• Metabolic Pathways of Agrochemicals: Part 1: Herbicides and Plant Growth Regulators (Metabolic Pathways (Royal Society of Chemistry)) (Pt.1)

    This important publication provides a comprehensive summary of data and information on the metabolism and chemical degradation of agrochemicals in soils, plants and animals. Part 1, Herbicides and Plant Growth Regulators, and Part 2, Insecticides and Fungicides, together provide a major bibliography, as each entry is fully referenced. Contents include metabolic products, pathways and mechanisms, together with useful details on physico-chemical properties and mode of action. Both parts are organised by class of chemical for easy reference. There are separate entries for each pesticide, covering most commercially available chemicals in use today. In addition, an overview of the metabolism of each major class provides the reader with an informed summary of key similarities and significant differences between individual chemicals. Information is based primarily on literature from the past 40 years of research, together with some important, previously unpublished work provided by the agrochemical companies. Presented in a systematic, easy-to-read style, with extensive indexing to facilitate the rapid location of required information and the comparison of related compounds, Metabolic Pathways of Agrochemicals is an invaluable reference for chemists, biochemists and biologists working i...

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  • SynTrax Guggul Bolic Extreme Metabolic Regulator, 90 capsules by Syntrax

    Affects the blood lipids and normalizes skin texture by decreasing the number and size of blemishes;Optimizes thyroid gland function

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  • Yaetek Hydroponics CO2 Regulator Emitter System with Solenoid Valve, CO2 Grow Plant Regulator / Flow Gauge Valve, Flow Meter Made of Brass

    - HIGH QUALITY: CO2 Regulator & Valve - BRASS CONSTRUCTION: Long-Lasting Dependability and Durability a Well as Combines a Precision Regulator, Flow Gauge, and Industrial Solenoid Valve. - DESIGNED FOR INDOOR GARDENING GROW ROOMS AND GREEN HOUSES. To Enhance Carbon Dioxide to the Growing Environment this CO2 Regulator Will Allow you to Maintain Ideal CO2 Levels for Optimum Growth. Or it can Help you get you a Nice Refreshing Cold One Straight From the Tap. - ALSO DESIGNED FOR KEG AND KEGGING & Anything Else That Requires a CO2 Regulator,Such as Soda Fountains, Etc...INCREASE THE PLANT METABOLIC RATE: Speed up Growth Rates and Yields by up to 40%. - 110 VOLTS U.S. STANDARD U.S.A. POWER. - Plastic Tubing is 5 Meter Long.

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  • DoubleSun Hydroponics Aquarium CO2 Regulator Made of Brass-Bubble Counter Check Valve Fits Standard US Tanks and Flow Meter Adjusted Easily-Maintain CO2 Levels for Your Plant(Dual Gauge)

    You know the carbon dioxide is very important to plants and I know you need the hydroponics CO2 regulator.Dual guage will shows you inlet pressure and output pressure that will always tell you working pressure and tank pressure with pinpoint accuracy.This CO2 regulator aquarium is created with high quality material, designed for long-lasting dependability and durability. Strong and durable material is specifically designed to deliver precision measured amounts of CO2 in pressures from LP 150 PSI to HP 2000 PSI.It is compatible with most brands of high density tubing to inject your aquarium with CO2 quickly and easily. It also works well with most CO2 atomizers and diffusers.CO2 Regulator for planted aquarium, designed with decompress pressure gate, easily to adjust, stable and accurate CO2 output.Bubble Counter:Flow-rate of CO2 gas indication device.Check Valve:Prevent water flow back into the regulator.Solenoid Valve:To control the on-off of CO2 supplication use with a timer to control it.High Pressure Gauge:Show the pressure of cylinder,and check the volume of remaining CO2.Low Pressure Gauge:Show the output pressure.Wrench:Install the hydroponics CO2 regulator easily with wrench.WARNING:When you cut down the solenoid valve directly, you must wait for about 3-5mins to release t...

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  • CO2 Regulator Hydroponics CO2 Regulator Emitter System with Solenoid Valve Accurate and Easy to Adjust CO2 Emitter for Indoor Gardening Shorten Up and Double Your Time for Harvesting

    CO2 is essential to photosynthesis and is often the most overlooked element limiting plant growth. Plants can use up to five times more CO2 than naturally occurs in air.Fertilizing the air with CO2 can shorten growing time and double your harvest.CO2 Regulator will allow you to maintain ideal CO2 levels for optimal growt and helps you speed up your plant growth rate. WARNING: 1. CO2 Regulators need to be used with a timer. Depending on your needs, a digital wall timer, repeat cycle timer, or CO2 Monitor Unit should be purchased. The timer activates the CO2 Regulator at specified intervals that are optimal for the growing enviroment. 2. CO2 Regulators attach to the CO2 tank - be sure to place the CO2 tank on a flat surface and secure it to a wall or solid frame to insure it does not fall over. CO2 tanks are under extreme pressure and could cause bodily harm if damaged. 3. Be sure to turn the CO2 tank valve to "OFF" when attaching or detaching the CO2 regulator. 4. Do not exceed 2500 PPM, high levels can be harmful to people and animals. Parameters: Flowmeter: 0-15 scfh Inlet connection: cga-320 Plastic Tubing: 5 Meters 1.58in high pressure gauge Volts: 110 Volts USA standard plugNote:THIS IS NOT FOR AQUARIUM USE

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  • SynTrax Guggul Bolic Extreme Metabolic Regulator, 90 capsules by Syntrax

    Affects the blood lipids and normalizes skin texture by decreasing the number and size of blemishes;Optimizes thyroid gland function

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