• Yost UP360 Universal 6 Inch Prism Style Jaw Cover

    Yost UP-360 model 6 inch universal prism jaw. These jaws can fit on any Bench vise up to 6 inch in width. The prism face allows you to easily grip dowels or other round objects.

    • Brand: Yost Tools
    • ASIN: B01EVQH42U
    • UPC: 789755001653

  • Vise Jaws/Vise Pads (Magnetic Multi-Groove Soft Jaws) - 4.5 Inch Length, TPU Jaw Covers - Fit Wide Array of Vises/Vices and Vise Blocks

    Our magnetic vise jaws pads / inserts are ideal for holding wood, metal, plastic, tubing, threaded items, and virtually anything else in your vise, round, flat or irregular. Vise pads are a very useful addition to a set of jeweler tools, machinist tools, and gunsmith tools / gunsmithing tools. Great for those looking for pipe clamps. Made from high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), our inserts are hard enough to hold items in place but soft enough to protect finished, anodized or delicate surfaces from scratching, damage or marring. TPU resists oil, grease and abrasion and generally perform better than rubber jaws. TPU soft jaws are useful for a wide array of projects. The multi-groove design of our clamps provides a number highly useful holding slots to keep items in place. Our vise grips have 90 degree angles for widths of approximately 1/16", 1/8", 1/4" and 3/4". 60 degree angle for width of approximately 13/32". Strong embedded magnets keep vice jaws / vice jaw pads securely in place. 4.5-inch length provides compatibility with vises of various sizes (better to have vise jaws too short than too long). Product includes one set of vise jaw pads (2 pads). Compatible with a wide array of vise styles, including bench vise / bench vice, drill press vise / drill vise, mill v...

    • Brand: Mission Automotive
    • ASIN: B01FT2QTDA
    • UPC: 646341537685

  • Yost MU360 Universal Jaw Cover, 6"

    Yost MU-360 Plastic Jaws are designed to fit most 4" to 6" vise jaw. These universal jaws feature three high strength magnets (unlike other jaws that only feature two). The distance from the edges of the magnets is 3-3/4”, allowing them to be used on a 4" vise up to a 6" vise. The plastic design prevents damage to your project. These jaws feature a prism (diamond) groove pattern. This design more effectively grips products than traditional horizontal grooves or standard smooth jaws.

    • Brand: Yost Tools
    • ASIN: B015KP2JJ4
    • UPC: 789755001400

  • GarMills Vise Soft Jaw Pads 2 Pack Universal Magnetic Non Marring Multi-Purpose Vice Covers Protectors 1 Multi-Grooved and I standard Set 6 inch (155mm)

    About GarMills 2 Pack Magnetic Vise Jaw Pads Covers Protectors 1 Multi-Grooved & I standard Set 6" (155mm) These Magnetic Vise Jaw Covers will work with any 4" to 6" bench vise, mill clamps or drill press to help protect soft metals, wood or other delicate objects while holding them firmly in place. The embedded magnets in each keep vise jaws covers firmly in place while you work and help prevent scratching, scuffing or marring of more delicate surfaces. They are manufactured from quality thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and are soft enough to protect surfaces from damage yet hard enough to hold items in place. They can grasp and hold in place wood, plastic, metal, threaded objects, tubing, or anything round, irregular, or flat. The Multi-Groove pads have holding slots to keep round objects in place. The 90 degree angles are for widths of 1/16", 1/8", 1/4", 3/4". The 60 degree angle is for width of 13/32". Typical applications which benefit from using these padded vice protectors include DIY projects, arts and crafts, jewelry makers, gun smiths, golf clubs, fishing gear, engineering, toolmaking and carpentry.

    • Brand: GarMills
    • ASIN: B07DD2Q8YD
    • UPC: 691208475020

  • Murray RH173GR 3-Phase Meter Socket with 7 Jaw, Ringless Cover, Lever Bypass, Overhead, Underground Feed and 7/8 Barrel Lock, 200-Amp

    Murray has been the standard for quality and innovation for meter mounting equipment for over half a century. The heart of our offering continues to be the HQ lever bypass socket. The basic design of this socket has not changed since its original inception in 1956 making this a solid, time-proven design. We continue to offer the HQ at a competitive price even when faced with lower cost and lower quality competition. The bypass blade for every HQ is rated for 320 amps making every one of our sockets “Heavy Duty”. Most utilities will not hook up to a meter socket unless it is approved by them. These approvals can change without notice. Before purchasing or installing this meter socket, confirm approval with your local utility. Some utilities do not maintain lists, so just because a utility is not listed below does not mean that this device cannot be used on their network. Current Utility Approvals: Cinergy (CG&E) Cincinnati OH Central Maine Power Augusta ME NIPSCO Gary IN Consolidated Edison (NY) Long Island City NY Alliant Energy (IA); (Interstate P&L) Dubuque IA MidAmerican Energy Co (IA) Sioux City IA Midwest Power - Two Rivers Serv. Cen. Des Moines IA New HAmp,shire Electric Coop Plymouth NH Ohio Edison (See First Energy) Akron OH PECO Energy (Philly Electric Co.) Berwyn, P...

