• Mares X-Vision Liquidskin 13 Scuba and Snorkeling Mask (Black/White)

    Mares x-vision liquidskin's patented silicone technology makes this scuba maskfortable two-lens option with a unique look. Mares x-vision liquidskin mask utilizes a patented formula forfort in a scuba mask. Two different types of silicone are used for the mask skirt, with small horizontal ribs that arefortable you`ll forget you are wearing a mask. This mask is designed to prevent the redmonly left after diving with other masks. This new x-vision design gives you 20% more field of vision with its unique lens shape. Features: liquidskin technology for maskfort tri-comfort technology ribs absorb and redistribute pressure x-vision lens shape for 20% wider field of vision

    • Color: White/Black
    • Brand: Mares
    • ASIN: B00GG61V0K
    • UPC: 792460136961

  • Mares Essence Liquid Skin Mask, White

    The essence mask is the maximum expression of liquid skin technology. Silicone and glass come together and blend to create a mask that is truly one of a kind. Light and foldable, it has buckles on the skirt to offer a broad field of vision. All the features are orchestrated by the exclusive design, a synthesis of technology and aesthetics.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Mares
    • ASIN: B00BB4F5TK
    • UPC: 792460105936

  • Mares X-Vu Liquid Skin Mask, Great for Scuba Divers, Yellow

    The x-vu liquid skin is the first completely new 2-lense mask using liquid skin technology after the x-vision. Beyond the natural comfort provided by liquid skin skirt, an additional soft silicone part is injected in the nose area acting like an anti-shock bumper.

    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Mares
    • ASIN: B004ND19XW
    • UPC: 792460029362

  • Mares Star Liquid Skin Spearfishing Mask, Black

    Mares Star liquid skin dive mask is suitable for both scuba diving or free diving, and uses liquid skin technology to deliver unparalleled comfort and fit. This low volume mask improves your field of view, and is easier to equalize and clear. The Mares Star liquid skin mask features special liquid skin technology developed for a comfortable mask skirt. Using bi-silicone technology, two different formulas of Silicone create a soft, comfortable seal on your face. One Silicone type is Firm to support the structure of the mask frame, while the Silicone that touches your face is a softer, lighter formula. Perception of distance and vision parameter is increased by reducing the distance between the mask lens and your eye, for a low internal volume that's also easy to equalize. Both scuba divers and free divers will admire the features of the Mares Star liquid skin.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Mares
    • ASIN: B002X31LWI
    • UPC: 768225173243

  • Mares X-VU Liquid Skin Spearfishing Mask, Brown Camo

    The Mares X-Vu Liquid skin is a two lens mask using Mares liquid skin technology that provides both structure to the mask but is soft against the face for fantastic comfort. The X-Vu mask has a nose that has been injected with a soft silicone that provides an anti-shock system and the bi lens offers a lower internal volume and a wider field of vision. Mares has placed adjustment buckles on the skirt which allows for the strap to fit closer to the head and this allows reduces the pressure of the frame against the face, preventing marks after use.

    • Color: Brown Camo
    • Brand: Mares
    • ASIN: B004RDF448
    • UPC: 792460031488

  • Mares X-vision Liquid Skin 14 Mask (RED/BLACK)

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Mares
    • ASIN: B00O3GV542

  • Mares X-vision Liquid Skin 14 Mask (WHITE/BLACK)

    • Color: black, white
    • Brand: Mares
    • ASIN: B00O3GV52Y

  • Mares LIQUIDSKIN X-Vision mask (Amazon) Regular Silver/blue

    Mares Liquid Skin Mask New!! 45% softer: unparalleled comfort 270% more elastic: highly adaptable Mask box included The ultimate revolution. LiquidSkin meets the most popular mask in the world. The result is an incredible mask. The combination of two different type of silicone provides incomparable comfort. The marks that are typically left on your face after a dive are mostly eliminated. Equalization is now much easier thanks to the super soft nose pocket.

    • Color: Clear Silver & Blue
    • Brand: Joe Diver America
    • ASIN: B000MP8ZDW
    • UPC: 768225136118

  • Mares X-vision Liquid Skin 14 Mask (BLUE/WHITE)

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Mares
    • ASIN: B00O3GV524