• Saipan: The Beginning of the End

    “The conquest of Saipan was, among Pacific operations up to that time, the most clear-cut decisive triumph of combined arms of the United States over the Japanese.” C. B. Cates, General, U. S. Marine Corps.Saipan was the last barrier that the prevented the Allied forces from launching their entire military might against the Japanese homeland.Victory at Saipan was the key which opened the door to the soft underbelly of the Japanese Empire.Yet, because the Japanese were aware of this vulnerability, they were willing to throw everything they had against the ever-encroaching American forces and fight to the death to defend this island.Fifteen battleships began their bombardment of Japanese positions on 13 June 1944, they would fire over 165,000 shells onto the island.Then at 0700 on 15 June 8000 marines travelled in 300 LVTs to land on the west coast of Saipan to begin their assault.The Japanese high command realized that without resupply the island would be impossible to hold, but they and their soldiers were to fight until the last man. To make things as difficult as possible for the U. S. marines the Japanese used guerilla tactics to disrupt the offensive and dug themselves in in the mountainous terrain of central Saipan. Carl Hoffman’s brilliant account of this ferocious ba...

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  • The End: An Owen Taylor Story (Kindle Single) (BookShots)

    If the mission fails, it's World War III. Any questions? Owen Taylor is about to be betrayed on his final covert mission. It will take everything he has to make it home alive, and to save the woman he loves. BookShotsLIGHTNING-FAST STORIES BY JAMES PATTERSON Novels you can devour in a few hours Impossible to stop reading All original content from James Patterson

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  • Fastronix Top Post Military Spec Battery Terminal and Cover Kit

    The Fastronix Military Battery Terminal and Cover Kit includes (1) Positive Military Style Battery Terminal, (1) Negative Military Style Battery Terminal, and a set of Red and Black Military Battery Terminal Covers. The terminals are cast lead for conductivity and corrosion resistance. This kit is perfect for replacing damaged or worn out terminals where the battery cable lug ends are still usable. Simply replace the worn out terminal with the new one and attach the battery cables to the new terminals with a 3/8" bolt. If a complete replacement, or additional battery cable terminals are needed use Fastronix 940-400.

    • Brand: Fastronix Solutions
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  • The Perfect Bungee 30-Inch Loop End Bungee Cord with Nylon Hook and Loop, Military Green

    The perfect bungee 30-inch loop end bungee cord is made of a special polyurethane formula (no rubber/no latex) that's built to last. It won't crack, break, split, become brittle or scuff, and can withstand exposure to salt water, oil, ozone, and many common household chemicals. The super-strong, flexible polyurethane material allows for a safe stretch up to twice its original length and features excellent memory retention. The perfect bungee won't wear out or lose its shape. It is non-load bearing, but still strong and versatile and can be used in an endless variety of tie down applications. Features a nylon hook on one end and a molded loop on the other. Also available in several other colors options. The perfect bungee cord is proudly manufactured in the USA.

    • Color: Military Green
    • Brand: The Perfect Bungee
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  • Journey's End

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  • After Appomattox: Military Occupation and the Ends of War

    On April 8, 1865, after four years of civil war, General Robert E. Lee wrote to General Ulysses S. Grant asking for peace. Peace was beyond his authority to negotiate, Grant replied, but surrender terms he would discuss. As Gregory Downs reveals in this gripping history of post–Civil War America, Grant’s distinction proved prophetic, for peace would elude the South for years after Lee’s surrender at Appomattox.After Appomattox argues that the war did not end with Confederate capitulation in 1865. Instead, a second phase commenced which lasted until 1871―not the project euphemistically called Reconstruction but a state of genuine belligerency whose mission was to shape the terms of peace. Using its war powers, the U.S. Army oversaw an ambitious occupation, stationing tens of thousands of troops in hundreds of outposts across the defeated South. This groundbreaking study of the post-surrender occupation makes clear that its purpose was to crush slavery and to create meaningful civil and political rights for freed people in the face of rebels’ bold resistance.But reliance on military occupation posed its own dilemmas. In areas beyond Army control, the Ku Klux Klan and other violent insurgencies created near-anarchy. Voters in the North also could not stomach an expensive a...

    • Brand: Harvard University Press
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  • War to End All Wars: American Military Experience in World War One

    The War to End All Wars is considered by many to be the best single account of America's participation in World War I. Covering famous battles, the birth of the air force, naval engagements, the War Department, and experiences of the troops, this indispensable volume is again available in paperback for students and general readers.

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  • Qty of 2 Heavy Duty US Military Flat Loop End Webbing Strap Sling for Towing and Lifting, 9000 lb, 1.75" x 60"

    Up for sale is a quantity of 2 new heavy duty military webbing straps, NSN # 5340007385878. The military olive green straps have flat loop ends and measure about 5 ft x 1-3/4 inches. The straps are made of thick, double plain weave nylon that certifies to Type 10, Class 1A with a breaking strength of 9,000 lbs. Common uses for these versatile straps include safety harnesses, tiedowns, slings, lifting straps, cargo nets, restraints, and tow straps . . . . YOU ARE ONLY LIMITED BY YOUR IMAGINATION! The straps are brand new, never used United States Military. Depending on the supplier, the straps you receive may have a paper label or have the numbers stamped directly on them. The only difference is the supplier....the straps are all made conforming to the same high military standards and specifications.

    • Color: Olive Drab Green
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  • Journey's End

    The Great War - March, 1918. C-company arrives to take its turn in the front-line trenches of northern France, led by the war-weary Captain Stanhope. With a German offensive imminently approaching, the company anxiously awaits their unknown fate.

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