• Sougayilang Jigs Fishing Lures Sinking Metal Spoons Micro Jigging Bait with Treble Hook for Saltwater Freshwater Fishing

    Sougayilang Jigs Fishing Lures Sinking Metal Spoons micro Jigging Bait with Treble Hook for Saltwater Freshwater Fishing Micro Jig Fishing - Jigging has surged in popularity among Australian anglers. And this is due to the innovative design of micro jigs enabling you to target species from different levels of the water column.Small lures offer BIG potential. Jigging is undergoing a renaissance thanks to the rise of micro jigging,light,slow and deep jigging. The enticing vertical motion of jigging has now been enhanced for specialised and highly effective performance. Jig fishing Lures Jigging really puts the 'sport' into fishing. Jig fishing Lures are superb lures and incredibly versatile.Work with a traditional jig technique with lift and drop or, if that's not paying off try a straight retrieve mixing your action until you find that which is exciting your target. Fish can be very fussy at times so having a jig like the Sougayilang Jigs - Micro Jig Lure that you can work to suit the mood of the fish is essential. Suitable for different kinds of fishes, wonderful tool for fishing lovers. Features: *Zinc alloy material, durable to use. *Smooth and rapid diving action. *Rhombus surface design and spear shape can draw attention of fish effectively. *Perfect design can increase your ...

    • Color: A-0.56in/1.16oz-5PCS with BOX
    • Brand: Sougayilang
    • ASIN: B07566BRWG
    • UPC: 602130836544

  • QualyQualy Lead Fishing Lure,Metal Fishing Jigs Saltwater Sea 4.1in 0.88oz Iron Lead Fish Metal Hard Baits Treble Hooks Bass Fishing Lures 5 Pcs

    Features: ATTRACTIVE BRIGHT COLORS : Metal jig lures with bright colors, good-looking jigs, and 3D eyes which can be more attractive to target fishes. GOOD PERFORMANCE: It casts like a bullet and retrieves with a great flipping action. Each high-quality lead vertical jig can withstand wear and corrosion, makes it reusable. WIDE RANGE OF TARGET FISHES: Jigs can catch a wide range of fish, such as Barracuda, Kingfish, Sailfish, Salmon, Tuna, Black Anchovy, Squid, Grouper, Spanish Mackerels, etc. Specification: Weight: 25g 0.88oz Length:10.5cm 4.1in Hooks: 6# High Carbon Steel Treble Hooks. Package included: 5 Pcs Jigs in opp bag packaging. Warranty: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee; Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, we will reply you within 24 hours.

    • Color: 5 color
    • Brand: QualyQualy
    • ASIN: B01M3RTW8H
    • UPC: 712217066716

  • Flat Fall Iron Vertical Jigs with MUSTAD HOOKS & RINGS / Military Grade Kevlar Assist Cords / The "Smoker" Comes in 6 Colors & 4 Weights

    The REELdiculous "Smoker" is the most advanced and effective angling jig in existence. The concept of this flat-fall style is simple. It's meant to be dropped to the ocean's floor and reeled back up 30 feet or so, then dropped again, and again to create the appearance of struggling prey. The "Smoker" can also be cast and free fall to the bottom, just waiting to be attacked. This jig is center balanced and falls with a wobbling action in a horizontal position. The hydrodynamic design results in a slower fall which allows the jig to work the entire water column while enabling a much larger strike zone. The "Smoker" weights are from 100 grams to 350 grams to handle any current or depth.

    • Color: 6 pack Variety
    • Brand: Reeldiculous Fishing, LLC
    • ASIN: B073WL2HTV
    • UPC: 858019007578

  • Goture Lead Vertical Jig Saltwater Jigging Lures 1.59 oz Fishing Lure Artificial Bait (Pack of 3)

    Catch your rates and your enjoyment Saltwater fishing vertical jig has different designs, colors and weights to simulate all sorts of prey from small mackerels to mullet. Each jigging lures are made for vertical fishing in deeper part of the sea. Usually the bigger fishes stay near the bottom during daytime, only way to catch them, it's presenting a lure directly to them. They are the best for catching the really big fish! Specifications: 1. 3pcs Jigs with assist hook and treble hook. Weight: 0.70 oz, 1.06 oz, 1.59 oz, 2.11 oz Quantity: Pack of 3 Color: 3 different colors 2. 3pcs Jigs without hook. Weight: 2.82 oz, 3.53 oz, 5.29 oz Quantity: Pack of 3 Color: 3 different colors Attention: 1. Keep out of reach of children 2. Be careful with your fingers when you use the fishing lure 3. Protect the environment when you are fishing Warranty: 1. Goture adhere to Amazon Return Policy 2. Within 30 days, any quality problems, we will take full responsibility 3. Any damages happened in transit, we will burden the cost

