• The Mac Hacker's Handbook

    As more and more vulnerabilities are found in the Mac OS X (Leopard) operating system, security researchers are realizing the importance of developing proof-of-concept exploits for those vulnerabilities. This unique tome is the first book to uncover the flaws in the Mac OS X operating system—and how to deal with them. Written by two white hat hackers, this book is aimed at making vital information known so that you can find ways to secure your Mac OS X systems, and examines the sorts of attacks that are prevented by Leopard’s security defenses, what attacks aren’t, and how to best handle those weaknesses.

    • ASIN: 0470395362

  • iOS Hacker's Handbook

    Discover all the security risks and exploits that can threaten iOS-based mobile devices iOS is Apple's mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad. With the introduction of iOS5, many security issues have come to light. This book explains and discusses them all. The award-winning author team, experts in Mac and iOS security, examines the vulnerabilities and the internals of iOS to show how attacks can be mitigated. The book explains how the operating system works, its overall security architecture, and the security risks associated with it, as well as exploits, rootkits, and other payloads developed for it. Covers iOS security architecture, vulnerability hunting, exploit writing, and how iOS jailbreaks work Explores iOS enterprise and encryption, code signing and memory protection, sandboxing, iPhone fuzzing, exploitation, ROP payloads, and baseband attacks Also examines kernel debugging and exploitation Companion website includes source code and tools to facilitate your efforts iOS Hacker's Handbook arms you with the tools needed to identify, understand, and foil iOS attacks.

    • ASIN: 1118204123

  • The Mac Hackers Handbook by Miller, Charlie, Dai Zovi, Dino [Wiley,2009] (Paperback)

    The Mac Hackers Handbook by Miller, Charlie, Dai Zovi, Dino. Published by Wiley,2009, Binding: Paperback

    • ASIN: B00DWWCBS2

  • A Newbies Guide to Switching to Mac: A Windows Users Guide to Using a Their First Mac Computer

    Whether you are making the switch from a PC or purchasing your first computer, a Mac OS X is a powerful and fun platform for work and play.Powerful as it is, it can be overwhelming trying to learn all of the features. This guide is meant to help you quickly learn how to use a Mac, as well as how it differs from a Windows PC.The book concludes with a list of the best free software available for Mac.Minute Help Press is building a library of books for people with only minutes to spare.

    • ASIN: B004DNWJ0Y

  • Home Hacking Projects for Geeks (Hacks)

    Take a geek and a PC, add one soldering iron, a home, and a copy of Home Hacking Projects for Geeks, and you'll give new meaning to the term, "home improvement." From fearless neophytes to tool-wielding masterminds, the home hacker in any geek will find new inspiration and plenty of hands-on guidance to take on a variety of home-transforming projects once relegated to the world of sci-fi.This fun new guide combines creativity with electricity and power tools to achieve cool--and sometimes even practical--home automation projects. Never again will you have to flip a light switch when you enter a room or use a key to open your front door. With a few off-the-shelf devices, some homemade hardware, and a little imagination, you can be living in your own high-tech habitat.Home Hacking Projects for Geeks shows hackers of all ability levels how to take on a wide range of projects, from the relatively small but energy-conscious automating of light switches, to building home theaters using Windows or Linux-based PCs, to more complicated projects like building home security systems that rival those offered by professional security consultants. Each project includes a conceptual diagram, a "What You Need List" and a small "Project Stats" section that describes the relative difficulty, time i...

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    • ASIN: 0596004052