• The Master of Medicine (The Secret Healer Series Book 2)

    In medieval Germany, Madlen Goldmann left her passion for medicine behind to live a life of quiet contentment with her devoted husband, Johannes, and their children. But when Madlen’s aunt delivers the news that Johannes’s father, Peter, has gone blind, Madlen must use her healing skills to help just one more time.While caring for her father-in-law, Madlen assists a handsome young doctor, Franz von Beyenburg, in a procedure to restore Peter’s sight—something she never dreamed possible. When Dr. von Beyenburg invites her to attend his medical lectures in Heidelberg, Madlen realizes it’s an unprecedented opportunity to expand her knowledge.But to do so, she must return to the town where she was falsely accused of murder, face the scorn of her fellow male students, and assuage her husband’s unease—all obstacles that seem insurmountable. Will she risk it all to realize her dream of saving lives—whether society is ready for her or not?

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  • Top 25 Homemade Healers 2,173 DIY Health and Beauty Solutions Featuring Vinegar, Honey, Castor Oil, and 22 More!

    self-help; health and beauty solutions featuring vinegar, honey, castor oil, and 22 more!

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  • Born A Healer: I Was Born a Healer. You Were Born a Healer, Too!

    Book Description "I was born a healer. You were born a healer, too!" That’s the powerful message of Qigong Master Chunyi Lin’s first book, Born A Healer. A certified International Qigong Master, Chunyi Lin is the creator of Spring Forest Qigong, a revolutionary and enhanced approach to the ancient Chinese practice of health and wellness known as Qigong. Informative, instructive and inspirational, Born A Healer begins with the story of Chunyi Lin’s journey from an often terrifying childhood in the tumultuous and violent Cultural Revolution in his native China to becoming the renowned healer and teacher he is today. Born A Healer continues with an introduction to Spring Forest Qigong, guiding the reader through the basics of this enhanced, healing technique and concludes with the amazing stories of some of Chunyi Lin’s students in their own words. Their experiences are living proof of the truth of his message that everyone was born with the gift of healing and how Spring Forest Qigong can provide you, too, with a powerful technique for using this wonderful healing gift to help yourself and those you love. Read Born A Healer and experience for yourself the truth of the message: You were Born A Healer!

    • Brand: Brand: Spring Forest Qigong Company, Inc.
    • ASIN: 0974094412

  • Dr. and Master Sha: Miracle Soul Healer: Exploring a Mystery

    What accounts for miraculous healings unexplainable by doctors? Is there a reality to spiritual healings?William Gladstone initially approached Dr. Zhi Gang Sha with some skepticism and disbelief. William believed that there was more to life than the material world, but he knew that the world has many dishonest and self-deceiving mystics. So he decided to explore.William, having studied medical anthropology at Harvard University, had met and worked with some of the greatest spiritual leaders on the planet. He was excited to explore Dr. Sha and his healing practices. William spent weeks with Dr. Sha watching him at work, talking to his students, and observing his healings. He interviewed him at length, asking for specifics and addressing difficult questions. He delved into the science behind Dr. Sha’s work and explored the underlying concepts beneath these “miracle” healings.What William learned amazed him and opened his mind to possibilities he never expected.Dr. Zhi Gang Sha is a medical doctor trained in both Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, as well as ancient Chinese sacred energy and spiritual healing. Over the last decade, he has healed hundreds of thousands of individuals with thousands documented and available for viewing on YouTube. How does he do i...

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  • The Master Healer and The Word: The Power of WORDS in the Healing Process

    How do WORDS affect our lives and our health? What am I missing in trying to restore my health? Where do I go for answers and help? What would Jesus say about alternative healing? It turns out that the scriptures contain the answers to all these questions. After experiencing painful and potentially life taking illness, the author turned to alternative healing methods and experienced huge improvements. With all the debate on where to go for answers on how to restore health, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally, author LeAnn B. Larson turns to the Savior for answers. As one of the best documented historical figures on healing in history, she turns to the New Testament to take a careful look at what the ultimate authority on health and healing is teaching us. What is He doing? What is He teaching us that we can do ourselves? How can we learn to do what He did?This inspired book seeks to point out what the Savior is teaching us about His methods of healing.

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  • How To Become An Effective Energy Healer And Master Of The Healing Touch

    How To Become An Effective Energy Healer And Master Of The Healing Touch Handbook of Curriculum, Lessons, Training, Supernatural Techniques and Powers 5th Edition. Published by Times Square Press, New York. This book will show you and teach you how to become an effective and accomplished energy healer, and provide you with lessons, practical training, and step-by-step instructions on how to use the Healing Touch, find, learn, develop esoteric Energy Healing techniques which produce astonishing supernatural and paranormal results; techniques and know-how which were shrouded in secrecy for thousands of years; they are herewith introduced to the readers and the lightworkers as part of the curriculum and training/orientation programs of the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums.

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  • Magic: the Gathering - Master Healer - Urza's Destiny

    Magic: the Gathering is a collectible card game created by Richard Garfield. In Magic, you play the role of a planeswalker who fights other planeswalkers for glory, knowledge, and conquest. Your deck of cards represents all the weapons in your arsenal. It contains the spells you know and the creatures you can summon to fight for you.Card Name: Master HealerCost: 4WColor: WhiteCard Type: Creature - Human ClericPower/Toughness: 1/4Card Text: T Prevent the next 4 damage that would be dealt to target creature or player this turn.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Magic: the Gathering
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  • 13th Octave LaHoChi: A Guide to Hands-on Techniques from a Master Healer

    Now in its seventh printing, this is a how-to book for the practitioner of the energy healing. Sections include initiation instructions, hands-on treatment, remote and self healing. There is also a section on the gift of Angel Light Healing. This is an inspirational book that is now used worldwide. Linda Dillon, a master 13th Octave LaHoChi practitioner, provides tips, insight and practical advice on the most powerful energy in the universe. The book gives you the tools to create Nova Earth and Nova Being. Includes 32 photos and charts.

    • ASIN: 1456522000