• Stern Sega New Style Pinball Flipper Rebuild Kit

    Everything shown in the picture is included in the kit. This rebuild kit is for use with the newer Sega and Stern games. Stern/Sega Reference #'s: 500-6307-10 & 500-6307-00

    • Brand: Stern Pinball
    • ASIN: B00907X54C
    • UPC: 840639132013

  • BALLY Stern Pinball Coil AQ-25-500/34-5050

    New Coil made for a Bally or a Williams Pinball Machines. Can be used on early solid state pinball machines. We also carry all of the light bulbs, coils, plastics, etc. that you may need for your pinball machine.

    • Brand: BALLY
    • ASIN: B004QYEYOY
    • UPC: 840639132747

  • Stern Pinball New Style Lockbar Receiver Assembly

    Lockdown assembly and front molding changed during the production of The SopranosĀ® pinball and subsequent pinball game titles. Please contact us with questions regarding the old style and new style of lockdown assemblies.

    • Brand: Stern Pinball
    • ASIN: B019Y8NWPI
    • UPC: 840639125190

  • Williams Bally Bally Midway Pinball Drop Target Memory Coil CN-31-2000 CJ-31-2000

    Bally Midway Pinball Drop Target Memory Coil CN-31-2000 CJ-31-2000. This is a drop target memory coil for Bally Midway pinball machines. Reference: A360-00210-0000; CN-31-2000; CJ-31-2000.

    • Brand: Williams Bally
    • ASIN: B00KOR5PEK

  • Pinball Lockdown Bar Gasket - New Style

    This is an exact replacement for the pinball lockdown bar gasket in modern solid-state pinball machines, commonly known as the beer seal. This roll of black rubber gasket is 10' long, enough to renew 5 standard-width pinball lockdown bars. Soft, sponge rubber with a slick skin surface.

    • Brand: Game Room Guys
    • ASIN: B00YFFBP4G
    • UPC: 840639119359

  • Suzo Happ Happ Industrial Strength Arcade Pinball Glass Cleaner 19 oz.

    Best glass cleaner in the industry - Now even better! New and improved cap and nozzleIndustrial strength fast & effective foam spray. Powerful cleaner quickly removes difficult grime. Non-streaking. Non-ammoniated. Leaves no residue, streaks, or haze on glass. Evaporates quickly, cleans faster. Safely used on glass, chrome, plastic, enamel & tile. Makes an excellent carpet spot remover too (test for color fastness first). RoHS compliant. Large 19 oz. size.

    • Brand: Suzo Happ
    • ASIN: B00L5RN32O

  • Alltek Systems ULTIMATE Bally & Stern MPU board

    The last MPU board you'll ever need! If you own a Bally or Stern coin op pinball machine with an AS-2518-35 or AS-2518-17, AS-2518-133, AS-2962-7, A084-91603-AA44, MPU100 or MPU200 MPU board, this board is for you! It's a plug and play replacement that has every classic Bally and Stern pinball game program ROM on board. The Ultimate MPU board is a NEW and ENHANCED COMPUTER for your pinball machine. Some of the many features are: All 93 games are dip-switch selectable. New FREEPLAY setting for most games! No batteries required. SimtekĀ® chip with 100 year memory retention warranty. New advanced diagnostics. Over-voltage protection circuit. Auto-resetable fuse protection. On-board Self-Test button. Full static protection of on-board IC's. Test points for all DIP switches for easy testing. One chip reset replaces the original 16-component reset from old board. On-board reset switch for easy reset without game cycling. On-board memory clear switch. On-board power monitoring LED indicator. Automatic zero-crossing detector circuit - No jumper required. Easy read instructions for fast installation game repair.Half size board fits existing mounting rails. New, improved built in diagnostic program provides a Burn In feature and enhanced troubleshooting when used with optional ULTIMATE TES...

    • Brand: Alltek Systems
    • ASIN: B075L3WHL6

  • Williams Flipper Plunger and Link - New Style

    This is a flipper plunger and link for your newer Williams pinball machines. If your plunger and link assembly is broken, get this high quality replacement! Reference: A-15847

    • Brand: Williams Bally
    • ASIN: B00908075G
    • UPC: 840639134147

  • Williams Bally Flipper Coil AF-25-500/28-800 for Bally Pinball Machines

    Flipper Coil AF-25-500/28-800 for Bally Pinball Machines. This is a 3 terminal, dual winding flipper coil for Bally pinball machines.

    • Brand: Williams Bally
    • ASIN: B00KOR5DNS