• FogKicker Dive Mask De-fog for scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming masks and goggles

    The FogKicker for scuba & snorkel masks and swimming goggles.1. Single coating can prevent fog for multiple dives and swims2. 10x more water resistant than any other anti-fog on the market3. Natural, paper based materials and biodegradable4. Coats on clear and non-irritating Directions for use are the following:1. Clean lenses and dry before applying2. Remove cap, twist bottom to release 6-10 drops onto scuba mask, and 2-4 drops to swim goggle3. Brush a thin coating over the entire surface of lenses4. Set mask or goggles down on a flat surface and allow coating to thoroughly dry for 30 minutes before use5. To re-apply, simply clean lenses with wet cloth and repeat steps 2-4.Full directions are printed on the bottle. Each bottle contains approximately 10 coatings for a dive mask and 15-20 coatings for swim goggles.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: FogKicker
    • ASIN: B06X94CN4J
    • UPC: 869267000204

  • Marker Projector Goggle Bluebird/Surround Mirror, One Size

    The Projector Goggles from Marker are frameless design goggles with a broad field of vision and packed full of lens and frame technology. Frameless goggles allow the lens to extend all the way to the edge of the goggle, maximizing your vision without creating an oversized look. NMT Optics is an exterior lens treatment that repels water, dirt, and other material you don't want on your goggles ensuring you have clear, accurate vision even in wet weather.

    • Color: Bluebird
    • Brand: Marker
    • UPC: 821295046555

  • Marker Projector+ Goggle (Green/Red Plasma Mir)

    Superlative/minimalist high-tech design for style and function. The result is a very broad field of vision and crystal-clear optics thanks to the spherical Dual Bionomic lenses and their high-quality NMT Optics coating. The MarkAIR Vent System naturally ensures that the goggles maintain fog-free performance. On all Projector+ goggles, the Frameless Design means that the lenses can be exchanged in seconds.

    • Color: Green/Red Plasma Mir
    • Brand: Marker
    • ASIN: B00NB2IR8G
    • UPC: 821295039045

  • Innovative 500 Hour Water Activated Flashing Marker Light - Red

    These disposable water activated marker lights turn on when they come in contact with water and turn off when they are dried off. Total life is 500 hours which far exceeds most marker lights on the market.

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Innovative Scuba Concepts
    • ASIN: B00LLV2UUU
    • UPC: 854517006129

  • Speedo Fs3 Elite Mirrored Swim Goggles, Lava Red, One Size

    Maximum comfort, a hydrodynamic profile, and wide peripheral vision with less head movement make the Fastskin3 elite mirrored goggle a key weapon in the Armory of any serious swimmer. On the center of the nose bridge, you'll find a fit point marker that lets you align the goggles with the fast skin cap for enhanced ergonomics and efficiency. A new integrated strap system eliminates dangling strap ends, while the 3D fit molds perfectly to the contours of your face. Make our fastest goggle ever is your new favorite.

    • Color: Lava Red
    • Brand: Speedo
    • ASIN: B06Y2PZSC2
    • UPC: 027556121515

  • JAWS Quick Spit Anti-fog Spray (1 oz.) 5 PACK

    JAWS Spit Antifog Spray Paintball Mask Defogger - 5 PackSpit Spray Antifog 1oz. works on anything that fogs including dive masks, swim goggles, paintball masks, sport goggles, ski goggles, eye wear, windows, binoculars, scopes & more Apply wet or dry - spit gel is so thick it can even be applied underwater Spit Antifog.. see what you're missing Features: works on glass & plastic; made with natural ingredients; hypo-allergenic; alcohol free; colorless & odorless; thick solution; apply to wet or dry surface.Additional Information: We recommend you use a small amount when applying. Just one application works all day

    • Color: White
    • Brand: JAWS
    • ASIN: B009ESSTWA
    • UPC: 799422655171

  • JT Tactical Ready to Play Paintball Marker Kit, Coyote Tan

    The JT Tactical Ready To Play Kit has everything you need to get out and play. This kit is designed for players of all skill levels and features a tactical Mil-Sim feel. This paintball marker can operate on CO2 or High Pressure Air.

    • Color: Coyote Tan
    • Brand: JT
    • ASIN: B00BZGZ7YM
    • UPC: 789625816516

  • Tippmann 98 Custom Ultra basic Platinum Series .68 Caliber Paintball Marker

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Tippmann
    • ASIN: B001DEU7A0
    • UPC: 669966994015

  • Invert Helix Thermal Paintball Goggles Mask - Olive

    Features Light smoke thermal lens Dual density foam Hard mask Plastic lens clip Visor

    • Color: Olive
    • Brand: Invert
    • ASIN: B00M9HSK4A
    • UPC: 789625218525