• Lindstrom Chain Nose Pliers

    Lindstrom pliers are excellent performing pliers with extremely precise jaw alignment. Specially forged box-joint with extra long contact surfaces result in greater precision and longer life. Joint movement is highly stable and smooth even at the very tip of the jaws. Double-leaf springs with high-impact cushion grips for maximum comfort.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Lindstrom
    • ASIN: B0001P0DHY
    • UPC: 745654575947


    The Lindstrom Ergo steel smooth needle nose straight needle nose gripping pliers is sold 10 assemblies per pack and is another quality product from Lindstrom. Has a head width of 0.35 in and jaw length of 1.26 in. The overall length measures 132 mm.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Lindstrom
    • ASIN: B0001P0DHE
    • UPC: 013161047548

  • Lindstrom EX 7890 Chain Nose Wire Bending Pliers, Ergo Grip - EX 7890

    Made of high chromium steel alloy with light action springs, the new Lindstrom Chain Nose EX Plier is precision crafted in Switzerland. High ergonomic grips distribute proper pressure to hand surface for maximum comfort. The radius edge of the head protects from marring. Precision screw joints assure long life. Length 5.75 inches.

    • ASIN: B0066O21GA
    • UPC: 654207186588

  • Lindstrom RX7890 Smooth Jaw Snipe Nose Plier, 158.5mm Length, 0.8mm Tip Width

    Lindstrom RX series represent the very best in cutters and pliers. The exclusive Micro-TouchTM handles makes possible complete hand control for precision work. Exclusive Biospring­® reduces spring tension during work which lessons fatigue. Tension and opening width can be adjusted to suit. The slightly rounded and wider profile of the RX handle allows for even surface distribution and superior hand contact. Overall length: 158.5mm (5.77"). Jaw length: 32.0mm (1.26"). Tip width: 0.8mm (.03").

    • ASIN: B0058ECMA4
    • UPC: 654207186601

  • Lindstrom RX7892 - Lindstrom Plier, Bent Chain Nose, Smooth Jaws, Rx Series Ergonomic Handles (Price is for One Pair)

    The semi-round jaws of this Lindstrom bent chain-nose pliers are extra-long with bent tips and have flat interior surfaces, ideal for opening and closing jump rings, flat-crimping and creating angled bends. Lindstrom RX pliers represent the ultimate in performance, precision and comfort. With their exclusive Lindstrom BioSpring®, RX tools eliminate the effort overcoming ordinary spring tension, which increases as you apply pressure. The BioSpring is an adjustable, replaceable plastic spring that controls and limits resistance as you apply pressure. To adjust the spring, simply open the tool, move the free end of the spring into the desired opening in the handle, and close the tool. The profile of the RX grip is slightly rounded and wide, creating an even, ergonomic distribution of surface pressure and excellent contact with your hand. • Resin composite grips help dissipate static • Lap joint • Removable, replaceable BioSpring®

    • Brand: Lindstrom
    • ASIN: B004IOVZIK

  • Lindstrom EX7893 EX Short Chain Nose Plier

    The semi-round jaws of these Lindstrom chain-nose pliers have flat interior surfaces, ideal for opening and closing jump rings, flat-crimping and creating angled bends. Lindstrom EX pliers are precision-crafted in Switzerland from a hardened, high-chromium steel alloy and precision-ground to exact specifications. Jaw edges are smoothly radiused to protect workpieces from marring; and they meet perfectly along their entire length to ensure a secure and complete grip on work. Smaller than the tools in the RX line but built for heavier-duty work, the EX pliers are ideal for use with heavy-gauge metals and harder metals such as brass or bronze. • Lap joint with screw fixture. • Double-leaf springs deliver fast, strong rebound for improved productivity. • Wider, thicker handle grips, made with resin composite, are both ergonomic and ESD-safe (any electrostatic discharge will be safely dissipated).

    • Brand: Lindstrom
    • ASIN: B0747WZQ3J
    • UPC: 640823589407


    The Lindstrom Ergo steel smooth needle nose angled needle nose gripping pliers is sold 10 assemblies per pack and is another quality product from Lindstrom. Has a head width of 0.35 in and jaw length of 1.14 in. The overall length measures 6.12 in.

    • Brand: Lindstrom
    • ASIN: B002LNJK1Y
    • UPC: 013088199627

  • Lindstrom RX7890 - RX Series Ergonomic Pliers - Chain Nose - Smooth Jaw - 6.25" L

    The Lindstrom RX series are the very best of cutters and pliers! Designed for quality and precision, these high grade steel pliers will last a lifetime. Their ergonomic Micro-Touch™ handles allow for complete control for precision work. The exclusive Biospring® helps lessen fatigue by allowing the user to adjust the tension and opening width of the pliers. Lindstrom Product ID#: 7890RX Measurements: Pliers are 5.75" (146.5mm) long. The jaws are 1.26" (32mm) long. The tips are 0.03" (0.8mm) wide. Sturdy lap joint construction. NOTE: This item ships separately and is ineligible for promotional discounts other than Reward Points. Shipments processed in 1-2 business days. NOTE: These pliers are intended for beading and other fine hobby work. Not recommended for heavy duty applications such as automotive, home improvement, or maritime use.

    • Brand: Lindstrom Tools
    • ASIN: B002LNG97W

  • Lindstrom 7891 - Supreme Pliers - Chain Nose - Serrated Jaw Shape - 5.2" L

    The Lindstrom 7891 Supreme Chain Nose Pliers are the perfect pliers for general electronic work, repair and fine mechanical work. Most Supreme series pliers have a specially made box joint with extra long contact surfaces, made possible by a special manufacturing technique. Undesirable joint movement is held to a minimum, ensuring extremely precise alignment of the jaws, even at the extreme tip.

    • Brand: Lindstrom Precision Tools
    • ASIN: B0001P0DHO