• Mettler Toledo 30100251 Model HE53 Halogen Moisture Analyzer, 54 g x 1 mg

    The HE73 and HE53 halogen moisture analyzers are reliable and cost-effective solutions for determining the moisture content of your products to maintain quality and ensure optimum shelf-life. These robust and affordable moisture analyzers benefit from Mettler Toledo extensive experience in manufacturing precision instruments and years of moisture analysis expertise. The HE73 and HE53 are simple to use, even for untrained operators. With on-screen assistance and our free moisture guide, you have everything you need to quickly setup and start making accurate moisture measurements. Designed in Switzerland, you will not only have confidence in your moisture results but also be reassured of great performance for many years to come.

    • Brand: Mettler Toledo
    • ASIN: B01LWI82YA

  • Mettler Toledo 30216103 Model HC103 Halogen Moisture Analyzer, 101 g x 0.1%, 230V

    The HC103 measures moisture content in minutes, enabling fast response times for quality control and in-process control. A large color touchscreen, graphical user guidance and real-time drying curve make the HC103 easy to use, even for untrained operators. Whether you work in a busy laboratory or a harsh production environment, the compact design saves space and the robust construction guarantees a long instrument lifetime. With touchscreen operation and an intuitive user interface, the HC103 is easy to use. Operators can access drying methods directly from the home screen with just 'one click'. as the measurement is running, a real-time drying curve is displayed on the screen to provide an overview of the progress. Operators can clearly see If the moisture content is on target and are able to intervene quickly in the production process where necessary. There is no need to manually record the results as the HC103 can generate reports in the form of PDF or CSA files in addition to standard printouts. These can be conveniently transferred via the RS232 or USB ports to fulfill documentation and traceability requirements. In addition, new drying methods are easily uploaded to the HC103 via the USB port. Mettler Toledo provides a Collection of validated drying methods for over 100 dif...

    • Brand: Mettler Toledo
    • ASIN: B01M09UCUU

  • Mettler Toledo 30005792 SmartCal12, Moisture Analyzer Reference Substance, 12 Tests

    SmartCal offers a fast and efficient way to verify the performance of your Moisture Analyzer. The certified and traceable cSmartCal meets the needs of highly regulated industries.

    • Brand: Mettler Toledo
    • ASIN: B00N4RQA8C

  • Mettler Toledo 1320K01EA 63064204 Temperature Calibration Kit for Halogen Moisture Analyzer

    METTLER TOLEDO offers the complete range of accessories for Moisture Analyzers required for accurate and repeatable measurements.

    • Brand: Mettler Toledo
    • ASIN: B00LCTFYS6

  • Mettler Toledo HE53 (115V) Newclassic He Halogen Moisture Balance, 54G x 1mg

    Designed for laboratory and production applications for determining the moisture content of products to maintain quality and ensure optimum shelf-life. When testing is complete, unit cools down quickly for greater sample throughput and user safety. Rs-232 interface connects analyzer to an external printer. Fast, precise, and reliable moisture determination.

    • Brand: Mettler Toledo
    • ASIN: B00XOQCR08

  • Mettler Toledo HR83P Halogen Moisture Analyzer with Built In Printer, 360mm Width x 110mm Height x 340mm Depth

    The HR83P from Mettler Toledo is the professional moisture analyzer solution ideal for regulated environments. With its state of the art measurement technology, the HR83P allows reliable analyses of substances with very low moisture content. A resolution of 0.001 percent moisture content and 0.01 percent moisture content repeatability provide superb measurement performance. The moisture analyzers’ circular halogen lamp and gold plated reflector design ensures excellent reproducibility and rapid heating of your sample. You can also choose from 4 drying programs, standard, fast, gentle, and multi step to tailor your testing for achieving optimum results within minutes. The HR83P also features AutoMet, Mettler Toledo’s method development program. With AutoMet, optimum testing methods can be developed for your substances with the simple entry of a few reference and target values cutting development time by up to 50 percent. Up to 40 testing methods can be stored for quick and easy recall and repeated testing. Operation of the moisture analyzer is made easy by its LCD backlit and intuitive menu. For full regulatory compliance, the HR83P comes equipped with 3 level password protection, and fully traceable sample identification and instrument check for secure and documented results....

    • Brand: Mettler Toledo
    • ASIN: B003ES54GU

  • Mettler Toledo Professional and Standard Level Halogen Moisture Analyzers, METTLER TOLEDO HA-CASE

    Mettler Toledo Professional and Standard Level Halogen Moisture Analyzers, METTLER TOLEDO HA-CASE Accessories Transportation Case

    • Brand: Mettler Toledo
    • ASIN: B00S3VX0O6

  • Mettler Toledo HR83 And HG63 Halogen Moisture Analyzers; Capacity: 81g

    Moisture Analyzer, 81g capacity

    • Brand: Mettler Toledo
    • ASIN: B0017OF756

  • Mettler Toledo Halogen Moisture Analyzer Glass Fiber Discs; Diameter: 3-1/2 in.

    Glass Fiber Discs; For use with Mettler Toledo Halogen Moisture Analyzer; 3-1/2 in. dia.

    • Brand: Mettler Toledo
    • ASIN: B0017OD19K