• Fast Faces: Unleash Your Creativity With a Friendly Lump of Clay

    This new sculpting method is so much fun it's almost addictive. And it's just as enjoyable for grown-ups as it is for kids. It's a fast, no-stress way to create surprisingly unique characters with clay.If you're a kid you'll have a blast making these goofy faces. You can even use your Fast Faces as character models for animated videos or your next graphic novel.If you're an adult you'll fall in love with your quirky little characters, even if you've never sculpted anything before. It's almost like doodling with clay.For artists of all ages and skill levels: The Fast Face method will help you gain confidence in your ability to create unique, one-of-a-kind art; This new way to sculpt will help you see creative inspiration everywhere you look, and to find your own creative voice; And every face you sculpt will be a happy surprise, because it won't be like anything you've ever made before.The author says: "I've been sculpting with many different media for many years, but I learn something new with every Fast Face I make -- and every one of them surprises me. Why should kids have all the fun?"

    • ASIN: 1732106304

  • A Lump of Clay: And Other Sermons

    Contents:A Lump of ClayChrist in the ScripturesThe Trinity in the ScripturesTriads in the ScripturesRevival in the ScripturesHe Could Not!Harps or Spears?Visiting the Empty GraveThe Vision Splendid

    • ASIN: B01EP1QCNS

  • The Little Lump of Clay

    Feeling unwanted, a lump of clay sits at the bottom of the potter's bin, eagerly awaiting someone who will mold him into a treasured object

    • ASIN: 0688089690

  • A Lump of Clay * Un trozo de arcilla

    Robert wants to make a gift for his mother. But nothing will do until he finds a lump of clay. Through the eyes of the clay, we learn of its transformation from a plain gray blob into a wonderful surprise for Robert’s mother. Bilingual children's story in English and Spanish. Roberto quiere hacerle un regalo a su mamá. Pero de nada sirve hasta que encuentre un trozo de arcilla. A través de los ojos de la arcilla, nos enteramos de su transformación de una simple masa gris en una sorpresa maravillosa para la mamá de Roberto. Cuento bilingüe en inglés y español.

    • ASIN: 9962570085

  • A Lump of Clay

    On the journey through life we have high expectations that sometimes are not met…and maybe that's a good thing.We enter life like a small lump of clay that is yet to be formed and shaped and fired and finished. The adventure unfolds as we discover what we become.Do we trust the Master Craftsman to make of us something wonderful, even if not entirely glamorous?A Lump of Clay is a heart-warming story for people of all ages to read whenever we need to take a fresh look at how God works with us to accomplish His eternal purposes.

    • ASIN: B006U44PCY

  • GREEN edible Clay chunks (lump) natural for eating (food), 4 oz (113 g)

    Green clay lump It contains a sufficiently large amount of silver, silicon, rare metal salts, and various trace minerals needed by the human body. Health effects Green clay - a great tool for healing the digestive tract diseases. Admission into the clay cleanses the intestines of toxins, heals ulcers, tidies the acid-alkaline balance, heals the heart and lungs. In the form of compresses, lotions and applications effectively combats inflammation in muscles and joints. Heals abscesses, boils, damaged as a result of tissue injury. Successfully used in the treatment of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system and varices. With the ability to regenerate and repair skin cells used in cosmetology. It cleans the skin, removes all inflammation. Green clay taste hard and dense, giving grasses. Slightly sticky to the teeth.

    • Brand: Uclays
    • ASIN: B07CP7S74K
    • UPC: 658921984192

  • A Lump of Clay

    When Manasseh first takes his very best clay out of his bag to make a centerpiece for King Herod, little did he know what his lump of clay was really destined to become. When we are first introduced to this very proud lump of clay, he is excited to be sitting on a famous potter's wheel in Jerusalem, wondering what he is destined to look like physically and how famous he is going to be one day. We follow him on his journey around and around the potter's wheel, to his first home, to his second, and finally see the very reason why he had been created in the first place. His journey is not an easy one, and he has hard lessons to learn, but the story of the little lump of clay shows how God's intended outcomes make all the trials and tribulations worthwhile.

    • ASIN: 0982908210