• The Climats and Lieux-dits of the Great Vineyards of Burgundy

    Burgundy Atlas - The Climats and Lieux-Dits of the Great Vineyards of Burgundy : Atlas and History of Site Names of Burgundy Vineyards by Marie-Hélène Landrieu-Lussigny & Sylvian Pitiot. Text is in English. A 2000-year History of the Greatest Vineyards of Burgundy, a patchwork of numerous parcels named Climats and Lieux-dits have given this famous area its originality! A 200-year History of hard working men who have taken advantage of the incredible diversity of geographic situations and climatic conditions to create an exceptional mosaic of top ranked Crus that are famous all around the world! It is the first time that this story is told exhaustively by displaying the detailed maps of the 35 viticultural villages and giving comprehensive explanations about the origin and meaning of the 1463 climats and lieux-dits names! As Bernard Pivot nicely says: "In Burgundy, when you walk about the 'climat' you don't look up at the sky but you look down to the soil"

    • ASIN: B00QSG28IC

  • Le Montrachet (Bernard Ginestet's Guide to the Vineyards of France)

    Hardcover with dustjacket. From jacket notes: "This unique series consists of individual and detailed guides to each of France's major vineyards. (Ginestet) has also ensured that it provides the reader with an understanding of the feel of the soil, the climate, the people and the history of each area -- in short every aspect of what many regard as France's single greatest contribution to civilized living. The Montrachet vineyards produce a mere 30,000 bottles a year. But the wine they contain is the subtlest, the most elegant, and simply the best dry white wine in the world, which now sets standards of excellence for wine-makers on three continents. But as Jean-Fracois Bazin shows, such renown is not the result of any accident, but rather of a unique combination of geology, geography and centuries of human dedication." Lavishly illustrated with color photographs, maps and wine-ratings. Printed on quality paper. Approx 6 x 9 1/2 x 7/8.

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  • Red Star Premier Cuvee

    Red Star Premier Cuvee (Davis #796) a strain of Saccharomyces bayanus, of French origin, is a special isolate of Lesaffre. This yeast has good tolerance to ethanol and free sulfur dioxide, and ferments to dryness. Premier Cuvee is noted as a very low producer of foam, urea, and fusel oils. It is recommended for reds, whites, and especially sparkling wines. This yeast is reported to perform well restarting stuck fermentations. Winemakers have remarked that Premier Cuvee is the fastest, cleanest, and most neutral fermenter offered by Lesaffre. Ferments best between 7degree 35degreeC (45degree 95degreeF) although best around 68degreeF. Red Star Active Dry Wine yeast is grown on cane and beet molasses under highly aerobic conditions, which assures better survival of live cells toward the end of the fermentation than yeasts grown in must under anaerobic conditions. All of Red Star wine yeast strains have been adapted to perform well in the presence of normal levels of SO2. Red Star yeast is dried under carefully controlled conditions in an airlift drier to assure a high live cell count and to permit ease of rehydration. Shelf life of unopened vacuum pack at room temperature (20degreeC, 68degreeF) is up to 2 years. If kept refrigerated (4degreeC, 45degreeF), shelf life will exceed 2 ye...

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Northern Brewer
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  • The Cote D'or Vineyard 700 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, Louis Jadot

    700 piece puzzle, assembled size 36" x 12" of the famous Cote D'or Vineyard region of France. Lovely rectangular presentation box.

    • Brand: Louis Jadot Cote D'or
    • ASIN: B001585Q82

  • Riedel Vitis Montrachet Glass, Set of 2

    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: Riedel
    • ASIN: B000QJ1S8I
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