• Precious Moments 164046 You're The One I've Been Waiting for Bisque Porcelain Sculpture on Wooden Base Masterpiece 4th Edition Disney Showcase Collection, Multicolor

    Be our guest! limited to only 1,000 pieces worldwide, the 4th edition in the masterpiece collection depicts a thoughtful girl dressed as Disney's Belle with her trusted household friends. Simply spellbinding, the generous proportions and intricate detail make this a show-stopping sculpture sure to become the crowning jewel of any collection. Give this impressive Disney showcase collection sculpture as an unforgettable birthday gift, holiday gift or for romantic holidays to someone who cherishes belle's story or with a love for Disney Princesses. Meticulously sculpted of fine bisque porcelain and expertly hand-painted; includes a wooden base for dramatic display. Approximately 12.5H x 14W x 11d inches

    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Precious Moments
    • ASIN: B06XCRZJ1C
    • UPC: 875555039238

  • Precious Moments, You Warm My Heart, Bisque Porcelain Sculpture, Limited Edition, 141047

    The warmth of this campfire doesn't just come from the flames, but also from the love these two adventurers share as they roast marshmallows under a setting sun. A Limited Edition of 3,000 pieces worldwide, it captures a rustic, romantic moment and honors fire-lit evenings when the best memories are made. Give this touching figurine as a Valentine's Day gift, Sweetest Day gift, anniversary gift, birthday gift, or 'just because' someone special really does warm your very heart. Meticulously sculpted of fine bisque porcelain and expertly hand painted. Approximately 5.25 H x 9.5 W x 7 D inches

    • Brand: Precious Moments
    • ASIN: B00KQH78FM
    • UPC: 875555010428

  • Precious Moments Figurine, Limited Edition Couple Listening to Record Player

    Take A Nostalgic Trip Back In Time With A Collectible Bisque Figurine That Brings Back Happy Days Spent Listening To Vinyl Records While Sipping Sodas Out Of Glass Bottles. Even The Puppies And Bluebirds Can't Help But Enjoy The Music.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Precious Moments
    • ASIN: B00GXFSW3I
    • UPC: 875555023404

  • Precious Moments Limited Edition Couple At Piano "Baby, Your Grand" Musical Figurine

    Everyday feels like a love song when you are with someone who can only be described as "grand." Limited to 3,000 pieces, this is a Collectible Bisque figurine, which is 15% larger than standard pieces and boasts beautiful blue eyes! It plays the tune "Fur Elise" with a traditional wind-up crank to set your love story to music.

    • Color: Multocolor
    • Brand: Precious Moments
    • ASIN: B015X2UA3G
    • UPC: 875555029260

  • Precious Moments, The Honeymoon Never Ends, Bisque Porcelain Sculpture, Limited Edition, 142008

    Limited to just 3,000 pieces worldwide, this sculpture shows a happy couple on a wild ride together in their cherry red convertible with ‘chrome’ detailing. Celebrates a happy and lasting marriage, whether it has been one year or 60 years. Give this Limited Edition piece as an anniversary gift, wedding gift or even a birthday present or holiday gift to the one you love. Meticulously sculpted of fine bisque porcelain and expertly hand painted. Approximately 5.25 H x 8.5 W x 5 D inches

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Precious Moments
    • ASIN: B00NMS1HYU
    • UPC: 875555015249

  • Precious Moments 162028 Our Love is Timeless, Limited Edition, Bisque Porcelain Sculpture

    Limited to just 3,000 pieces worldwide and 15percent larger than typical Precious Moments figurines, this limited edition sculpture features an elegant couple with blue eyes Cruising in their classic car. For those yearning to relive simpler times, it is sure to evoke feelings of nostalgia and carefree living. It is a "must have" piece for Precious Moments collectors and antique car enthusiasts. Notice the license plate even shares a loving message! makes a thoughtful Valentine's day gift, sweetest day gift, engagement gift, 'thinking of you' gift or 'just because' gift, celebrating love at any age and and any stage. Meticulously crafted from fine bisque porcelain and expertly hand painted. Approximately 5H x 8W x 4.25D inches.

    • Color: red
    • Brand: Precious Moments
    • ASIN: B01KI2ONGG
    • UPC: 875555036596

  • Milestones Baby Photo Cards Limited Edition Cotton Candy - Set of 30 Photo Cards to Capture Your Baby's First Year in Weeks, Months, and Memorable Moments

    MilestoneTM products offer parents the simple yet genius way to hold on to the moments that matter. MilestoneTM: Our Story MilestoneTM makes sets of photo cards to capture and remember special moments that make you smile. The idea came from Dutch mom, Gemma Broekhuis, who wanted to capture the first time her son, Mikkel, rolled over. She wrote a card, added the date, and took a picture of her son with it. She did the same when he slept through the night, crawled, ate his first solid food, etc. Realizing how precious those pictures were and how easy it is to forget those key moments, she decided to turn her idea into a product: Baby Cards by MilestoneTM. The first sets of Baby Cards by MilestoneTM were ready in May 2012. Today they are sold in 22 languages in over 40 countries with new parents enjoying them every day. Since then we have created many more products to compliment the MilestoneTM timeline to capture your life's journey. We hope you enjoy our products and capture lots of beautiful moments. We always love to see happy people and take pride in the tiny contribution that we made to capturing their family memories. Baby Photo Cards Cotton Candy Weeks, Months, Memorable Moments Included Weeks 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 Months 4 - 11 First Birthday Slept Through The Night For The...

    • Color: Cotton Candy
    • Brand: Milestone
    • ASIN: B01IREZV22

  • Precious Moments Top It All Off With Love Limited Edition Couple With Snowman Bisque Porcelain Sculpture 171020

    A tender scene is set with a happy couple building a snowman. Humor ensues when the puppies build a snowman of their own – complete with a food dish hat! Limited to just 3,000 pieces worldwide. The exquisite details in this generously sized Limited Edition with blue eyed characters is sure to impress anyone on your holiday list while helping them recall fun winter memories of their own. Just perfect as a Christmas gift for a spouse, significant other, parent, or anyone who deserves something truly special this year. Meticulously sculpted of fine bisque porcelain and expertly hand painted. Approximately 9.75H x 10.5W x 6.75D inches

    • Brand: Precious Moments
    • ASIN: B01N15DO2D
    • UPC: 842181101257

  • Cafe Joe USA Espresso Capsules, LIMITED EDITION SAMPLER, Nespresso Original Compatible Pods featuring Cuban, Colombian and Costa Rican Blends, 10-Count Sleeves, (60 Capsules)

    Colombia: The new coffee blend that will sweep you in the moment to the beautiful and faraway districts of Colombia! Refined for you to a coffee capsule that stores all the qualities of South American coffee. A unique, full-bodied blend and controlled bitterness, spiced with fruit touches, well balanced acidity, and floral finish that lingers gently on your tongue and leaves you with a taste for more.Costa Rica: The new coffee blend inspired by the tropical country is all you could expect from a quality Costa Rican coffee. A rich, full-bodied blend and a round taste with notes of mild sweetness and soft touches of well-balanced bitterness and sourness. The perfect pleasure to open your day here and feel a little there too.Cuba: The excellent Caribbean taste of this Cuban blend is made from superior Arabica beans. The strong flavor gives new meaning to your morning cappuccino and throughout your day, when you select this sweet traditional Cuban coffee. Hints of dark chocolate and slight fragrance of Cuban tobacco. NOTE: Expiration Date Format is DD/MM/YY

    • Brand: Café Joe USA
    • ASIN: B079RLCH32