables

    • Brand: Numark
    • ASIN: B003YSTC54

  • Numark Total Computer DJ in a Box

    • Brand: Numark
    • ASIN: B00128RR00
    • UPC: 676762820516

  • Video Mixing Software Controller And Interface

    Video Mixing Software Controller And InterfaceliVideo sample playback, looping and effects from multiple sources liAutomated play for stand-alone operation liInternal generation of artificial patterns and backgrounds (visualizer) liSynchronization to audio in or internal BPM generator liProcessing of external camera or other video input liReal time effects generation liVarious cross-over patterns and functions between at least two Visual/EFX combinations liLibrary of small movies, pictures, graphic sets supplied li18 trigger pads (2 banks of 9 sets) for video

    • Brand: Numark
    • ASIN: B003YT72K0