• 5 Organic & Natural Solid Perfume Jasmine Lavender Plumeria Patchouli Tangerine (4 tube + 1 Jar) - Free Embroidered Pouch

    Great gift set for any women. Aromatherapy perfume. These solid perfume may be in small containers but last for a long time. Last much longer than liquid perfume. It does not contains alcohol or any other harmful chemicals that liquid conventional perfumes have. Specially created by someone who is very allergic to conventional perfume.

    • Brand: Ladybug Soap Company
    • ASIN: B00I76YTEW
    • UPC: 616320995430

  • Long Lasting Organic & Natural Solid Perfume - Plumeria Flower Scent 0.2 oz Tube

    Made with organic & natural ingredients - scented with fragrance oil

    • Color: Plumeria Scent
    • Brand: Ladybug Soap Company
    • ASIN: B00UCXS36I

  • Aromatherapy Organic & Natural handmade Solid Perfume 0.2 oz Chapstick Size Tube, LAVENDER Essentail Oil

    Aromatherapy Organic & Natural handmade Solid Perfume 0.2 oz Chapstick Size Tube, LAVENDER Essentail Oil

    • Brand: Ladybug Soap Company
    • ASIN: B00F1XV7ZI
    • UPC: 795827505097

  • bonballoon 5 Islamic Scents Fragrance Solid Perfume Musk Jamid Natural Organic No Alcohol

    ITEM DESCRIPTION 5 Pieces Of Perfume Musk Jamid Natural Organic No Alcohol ( Free Alcohol ) Islamic Islam Muslim with different Musk scents Fragrance Solid can be used as : Musk perfumed for all of your Clothes , as body deodorant . as Stone perfume be used as normal incense You can rub it on the skin. you can put it in the wardrobe to spread the scent to your clothes you can moisten the stone and rub it gently on any desire area. you can place it anywhere in the room as a room freshener. Condition: 100% NEW WITH HIGH QUALITY Quantity : 5 PCS Color: SEE PICTURE Weight (Approx.) : 105 gm= ( 3.70 Oz ) each Size (Approx.) : 1.5 " × 1.2 " × 0.7 " INCH = 3.8 × 3 × 1.7 CM

    • Brand: bonballoon

  • Islamic Fragrance Perfume Jamid Natural Organic Musk Amber Solid Alcohol Free

    ITEM DESCRIPTION : Handcrafted Egyptian Table Coaster Set from finest materials with Egyptian pharaohs characters and scenes. you will get 4 lovely coasters THAT WILL keeps your coffee table always lovely and clean.This coaster come with ancient famous characters like KING TUT CLEOPATRA NEFERTITI&BASTET HANDCRAFTED IN EGYPT!!! -OUR ITEMS ARE 100% HANDMADE BY HIGHLY SKILLFUL CRAFTSMEN IN EGYPT!! Condition : 100% NEW Quantity : 1 set (4 COASTERS ) Color : see pictures Weight (Approx.) : 80 - 100 GM = ( 2.82 - 3.52 Oz ) Size (Approx.) : -Length : (3.2") = 8 CM Width: (3.8") = 9.5


  • Solid Bar Shampoo Soap. Grapefruit, Rosemary, and Lavender. Mild Natural and Organic Ingredients. Sulfate Free. Gentle Scalp + Hair Care

    Enjoy healthier hair with our natural shampoo bar. Formulated with the best organic ingredients that both your scalp and hair will love. Why go natural? Conventional shampoos are harsh on hair. They use strong petroleum-based detergents that strip the hair of natural protective oils. Silicone based ingredients are then added to give hair a glossy shine for a healthy appearance. Unfortunately overtime this may cause hair to thin and require more intervention. The natural choice... Our gentle shampoo bar cleans without stripping your hair of its natural protective oils. All the ingredients in our shampoo has been carefully chosen for their nourishing benefits. This allows your hair to stay cleaner and healthier for longer. Made with Certified Organic Vegan Ingredients and NO -Parabens -Sulfates -Silicones -Synthetic Fragrances -Synthetic Dyes -GMOs -Animal Testing

    • Brand: The Yellow Bird
    • ASIN: B073X7M383
    • UPC: 647358824195

  • Duke Cannon Men's Solid Cologne, 1.5oz. - Land

    Duke Cannon Knows First Class Scents: Hard working men don't have time to mess around with messy sprays that leave them smelling like they were attacked by the perfume lady at the mall. They need a fool-proof way to smell good on the go. These concentrated cologne balms melt at your fingertips for precision scent application. Traveling tin is perfect for leather briefcases, toiletry bags, backpacks, gym bags, or desk drawers. Made with natural and organic ingredients. A 1.5 oz tin lasts a good long time even with multiple applications per day. ** Land Fragrance: A masculine, woodsy scent smells like you just walked through a Redwood Forest, not a high school dance. Containing hints of sandalwood, amber, citrus, rosemary, and clove. Made in the USA. A Portion Of Proceeds Benefits U.S. Veterans.

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Duke Cannon
    • ASIN: B01N2B3EHE
    • UPC: 854410004772

  • Aromatherapy Organic & Natural handmade Solid Perfume with essential oil (Patchouli + Jasmine + Lavender, 0.2) by Ladybug Soap Company

    organic & natural perfume;scented with Patchouli, Tangerine, Jasmine pure essential oil;contains very small amount of fragrance from Jasmine

    • Brand: Ladybug Soap Company

  • O'Douds - Natural Solid Cologne (Heritage & Tobacco Rum) (Heritage)

    O'Douds started out as nothing more than a hobby performed in the kitchen of the founder's apartment. This hobby was born out of the deep passion for natural, made-by-hand, high-quality, and well-sourced goods. In an evergrowing market of questionable quality and ingredient sourcing, O'Douds was driven by a passion for transparency, truth, and function within the often misleading, claim-ridden cosmetic world. With a company that doesn't compromise when it comes to quality and is always striving to be better, one can feel assured these are the best products available and they will only continue to get better. Heritage Cologne is everything you want from a classic everyday cologne. This scent has the rich and crisp top notes of citrus coupled with the deep and woody aroma of sandalwood. It is crisp, musky, masculine, refreshing and smooth. "Heritage" was made as a tribute to quality and is a reminder that some things are worth remembering. Notes of: Bergamot, Sandalwood, Neroli, and more. Tobacco Rum Cologne is exactly what it sounds like, and yet you can't find anything else like it. Crafted with the most exquisite tobacco absolute, this scent is rich, dark, sweet and smoky. So good you may be tempted to take a drink. It feels aged, smooth, mature and yet perfectly sub...

    • Brand: O Doud's
    • ASIN: B016OWPW1Y
    • UPC: 632709438541