• Wall Mount for Luxo Magnifiers and Lamps Grey

    Use this Luxo B-Wall Mount for permanent mounting of your Luxo lamp or magnifier on vertical surfaces. Color: Light Grey. NOTE: This item is an accessory clamp ONLY. Lamp must be purchased separately.

    • Brand: Luxo
    • ASIN: B00JWXMK5E
    • UPC: 612750000874

  • Brightech LightView PRO LED 2.25x Magnifying Glass Clamp Lamp: Daylight Bright Lighted Lens – Dimmable, Adjustable Color Temperature Utility Light for Desk, Table, Task, Craft, Workbench –White

    The LightView PRO Colors Edition Magnifier Table Lamp comes strongly recommended for anyone facing challenges due to macular degeneration. The 5-diopter magnifying lens brings an entire page into focus - there's no need to move a book or newspaper around as you read. Ideal for use as a craft lamp, LightView PRO lets aging eyes see intricate embroidery close-up once more! Best of all, it's dimmable and it's adjustable for direction as well as color intensity. The flexible neck pivots to reach up, down, and side-to-side at angles that best suit your height comfort, as a bi-touch dimmer lets you select your desired lighting level. The most innovative feature, however, may well be a color adjuster on the lamp head. If the full brightness of cool white color feels too harsh on your eyes, LightView PRO Colors Edition gives you a choice that lesser lamps don't provide. Now, you can have it both ways. When you need daylight bright lighting to see every detail, opt for the color temperature of 6,000 Kelvin. For those times when you prefer softer lighting, select the more soothing warm white of 3,000 Kelvin. You can also adjust the color level anywhere in-between 3,000K - 6,00K. Dimmability feature also allows you to adjust the brightness level. We make our Magnifier lens of genuine diopt...

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Brightech
    • ASIN: B019R1FDEA
    • UPC: 853799005820

  • Luxo 18345LG LFM LED Illuminated Magnifier, 45" Arm, 3 Diopter, Edge Clamp, Light Gray

    LFM LED is Luxo's most cost-effective addition to its growing line of LED Magnifiers. 7W dimmable LEDs (with a total power consumption of 9.5W) with a 4000◦K color temperature guarantees both energy savings and accurate color rendition. A die-cast aluminum housing and 5" diameter 3-diopter (1.75X) lens ensures the LFM LED Magnifier is well-equipped for any inspection or assembly application. 45" external-spring L-arm and edge clamp mount. Color: Light gray.

    • Color: Light Gray
    • Brand: Luxo
    • UPC: 612750000577

  • Luxo 18255LG KFM LED Illuminated Magnifier, 30" Arm, 5 Diopter, Weighted Base, Light Gray

    KFM LED is Luxo's newest and most energy-efficient, addition to its growing line of KFM Magnifiers. Now with a dimmable 9W LED light source which produces 2500 lux at 12" working distance, it produces nearly 75% greater light output than traditional KFM models. A 9/4 hour automatic shut-off feature further ensures energy savings. Complete with a 5-diopter (2.25X) optical quality glass lens, the KFM LED is ideal for any inspection or assembly operation. No knobs to tighten, nothing to adjust - a flexible, self-balancing shade and hands-free neck design allows the lamp head to be secured in any position. A fully-enclosed neck assembly and 30" reach heavy-duty internal-spring K-arm for environments where cleanliness and sanitation are sought. Weighted base mount. Color: Light gray.

    • Color: Light Gray
    • Brand: Luxo
    • ASIN: B00C6U170Y
    • UPC: 612750000362

  • Luxo 17845BK WAVE+Plus Illuminated Magnifier, 45" Arm, 3.5 Diopter, Edge Clamp, Black

    WAVE+Plus Magnifier with stadium-shaped lens, offers the largest distortion-free viewing area in the industry (6.75” x 4.5”). Standard with a 3.5-diopter (1.88X) lens and dual 13-watt quad compact fluorescent lamps which permit 3-dimentional viewing and provide shadow-free illumination. 45” arm reach, edge clamp and 3-conductor cord set included. Edge clamp mount. Color: Black.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Luxo
    • ASIN: B00DJS7ZPS

  • Luxo 17253LG KFM Gray Magnifier Light w/30-inch arm, Table Base and 3-diopter lens (lamp included)

    Minimum Clearance Bracket. The new AH bracket allows for almost zero clearance (Approx. 1/4-inch clearance) between adjacent benches. It also provides more freedom of movement by raising the swivel point of the magnifier 2" higher above the bench surface. Its increased "jaw" size permits it to be clamped to surfaces up to 2 3/4" thick.; Die-Cast Aluminum Housing. 5" diameter lenses are mounted in an aluminum housing that is noncorrosive and durable. The inside is finished in white to optimize and evenly distribute light.; Multi Lens Capability. The KFM Series offers a wider range of distortion-free magnification lenses than any other magnifier.; Selection of Primary and Secondary Lenses. All lenses can be changed or removed easily. KFM Series can handle any intricate magnification task.; Patented Internal Spring Arm. Arm offers an infinite number of adjustable positions. Once adjusted, perfect balance is maintained by tempered steel springs.; 22-Watt Energy-Efficient Tube. Protected by a heavy-duty clear diffuser, the tube provides cool, shadow-free light on any work surface.; No RFI Noise. The most significant benefit is the adoption of an internal Electronic Ballast System which includes an RFI filter.; Instant-On Switch. Just a touch of a switch ignites the fluorescent tube i...

    • Brand: Luxo
    • ASIN: B0001X0SD0

  • Luxo - KFK025818 - Magnifier Lamp Gray 45' Reach 3-Diopter

    Old Luxo SKU 17113LG Diopter: 3 Lens: 3-Diopter Reach: 45 Type of Base: Mounting Clamp

    • Brand: Luxo
    • ASIN: B01MTU4311

  • Luxo 17115BK KFM Magnifier, 45" Patented Internal Spring K-Arm, 5-Diopter, Edge Clamp, Black

    The KFM Magnifier, is recognized as the world's number one magnification system. A 5" diameter, 5-diopter (2.25X) optical-quality lens is mounted in a die-cast aluminum housing which is non-corrosive and durable. The inside is finished in white to optimize and evenly distribute light. A 45" patented internal spring K-arm offers an infinite number of adjustable positions and an adjustable neck moves the Magnifier, head vertically and horizontally to provide total flexibility. Once adjusted, perfect balance is maintained by tempered steel springs. An electronic ballast system with RFI filter eliminates noise and produces 15% greater light output. Instant-on switch: Just a touch of a switch ignites the fluorescent tube instantly and creates a "flicker-free" light that eliminates the stroboscopic effect on machinery such as a lathe or drill press. Edge clamp mount. UL/cUL listed. Color: Black.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Luxo
    • ASIN: B005GGP7DI
    • UPC: 612750000287

  • Luxo - KFK025789 - Magnifier Lamp Gray 30 Reach 3-Diopter

    OLD LUXO 17253LG Base: Weighted Base Lens: 3-Diopter Reach: 30 Type of Base: Weighted Base

    • Brand: Luxo
    • ASIN: B01N972XBZ