• The Robert Lehman Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Volume XII: European Sculpture and Metalwork (Robert Lehman Collection in the Metropolitan Museum of Art)

    This volume catalogs the more than two hundred remarkable and varied pieces of European sculpture and metalwork--dating from the Middle Ages through the twentieth century--amassed by Robert Lehman, one of the foremost art collectors of his generation. Highlights of the collection's exemplary aquamanilia, bronze sculptures, medals, and plaquettes include a medieval aquamanile, the finest of its type, depicting the theme of foolish love in the fable of Phyllis and Aristotle, as well as a commanding figure of Mars in the guise of a musketeer loading his weapon, dating to the seventeenth century. Each work in this catalog is illustrated, in many cases with new color photography, and elucidated by in-depth scholarly discussion.

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  • O3 Design Studio Austin Paper Cut Map Matted Red 20x20 inches Paper Art

    Material / Quality cardMap Dimension / 30×30cm, 11 13/16"×11 13/16" Matted Dimension / 49.5×49.5cm, Fit Ikea's frame Package / MDF board, plastic-coating Austin You may have heard Austin is a music town, earning it the title of 'Live Music Capital of the World.' Austin is a city bursting with an entrepreneurial spirit, a commitment to personal freedom and a passion for unearthing new discoveries. On this paper cut map, you can find Lady Bird Lake, Barton Springs, the Colorado River and Texas State Capitol... a presented beautifully to make ideal giftsIt will be a unique and surprising gift no matter sent to the relatives, friends or the business partners.Present it to the visitors --- A travel souvenir.Present it to the friends --- I come from here.Present it to ourselves --- We love this city.Framing The product is unframed. It is feasible to ask the framing work to make frames. The matted map fits Ikea's 50×50cm frame.

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    • Brand: O3 Design Studio
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  • European Sculpture, 1400-1900: in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    This beautiful book features masterpieces of sculpture in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum dating from the Renaissance through the nineteenth century. Celebrated works by the great European sculptors—including Luca and Andrea della Robbia, Juan Martínez Montañés, Gianlorenzo Bernini, Jean-Antoine Houdon, Bertel Thorvaldsen, Antoine-Louis Barye, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, Edgar Degas, and Auguste Rodin—are joined by striking new additions to the collection, notably Franz Xaver Messerschmidt's remarkable bust of a troubled and introspective man.  The ninety-two selected examples are diverse in media (marble, bronze, wood, terracotta, and ivory) and size—ranging from a tiny oil lamp fantastically conceived and decorated by the Renaissance bronze sculptor Riccio to Antonio Canova's eight-foot-high Perseus with the Head of Medusa, executed in the heroic Neoclassical style. Incorporating information from the latest scholarly research and recent conservation studies, sculpture specialist Ian Wardropper discusses the history and significance of the highlighted works, each of which is reproduced with glorious new photography.

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  • Roman Portraits: Sculptures in Stone and Bronze in the Collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Portraits are among the most compelling artistic records of Greek and Roman culture. In this richly illustrated book featuring all new photography, the 60 portrait heads from the Metropolitan Museum’s renowned collection are fully described, and placed in their historical and cultural contexts. Roman Portraits presents a thorough and multifaceted survey of Roman stone and bronze portraiture as well as a brief overview of the history of ancient portraiture. Unearthing the evolution of this art from its origins in Greece through the Roman Empire, Paul Zanker, the foremost authority on Roman art today, brings these imposing, timeless renderings to life.

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  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Metropolitan Cats (Paintings, Sculpture, Prints, Drawings, Book Illustrations, Needlework, Lacquers, and Ceramics)

    Beautiful oversized hardcover. The cats of the Metropolitan Museum of Art speak for themselves, proudly displaying their dominance over their human companions through fifty centuries of paintings, sculpture, prints, drawings, book illustrations, needlework, lacquers, and ceramics. From th temples of ancient Egypt to the sidewalks of nineteenth-century Paris, from Chinese gardens to medieval kitchens, these independent, devious, curious, and lovable creatures make their own statements about their wishes and desires. Showing cats in all sizes, shapes and colors, and as cuddly kittens, hieratic images, and hunters on the prowl. Metropolitan Cats proves that artists have recognized what every cat lover knows: that cats are the most remarkable and endlessly interesting creatures of all. Illustrated throughout with beautiful color plates of cats in art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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  • Armenia: Art, Religion, and Trade in the Middle Ages

    A fascinating exploration of art created by the varied Armenian kingdoms that connected the East and West during the Middle Ages As the first people to officially convert to Christianity, Armenians commissioned and produced astonishing religious objects. This sumptuous volume depicts and contextualizes the compelling works of art that defined the rich and complicated culture of medieval Armenians, including carvings, liturgical furnishings, beautifully illustrated manuscripts, gilded reliquaries, exquisite textiles, printed books, and more. Situated at the center of trade routes that connected the East and West during the Middle Ages, Armenia became a leading international trade partner for Seljuk, Mongol, Ottoman, and Persian overlords, while also serving as a powerful ally to Byzantium and European Crusader states. Written by a team of international scholars, with contributions from Armenian religious leaders, this book will stand as the definitive text on the art and culture of medieval Armenia.

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  • Genesis: Ideas of Origin in African Sculpture

    Pondering the origins of the world and their own ancestry, African societies often sought to provide answers to these and other perplexing concepts in their oral traditions, poetry, and art. The Bamana people of Mali, for example, attributed the invention of agriculture and their understanding of the earth, animals, and plants to a mythical hero called Chi Wara, shown in sculptural form as a roan antelope. The elegant Chi Wara headdresses were created in wood in male-female pairs and worn during agricultural ceremonies. This stimulating volume examines the Chi Wara headdress as an icon of African sculpture and presents forty examples of this well-known form. Major artistic traditions in other African societies-including the Dogon of Mali; the Yoruba of Nigeria; the Bwa, Bobo, Kurumba, and Mossi of Burkina Faso; the Kuba and Luba of the Democratic Republic of the Congo; and the Chokwe of Angola and Zambia-are also discussed in terms of the distinctive cultural perspectives and local traditions that inspired them. The masterworks featured and analyzed are drawn from public and private collections in the United States. This book is the catalogue for an exhibition that will be held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art from November 19, 2002, to April 13, 2003.

    • ASIN: 0300096879

  • Echoing Images: Couples in African Sculpture (Metropolitan Museum of Art Series)

    Idealized pairings have been an enduring concern of sculptors across the African continent. This universal theme of duality is now examined in a handsome book that presents African sculptural masterpieces created in wood, bronze, terracotta, and beadwork from the twelfth to the twentieth centuries.Drawn from thirty sub-Saharan African cultures, including those of the Dogon, Lobi, Baule, Senufo, Yoruba, Chamba, Jukun, Songye, and Sakalava, the sculptures tell much about each culture’s beliefs and social ideals. These artistic creations are astonishingly rich and diverse forms of expression. An essay written by Alisa LaGamma discusses thirty works, all of which are illustrated in color.

    • ASIN: 0300103581