    • Brand: Murray
    • ASIN: B0052MII2S
    • UPC: 040892294279

  • Yost Vises MP-345 4-1/2" Aluminum Prism Vise Jaw Cover

    The Yost Vises MP-345 4-1/2" magnetic aluminum prism vise caps attach to and cover a set of 4-1/2"-wide serrated vise jaws to shield delicate work from damage and enable clamping of pipe for cutting, drilling, and tapping. The caps are made of aluminum for durability. They have a prism pattern made from one vertical groove, three horizontal grooves, and one center punch groove to enhance grip of pipe and delicate items and to prevent marring. The magnetic backing runs the full length of the cap to securely bond it to the front of the vise jaw. Two jaw caps are included.Yost Vises manufactures a wide range of vises, including bench-mount, woodworking, and drill-press styles. The company, founded in 1908, is headquartered in Holland, MI.

    • Brand: Yost Tools
    • ASIN: B00G2QXT5Y
    • UPC: 737278138431

  • Siemens WP4511RJ 400A 5 Jaw 125A Per Position 5 Position Ringless Cover

    Siemens all new Unit-PAK Metering offers maximum flexibility and ease of installation to meet the service requirements of multiple position metering projects. The outdoor/indoor rated devices are available in 2-6 gang set-ups which consist of a pull section with main lugs or stud terminations and 4/5 jaw meter sockets with tenant main circuit breaker provisions. The units operate on 120/240V AC 1O- 3W systems and are available with either 125 or 200 ampere meter sockets to meet a wide variety of small apartment and commercial building applications. A fifth jaw accessory kit is available for use on 120/208YV AC 1O-3W network systems. The attractive Unit-PAK devices accept overhead or underground service terminations and are designed for wall-hung surface or semi-flush mounting. The devices are factory pre-bussed in a compact enclosure to ensure ease of handling and installation and to maximize wall-space efficiency. Features and ratings include: 1) Siemens' exclusive 200 ampere/position QS breaker for quicker wiring, 2) Removable knock-out plate for back exit, 3) Mounting rail for wall hanging, 4) UL Listed for Service Equipment, 5) UL Listed for use with 60/75 Degree wire, 6) UL Listed for short circuit ratings up to 100,000 RMS symmetrical amps at 240V AC, 7) Front accessible 4 ...

    • Brand: Siemens
    • ASIN: B00K241ZO4
    • UPC: 040892875638

  • Wilton 14840 R-4, Rubber Face Jaw Cap, 4-Inch Jaw Width, 2 -Pack

    Wilton 14840 R-4, Rubber Face Jaw Cap, 4-Inch Jaw Width, 2 -Pack

    • Brand: Wilton
    • ASIN: B001AZRG2O
    • UPC: 019907148401

  • Vise Jaws - Nylon, Multipurpose 6" - Use on any Metal Vise, Magnetic Reversible Pads (2 Sets in 1), Clamp Flat or Round Products - Available in 4" or 6"

    6" VISE JAWS that work on any Metal Vise. Protect your working piece Flat or Round from the Metal on your Vise. They Will not Discolour or leave any marks on your Working piece, with 8 strong rear earth magnets per set, they will stay put on your metal vise. The Unique Multipurpose DESIGN allows you to TURN them OVER for use on the Flat or Grooved side. Applications commonly used in. Gunsmithing, Engineering, Automotive, Carpentry, jewellery, Golf, Bicycle, Toolmaking, Fishing, Locksmith AN fitting, Plumbing. What you can expect from our NYLON VISE JAWS. Complete satisfaction and Knowledge That this product will last a life time and you will never have to buy another. We pride ourselves in research and test our products to provide a quality Tool from the best available materials. AUSTRALIAN Made from Recycled Nylon that keeps the Environment in Mind Certification complies with requirements of relevant USA standards. KIU products are backed by a Full 100% Replacement or Money Back Guarantee. For The BEST quality Multipurpose VISE JAWS click the Add to Cart button at the top of this page.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: JCL PRODUCTS
    • ASIN: B019VOT6JG
    • UPC: 641022996805