    • Color: 3pcs 1.59 oz Jigs with assist hook and treble hook
    • Brand: Goture
    • ASIN: B075JJP26M

  • Proberos Jigging Leads Set Fishing Metal Jigs Hard Lures Blade Baits Paillette Knife Wobbler Artificial Hard Baits 5 Colors(2.1oz)

    About Proberos Proberos strives to be Global top brand of fishing gears. Our products are built with the intention of creating high quality and durable fishing gears which feature a user friendly design. As part of an ongoing goal to maintain the highest level of quality, we promise stand 100% behind our products.Welcome to shopping and fishing with Proberos! Features Fish-Attracting Design: - 3D Life like Fish Eyes - Metal Flash Body Balanced and Long-Cast Design Durable Zinc Alloy Material High Performance Zinc Alloy Material Specifications ·Brand: Proberos ·Movement in the water: Diving ·Flash: Metal ·Color: Multicolored ·Length: 2.95inch ·Weight: 0.5oz ·Material: Zinc Alloy ·Diving depth: 3-13ft (depending on individual operation) ·Targeting: Perch, Bass, Walleye, Pike, Muskie, Roach, Trout, etc. Package Information Package size: 12 * 20 cm / 4.72 * 7.87in Package weight: 66g / 2.32oz Package include:5 Fishing Lures/Set

    • Color: Multicolored
    • Brand: Proberos
    • ASIN: B075155V2F

  • Aorace 7pcs/lot 30g/7.6cm Minnow Metal Lure 3D eyes Hard Bait Casting Jigging Hard Lure Bass Trout Salmon Lures Without Hooks

    Aorace 7pcs/lot 30g Metal Lure 3D eyes Hard Bait Jigging Hard Lure Bass Trout Salmon Lures Bright colors 3D eyes make it powerful to attract big fish. The lures are made of metal,meticulous workmanship, strong and durable.The Metal jigs can be fished vertical off the bottom, cast and retrieved, trolled fit for freshwater and saltwater.Wonderful fishing tool for fishing lovers. You Can Find More Fishing Lures from Aorace Store on Amazon. Condition: New Available Colors: Color A B C D E F G Fish Eyes: 3D Eye Weight:30g Length:7cm Material: Metal Packaging: Simple Opp Bag Package

    • Color: 7pcs 30g 7.6cm
    • Brand: Aorace
    • ASIN: B01M34SL4H
    • UPC: 754970402462

  • Goture Vertical Jigs Metal Jigging Fishing Lure with Treble Hook, Lead Sinking Lures 3.15in/1.06oz (Pack of 6)

    Goture-Catch your rates and your enjoyments 40pcs: (#1)Jig head: lifelike 3D eyes; (#2)Grub: gravity centered new design keep hook orientate horizontal; (#3)Drop jig: drop shaped with diamond on head can reflect the light for better attraction; (#4)(#5)Spoon: colorful painted with glittery surface 27pcs: the drop jigs present a inclined angle in the water for easy bite; The single hook minnow spoon and slick jig orientate horizontal due to gravity centered design; lures with treble hook are using for vertical jigging, the minnow spoon has two blades on each side which can create sound and vibration Specification 40 PCS Type---------Weight(g/oz)-------Hook Type---------Exterior (#1)---------3.2/0.11 ------------single/#1/0--------jig (#2)---------1.6/0.06-------------single/#10---------grub (#3)---------0.6/0.02-------------single/#10---------drop jig (#4)---------6.2/0.22-------------single/#8-----------spoon (#5)---------5.0/0.18-------------treble/#8-----------spoon 27PCS Type-------------------Weight(g/oz)--------Hook Type Minnow Spoon-------0.08/2.3--------------single/#6 Drop Jig 1------------0.07/2.1--------------single/#12 Drop Jig 2------------0.06/1.7--------------single/#8 Slick Jig---------------0.05/1.5--------------single/#10 Spoon-----------------0.19/5.4-----------...

    • Color: 3.15in/1.06oz with Box
    • Brand: Goture
    • ASIN: B07C5KSRNK

  • 5pcs/lot Deep sea fishing lure lead fish jig 60g metal jig pesca hard bait fishing lure,without hooks

    Deep sea fishing lure lead fish jig 60g metal jig pesca hard bait fishing lure,without hooks Condition: New Available Colors: 5 Colors(A B C D E) Fish Eyes: 3D Eye Weight:60g Length: 12.5cm Material: Metal Packaging: Simple Opp Bag Package

    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Aorace
    • ASIN: B019N2L06I
    • UPC: 754970400208