• Senokot-S Dual Action 60 Tablets, Natural Vegetable Laxative Ingredient Plus Stool Softener Tablets, Gentle Dependable Overnight Relief of Occasional constipation

    Senokot-S Natural Vegetable Laxative Ingredient + Stool Softener Tablets, 60-count dual action Senokot-S combines the proven strength of Senokot with the gentleness of a stool softener. For occasional constipation including constipation associated with certain medications, Senokot-S Tablets provide gentle, overnight relief. Like all Senokot Laxative products, Senokot-S Tablets are produced from the natural vegetable laxative ingredient senna. When you - or someone in your family - are troubled by occasional constipation, you want relief that's effective but gentle. For over 55 years, physicians and pharmacists have recommended - and customers have relied on - the Senokot Family of Laxatives to provide gentle, effective overnight relief of occasional constipation.

    • Brand: Purdue Products L.P.
    • ASIN: B000IMLSQK
    • UPC: 367618310601

  • Enzymatic Therapy Laxative-3 Blend -- 60 Tablets by Enzymatic

    Enzymatic Therapy Laxative-3 Blend Tablets

    • Brand: Enzymatic
    • ASIN: B01N1RRHM9

  • Prunelax Ciruelax Laxatives Tabs - 60ct

    Keep your digestive system working effectively with these Prunelax Ciruelax Laxatives Tabs. 60 coated tablets in a small container so you can carry them on the go for any situation " the natural formula means you know what you're putting in your body for a healthier relief alternative. By using dried plum extract, these tablets keep you balanced and comfortable when you're experiencing bouts of constipation.

    • Brand: Prunelax
    • ASIN: B07CNZK2JV
    • UPC: 818951000099

  • Integrative Therapeutics - Laxative Formula - Promotes Bowel Function Without Stimulant Laxatives - 60 Tablets

    Laxative Formula gently but effectively cleanses the intestinal surfaces and promotes bowel function without the use of harsh, stimulant laxatives, such as senna and cascara. These laxatives chemically stimulate the intestines. If used on a routine basis, the bowels can become dependent on them and lose the built-in reflexes that normally help the bowels function. In contrast, Laxative Formula works with the body's own elimination processes to safely promote bowel movements. Integrative medicine is a collaboration of safe and effective therapies from conventional and complementary medicine. Integrative practitioners look beyond symptoms to identify and address the root cause and work hand in hand with patients to develop a plan of care. This collaborative, wellness-driven approach often includes clinical nutrition - both through diet, and nutritional supplementation – and that’s where Integrative Therapeutics supplements come in. Integrative Therapeutics is one of the top-tier manufacturers of supplements in use by integrative practitioners today – including naturopathic, chiropractic, nutrition, acupuncture, as well as a variety of general health and specialty practitioners.

    • Brand: Integrative Therapeutics
    • ASIN: B002MIDXKC
    • UPC: 871791003262

  • Medline Senna-S Tablets, 60 Tablets

    Senna-S Tablets.

    • Brand: Medline
    • ASIN: B004GC9Y9Q
    • UPC: 811032479081

  • Enzymatic Therapy Laxative 3 Blend Tablets, 60 Count

    For us, the focus has always been on safety, and relying on proof of product effectiveness. While many of our products have been researched, it is vitally important to us to strike a balance between traditional medicine and modern science-making us a unique dietary supplement company that can offer traditional herbal supplements, as well as those that are backed by science. Our commitment to the industry we helped create has never wavered. As the first major U.S. dietary supplement company to be certified as an organic processor, our relentless pursuit for quality is evident in our product line. We offer an extensive range of health-promoting products that have been carefully scrutinized and tested, all while adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices so that we can guarantee them to exceed expectations.

    • Brand: Enzymatic Therapy
    • ASIN: B000Z96V4U
    • UPC: 763948084166

  • Shaklee® Herb-Lax® (60 Tablets)


    • Brand: Shaklee
    • ASIN: B00GSY9D4Q

  • Prunelax Ciruelax - 60 Tablets - Natural Laxative for occasional constipation by Prunelax

    Senna & Dried Plum;Digestive Health;Health Supplements;Natural Laxative for occasional constipation;Dietary Supplement

    • Brand: Prunelax
    • UPC: 772195074233

  • Prunelax Ciruelax Laxative Tabs, 60 ea (Pack of 3)

    For the most up to date information, we recommend you visit the manufacturer website for the best product details, including ingredients, hazards, directions and warnings. This product offering is for 3 Retail Package

    • Brand: Prunelax
    • ASIN: B01IAIMD2G
    • UPC: 818951000099