• The Art of Indian Face Massage: How to Give Yourself a Natural Facelift

    Introduces a revolutionary non-surgical treatment that slows down the aging process, irons out those wrinkles, and leaves you looking like you've had a natural facelift.

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  • Facial Gua Sha: A Step-by-step Guide to a Natural Facelift

    Facial Gua sha is a simple and effective anti-aging beauty technique from the Far-East aimed at enhancing the look and feel of your face totally naturally. It involves light scraping techniques on your skin to help enhance and rejuvenate your face and help to combat and prevent wrinkles, eye bags, crow’s feet, facial lines and other signs of aging. Clive Witham, author of 'Gua Sha: A Complete Self-Treatment Guide', takes you through how your body can influence your face and how you can activate the vitality of your skin and muscle tone through ancient Oriental ideas of health and wellbeing. With over 100 color illustrations, he comprehensively shows you which muscles, channels and points are involved in each case and then how to complete five Gua sha sequences on your face, head, body, arms and legs to optimize your whole face and neck area.  With his holistic approach to beauty, now you can unlock your potential and look and feel the best you can, both on the inside and outside.

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  • Volume 1. Treat Your Face Like a Salad Skin Care Naturally, Wrinkle-&-Blemish-Free Recipes & Gourmet Hints for a Fabu-lishous Face & Natural Facelift. ... (Natural Face Lift - Natural Skin Care)

    TREAT YOUR FACE LIKE A SALAD. VOLUME 1From the BEST SELLING AUTHOR JULIA BUSCH with over 50 books on kindle. Anti-aging and natural skin care books include:Facelift NaturallyTreat Your Face Like a Salad SeriesLook Younger NaturallyPositively YoungStraighten Your Back to Lift Your FaceRemoving Your Own Cancer, Moles, Skin Tags, Warts….Super Neck TightenersSuper Jowl FirmersNatural Eye LiftCure RosaceaThe Freez LiftNatural Facelift: Easy SlantingFacial Master StrokesBeautiful Breasts Forever...FOR LUSCIOUSLY SEDUCTIVE AND SUCCULENT SKIN, "Treat Your Face" Volume 1 offers you totally natural skin care, including recipes for cleansing, mechanical exfoliation, and at-home alpha hydroxyl peels, to hydrating your skin by “juicing” from the inside and “misting” the outside, to sealing in all that goodness with special moisturizers, to the sweet seduction of the Wilted Salad Supreme, the aromatherapy facial and facial massage for one or “two,” candle light, romantic music and all. What Readers are Saying!“…incredible amount of information - everything you need to know about how to take care of your skin and more…”“My Skin Care Bible!”“… refreshing to know that natural ingredients can clean and beautify your skin as well or better than department store product...

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  • The Natural Face-Lift: A Facial Touch Program for Rejuvenating Your Body and Spirit

    Any woman can look and feel younger by using the technique of facial touch presented in this book. This guide shows you how to locate and activate the 12 major nerve centres on the face and neck. Gentle touches and sweeps using your hand and fingers open energy flows and nerve pathways to ease contractions in the facial muscles, balance organ systems and release a free flow of vital body energy. Filled with practical exercises and luxurious beauty routines, this title reveals the secrets of deep relaxation, along with techniques to soothe and heal troubled skin and natural alternatives to Botox and harsh cosmetics.

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  • Massaging Beauty Roller to Uplift, Tighten Face, Reduce Wrinkles | Natural Face-Lift | Anti-aging Face Massage Roller Tool w/Germanium Stone | Portable Facial Massager | Rose Gold by Breezeway Beauty

    BE BOLD, BE BEAUTIFUL, BE YOU!You don't want to settle for less than your best, so don't! At Breezeway, we're allabout you looking and feeling your best. That's why we make products designed totone and rejuvenate your skin, rather than try to cover up the real, beautiful you.Our Breezeway Beauty Roller will give you the power and confidence to get back inthe fight against stress and aging. Everybody wants to have healthy, young looking skin.Most people use invasive procedures or chemical heavy topicals to achieve this,which puts a lot of stress on your skin, doing more harm than good in the longrun. We use natural germanium in our massage roller, which helps to releaseharmful negative ions from your skin. Guaranteed by Manufacturer.Everyone of our products comes with a 30 day guarantee and a 1 yearreplacement warranty. Unlike other beauty tools on the market, there is no riskinvolved with us. We believe in our face tools, and we believe in a more radiant you! Why wait for healthier skin? Order today!

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    • Brand: Breezeway Beauty
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  • Anti Aging Jade Roller Massage 100% Natural jade facial roller Great Anti Aging Tools for Facial Eye and Neck Remove Eye Dark Circles Relax Beauty Face-lift Massage Wheel Face Slimmer

    Use For: Weight Loss Roller ,Facial Roller Massager, Body Massage Jade roller used to promotes blood circulation,which can reduce puffiness and wrinkling.Great life facial massage for puffiness in the face or under eyes. Daily life Massage and help to antiaging neck , arm, hand and other parts of body. Pampering the area beneath your face is just as important as the face itself! Instructions 1.Wash your face with your normal cleansing products. Dry your face completely with a towel 2.Apply any night creams to your face and neck 3.Use upward motions to move the Jade roller gently over your forehead, cheeks, around the lip area and your neck. Close your eyes and roll gently over your eyelids if you have puffy eyes or bags under your eyes 4.Use the roller on your face and neck for 5 to 10 minutes 5.Use the Jade roller three times a week to reduce lines and wrinkles 6.Clean your Jade roller according to the manufacturer's instructions Specification: Color:Green Weight:60g Material:Jade Package Include: 1 x Roller Massager

    • Brand: Zinnor
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  • Ten Minute Facelift - Rejuvenate Your Face the Natural Way

    Ten Minute Facelift provides a range of simple, quick, invigorating, and soothing exercises and techniques to tone your facial muscles and help to keep your skin looking and feeling good. Many natural therapies are included that have been used for centuries to promote and maintain facial tone and a youthful complexion. Discover how to give yourself a face massage, hot to use facial exercises, and how to blend essential oils to improve your muscle and skin tone. Find out how to create a huge variety of fun, ten-minute routines that can easily be incorporated into your daily life. So start today, and treat yourself to a regular Ten Minute Facelift that will revive your skin and rejuvenate your face.

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