• Michael Broadbent's Vintage Wine

    Unquestionably unique, demonstrably delightful, Michael Broadbent's Vintage Wine is the culmination of one of the most extraordinary careers in the world of wine. Michael Broadbent quite possibly knows more about fine, old wines than anyone else alive, and he writes about them with unparalleled expertise. Hired by Christie's in 1966 to revive their wine auctions, Broadbent threw himself into his work, searching out great collections of the world's finest wine--and keeping meticulous tasting notes. Here are evocations of Chateau d'Yquem from 1784--one of Thomas Jefferson's favorites--and hundreds of vintages and thousands of wines right up to the present. Years of "cellars visited and pillaged, involving the checking and packing of dust- and grime-laden bottles in distinctly dank and chilly conditions," jet-set auctions around the world, legendary tastings and society events, have all helped to create an unrivalled store of vinous anecdotes as well as an unsurpassed wine-tasting history.EXCERPTFrom a tasting of 1784 Chateau Yquem:"The most renowned vintage of the late 18th century and well-documented thanks mainly to the original copies of the letters and orders of Thomas Jefferson. . . . Jefferson did not trust wine merchants and insisted on bottling at the chateau. . . . The w...

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  • Michael Broadbent's Vintage Wine: 50 Years of Tasting the World's Finest Wines

    The half-century of Michael Broadbent's wine trade experience has seen unprecedented change throughout the wine world. Few people have done more to influence that change and none can claim a better-informed perspective on it. Published to coincide with Michael Broadbent's 75th birthday and a celebration of 50 years in the wine trade, VINTAGE WINE will concentrate on the wines which are now in universal, high-level demand, those that are being collected, consumed and traded by vast and increasing numbers in all corners of the globe. More selective than his earlier works, this book features personal reflection as well as specific opinion. Years of cellars visited and pillaged for sale at Christie's, involving the checking and packing of dust and grime laden bottles in distinctly dank and chilly conditions, plus the jet-set auctions around the world, the legendary tastings and the society events have yielded an unrivalled store of vinous anecdote and amusement as well as an unsurpassed winetasting record.

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  • Michael Broadbent's Wine Vintages (Mitchell Beazley Wine Guides)

    This fully revised edition of Wine Vintages contains completely up-to-date information from one of the world's most experienced and meticulous winetasters. Michael Broadbent clearly and succinctly answers the basic questions about what a vintage is and what conditions create a good or poor vintage, as well as how the vintage makes the wine and just why it is so important. He explores the effect of vintage not only on the wine’s style and quality, but also on the quantity produced in a given year.More than a century of wine vintages are covered in this compact and chronological guide—which goes district by district and by wine type—while quick-reference quality ratings for each entry make it indispensable. Everything from classic French and other European wines to the forward-moving New World countries is covered, with crucial background on the character and readiness to drink of a wide array of vintages.  

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  • The New Great Vintage Wine Book

    The head of Christie's wine department, Michael Broadbent has been sampling virtually every great vintage, new and old, for more than 40 years. This new, expanded, and fully updated edition of his classic wine guide is more than 90 percent new, and incorporates another 10 years of notes on tasting into its already comprehensive text.

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  • Michael Broadbent's Pocket Vintage Wine Companion

    Pocket Vintage Wine Companion is an updated, edited version of Michael Broadbent’s classic and award-winning Vintage Wine. It presents his most recent tasting notes—including hundreds of new notes on the best wines he has tasted since Vintage Wine was published—in a portable format that puts his unrivaled expertise at your fingertips.

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  • The Great Vintage Wine Book

    A veteran wine connoisseur evaluates a wide range of classic wines--Bordeaux, Burgundy, hock, port, sherry, Madeira, and others--dating from 1734 to 1900 and includes information on tasting procedures and guidelines for purchasing good wines

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  • Fine Wines: Best Vintages Since 1900 (Classics)

    An Assouline bestseller, international wine expert Michel Dovaz identifies the finest wines of our times and recounts how they came about. From the legendary 1900 Chateau Margaux to the blockbuster 2008 Pol Roger Champagne, Dovaz provides an informative overview of exceptional vintages from France, Germany, the U.S., Australia, Italy, and South America. Includes practical pricing information.Includes a pricing guide.

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