• 751-507, 751507, New Piper Aircraft Cylinder Retract

    New / nos, Piper Aircraft Cylinder Retract. P/N 751-507 or 751 507.

    • Brand: Piper
    • ASIN: B014LKYZBO

  • Two New Piper Packers For 1951 Aircraft Original Vintage Postcard

    Original Vintage Postcard: Two New Piper Packers For 1951 AircraftAmerica's most popular four-passenger plane Model PA-20 with standard gear and the Model PA-22 TRI-Pacer with tricycle landing gear for flying ease 125 horsepower, over 120 mph cruiseType: Postcard, ChromeUnusedCondition: (Please view the product photos - we provide photos of the front and back of most items so you can see the exact condition)

    • ASIN: B00P3LRL3A

  • RYOT SmellSafe Piper with StickStop in Black

    Introducing the StickStop Piper by RYOT! This versatile case features a surprisingly spacious memory foam enclosure for safe storage of your favorite investments. Tucked into this pocket is a Velcro divider that increases the capabilities of the Piper by allowing two separate chambers to be formed. Both this pocket as well as the adjacent hi-tech freshness pouch feature moisture seal zippers and a microscopic carbon application to create a SmellSafe enclosure helping keep unwanted odors at bay. Covering these zippers is a magnetically closed flap that houses the new StickStop integration. When opened, this flap creates a non-stick silicone working surface wherever it may land ensuring no mess is left behind

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: RYOT
    • UPC: 780742469777

  • Extreme Landings

    • Brand: RORTOS
    • ASIN: B00P2MZQ6Y

  • Manifesto: A Revolutionary Approach to General Aviation Maintenance

    “There’s a dirty little secret about aviation maintenance: it often breaks aircraft instead of fixing them.""Manifesto" is the much-anticipated first book from renowned aviation columnist and speaker Mike Busch. Written in typical no-nonsense style, it lays out the basis of Mike's “minimalist” maintenance philosophy for owner-flown general aviation aircraft. An owner who follows the book's guidance can save a small fortune on maintenance costs and end up with a safer, more reliable aircraft.Owners are advised to perform the absolute least amount of maintenance required to make their aircraft safe, reliable and legal… and nothing more. The book explains in detail why engine and propeller TBOs and most other manufacturer-prescribed maintenance intervals should be disregarded. And “Manifesto” explains exactly how to do it.About the Author:Mike Busch is arguably the best-known A&P/IA in general aviation. In 2008, he was honored by the FAA as “National Aviation Maintenance Technician of the Year.” Mike has been a prolific aviation writer for more than four decades. His “Savvy Aviator” columns have appeared in numerous publications including EAA Sport Aviation, AOPA’s Opinion Leader’s Blog, AVweb, and magazines for the three largest GA type clubs (ABS, ...

    • ASIN: B00LVAJFC2

  • ED13478-1, 451-804, New Piper Aircraft Tee Fitting

    New / nos, Piper Aircraft Tee Fitting. P/N ED13478-1 or 451-804 or 451 804.

    • Brand: Piper
    • ASIN: B014LL4ZIQ

  • ASAs Carbon Monoxide Detector

    This Carbon Monoxide Sensor warns of the presence of CO in the cockpit-the spot will turn gray/black when CO is in the air. The spot on the detector returns to normal color after it is exposed to fresh air. You can use this passive sensor is your personal and portable CO sensing device. With the adhesive back, stick it on the panel or dash for a semi-permanent installation, or wear it on an ID badge or on a lanyard. Unopened sensors have a shelf life of 3 years, indicated by the expiration date on the package. Once removed from the packaging, the CO sensor will last for 12 months. Made to be used in conjunction with an electronic alarm.

    • Brand: ASA
    • ASIN: B0195UDN4A
    • UPC: 658939994541