• Maori Tattooing (Dover Pictorial Archives)

    Originally published in 1896, this classic of ethnography was assembled by a skilled illustrator who first encountered Maori tattoo art during his military service in New Zealand. Maori tattooing (moko) consists of a complex design of marks, made in ink and incised into the skin, that communicate the bearer's genealogy, tribal affiliation, and spirituality. This well-illustrated volume summarizes all previous accounts of moko and encompasses many of Robley's own observations. He relates how moko first became known to Europeans and discusses the distinctions between men and women's moko, patterns and designs, moko in legend and song, and the practice of mokomokai: the preservation of the heads of Maori ancestors. Features 180 black-and-white illustrations.

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  • The Tattoo Dictionary

    Discover the true meanings behind over 200 popular tattoos with this comprehensive book, illustrated with over 100 tattoo designs. From sailors' swallows and Mexican skulls to prisoners' barbed wire and intricate Maori patterns, tattoos have been used as a means of communication by cultures all over the world for thousands of years. Through meticulous research, The Tattoo Dictionary uncovers the history of the most popular symbols in tattoo history, revealing their hidden meanings and the long-forgotten stories behind them in this beautifully packaged book.

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  • 2XL Black Maori Tribal Tattoo Men's Hawaiian Shirt

    Our EXCLUSIVE Maori Tattoo Hawaiian Shirt! Intricate design of the art of tattoo in the Pacific Islands! Our high quality men's Hawaiian shirts are made in Honolulu, Hawaii! The front pocket is carefully sewn so that it matches with the overall design of the shirt! Also, coconut shell buttons truly help make this shirt look and feel Hawaiian. If you are interested in the design of this shirt please see our size chart to find the perfect fit. The size chart can be found by viewing all the pictures.

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  • Maori Tattoo Tarot: An Illustrated Companion

    It is an entirely practical guide for modern divination with the contemporary Maori Tattoo Tarot deck, unveiling esoteric secrets of the ancient Maori, and describing meanings of all cards, including reversals. Find here art and science of divination, as well as a new spread with examples of extraordinary Tarot reading sessions. You can do Tarot reading with beautiful and working cards full of symbolism, and this companion eBook containing inspirational ‘big eye’ illustrations and general meanings of all 78 cards. For the first time in Tarot history, the classically structured deck (22 trumps, 56 suit cards, four suits each with 4 court cards) use the ancient Maori theme. Cards are borderless with the reversible back (quality card stock, 350 gsm paper).Nowadays, Tarot attracts millions of followers from around the world. People who are interested in self-development, energy healing and spiritual enlightenment use Tarot for life coaching and divinatory purposes. The Tarot world is quickly expanding, funnelling new themes, ideas, spiritual systems, and doctrines. There are about 2,500 Tarot decks created by contemporary artists who produce new cards under the influence of many cultural traditions, including Celtic, Mayan, Egyptian, Native American, Gipsy, and so on. Until recen...


  • Polynesian Tattoo Designs: Ocean Legacy (TT Design Books) (Volume 1)

    The book "Polynesian Tattoo Designs - Ocean Legacy" is a collection of 92 ocean themed Polynesian style tattoos with brief description of the meanings for each design along with their outlines, intended mainly for tattoo artists.

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    This book by the creators of TattooTribes.com takes the readers by the hand through the meaningful beauty of Polynesian tattoos, in a clear and easy to read way that helps understanding many traditional symbols and how they can be used to create a custom personal piece.The book is beautifully crafted for easier consultation and a more enjoyable experience and it features:- List of symbols and their meanings- Quick reference to find the right symbols for the desired meanings- Positioning the elements- Step by step creation process- Live examples and case studies- How to deal with namesA lot more!All clearly explained with 200+ illustrations.The one stop book to shape your tattoo dreams.

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  • Ta Moko: The Art of Maori Tattoo

    Ta Moko is an outstanding work of Maori scholarship. The art of Maori tattoo has always been regarded with fascination, and this was one of the first comprehensive books on the subject. The author, formerly ethnologist with the Auckland Museum, provides an examination of Maori moko in all its aspects - its historical develpment, tribal variations, design principles and social significance. In this illustrated study of male and female moko, the author draws on the records, journals and sketches of early European observers in New Zealand - explorers such as Cook, de Surville and du Fresne and later traders and missionaries. He relies, too, on visual sources, including the work of artists such as Earle, Angas, Robley, Lindauer and Goldie, to document the increasing standardisation, and eventual decline and disappearance of male moko in the nineteenth century.

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  • Spiritual New Zealand: A Journey with Maori Tattoo Tarot

    For the first time in Tarot history, the classically structured deck (22 trumps and 56 suit cards in four suits each with 4 court cards) use the ancient Maori theme. The deck of the 78 borderless cards with reversible back artfully incorporates Tarot symbolism into Maori colourful pictures (quality card stock, 350 gsm paper). This e-book is a comprehensive companion to the deck, unveiling secrets of the Maori esoteric symbolism, and describing meanings of all cards including reversals, as well as including a new spread with different layouts to make decisions in seven significant life situations.New Zealand, Aotearoa, the Land of the Long White Cloud, the place named ‘the spiritual centre of the universe' by the Dalai Lama, the islands where the cultural heritage of the Maori, indigenous people, is connected with the land of Aotearoa not merely geographically but spiritually. The Maori, a nation of Pacific warriors, developed highly ritualised arts, including face and body tattooing full of hidden symbolism and unique art patterns. Divination was a sacred and an essential part of ancient Maori religion. Tohungas, priests and clairvoyants, with abilities to see the future and interpret these visions, kept the ancestors’ esoteric wisdom, teaching Maori people to live in unity w...

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