• Muntons Canadian Style Beer Making Kit, 53-Ounce Can

    The characteristic compromise between traditional lager and English ale. Sweet yet subtle beer brewed to quench the thirst and satisfy the hunger. OG 1036° to 1040°. Contains yeast. To make 5 gal, at least 2lbs of additional malt or sugar required Typical analyses when canned: Color (EBC Units) 8 - 12 Bitterness (EBU's) 25 - 35 Solids (by refractometer) 80% - 82% Acidity (as lactic) 1% max pH 5 - 6 Free Amino Nitrogen 0.15%

    • Brand: Muntons
    • ASIN: B001D6MR5G
    • UPC: 714588001037

  • Muntons Premium Pilsner Beer Making Kit, 53-Ounce Can

    Muntons Premium Pilsner Beer Making Kit, 53-Ounce Can

    • Color: Gold
    • Brand: Muntons
    • ASIN: B001D6OP6A
    • UPC: 714588001020

  • Muntons Connoisseurs Range IPA Bitter Beer Making Kit, 63.49 Ounce Can

    A golden-colored ale with a light maltiness and drying bitter finish. It is modeled after the historic English IPA and is crafted to be smooth and drinkable with a moderate English bitterness. This hopped kit requires 2.2lb of sugar or dried malt extract (sold separately) and can be modified to create unique recipes. Produces 6 US gallons (23L).

    • Brand: Muntons
    • ASIN: B001D6J4IE
    • UPC: 714588000306

  • Muntons Connoisseurs Range 40 Pint Wheat Beer Kit, 1.8kg.

    Made from a careful balance of wheat and barley malt, this is a crisp refreshing, distinctive beer. To enjoy at its prime, serve chilled with a squeeze of lemon or lime. The Muntons Connoisseurs Range has been formulated to brew strong beers emulating beer styles from around the world. Each Beer kit contains 1.8kg of 100% hopped malt extract - and in common with all Muntons beer kits, no cheap barley syrup is used in their manufacture. The Connoisseurs range offers the home beer-maker the chance to make premium strength beers. Excellent value.

    • Brand: Muntons
    • ASIN: B001D6MRPQ
    • UPC: 714588000337

  • Muntons Mexican Cervesa Beer Making Kit, 53-Ounce Can

    The Muntons Premium range was developed for the original four kits in the early days of English home-brewing. Formulations for this range have purposely not been changed since they were first developed back in the early 1970's - a tremendous heritage and a proven track record. The Premium range allows home beer makers to experience flavours from around the world in their own homes, enjoyably and economically. Once again the Muntons Premium range is made entirley from 100% hopped malt extract with no inferior or cheap adjuncts such as barley syrup. There is one notable exception to this however - the American Style Light Beer. To emulate the light delicate character of this popular beer style it was necessary to include in the kit a percentage of liquid sugar. This is the only beer kit in the extensive Muntons ranges made from anything other than 100% hopped malt extract.

    • Brand: Muntons
    • ASIN: B001D6MRGK
    • UPC: 714588003307

  • Muntons Irish Style Stout Beer Making Kit, 53-Ounce Can

    Muntons Irish Style Stout Beer Making Kit, 53-Ounce Can

    • Brand: Muntons
    • ASIN: B001D6KQCW
    • UPC: 714588001051

  • Muntons Connoisseurs Range Nut Brown Ale Beer Making Kit, 63.49 Ounce Can

    Includes one can of Muntons Nut Brown Ale

    • Brand: Muntons
    • ASIN: B001D6MRII
    • UPC: 714588000276

  • Muntons Premium Lager Beer Making Kit, 53-Ounce Can

    • Brand: Muntons
    • ASIN: B001D6KQ9U
    • UPC: 714588001013

  • Coopers DIY Beer Australian Pale Ale Homebrewing Craft Beer Brewing Extract

    Due to popular demand our master brewers have developed a beer concentrate in the style of the famous COOPERS ORIGINAL PALE ALE which is considered an Australian icon. The finest 2-row barley, hops and specially selected yeast combine to produce a beer with fruity and floral characters, balanced with a crisp bitterness and compelling flavor perfect for every occasion.

    • Brand: Coopers
    • ASIN: B001D6MQ8E
    • UPC: 799118000421