• Monarch Pure Copper Pineapple Rain Chain, 8-1/2-Feet Length

    Monarch Rain Chains Pure Copper X-large Cup Pineapple Rain Chain is an awe inspiring rain chain that draws its inspiration from old world hospitality and warmth which is symbolic of the pineapple.The Pineapple Rain Chain is 8.5 ft. in length and includes a 5” triangular gutter clip for a quick and easy installation. Bring Southern hospitality to your home with this beautifully crafted rain chain and transform your home.Each of the 8 cups has a leafy etching on the flared part of the cup followed by a multi –faceted etching over the rest of the cup. The Pineapple Cup is an X- large cup rain chain with a diameter of 4.12”x 4”in height.8 cups of heavy gauge copper are assembled with pure copper swirls of 5.5”height x 1.5” width to form a perfect rain chain assembly of form and function.The wide mouth of the Pineapple Cup captures most of the rain water and transports it down the length of this exotic rain chain which enhances the beauty of any home.

    • Color: Rustic Antique Pure Copper
    • Brand: Monarch Rain Chains
    • ASIN: B00E56QPN6
    • UPC: 633402110192

  • Monarch Aluminum Hammered Cup Rain Chain, 8-1/2 Feet Length (Musket Brown)

    Monarch Rain Chains most popular large cup rain chain, the Hammered Cup Rain Chain has added new color options to include warm earthy tones in a variety of shades. Our latest hue is a striking Musket Brown. It is a dark rich brown that contrasts beautifully with the natural landscape. It pairs great with light to dark earth tones structures and gives a great contrasting look to the home. Material is made of pure aluminum with powder coating.The Musket Brown tone offers an alternate choice to the traditional copper and black aluminum tones in favor of one that offers a more organic earthy character.It offers all the beauty and attractiveness of the original Hammered Cup, with each cup individually hand hammered. The entire length is composed of 15 cups and tied together with 15 links along with a 5 inch triangular gutter clip at the base to extend a total of 8.5 feet in length.The cups perimeter of 3.5” diameter is large enough to contain a heavy amount of rain water. Size & Specifications:Aluminum Rain Chain Length: 8.5 feet (inclusive of 5 inches triangular gutter Clip)Cup Size: 3.5" Diameter x 2.5" HeightCup bottom Opening: 1" DiameterCup Per Chain: 15 Cups and 15 RingsMaterial: Aluminum Sheet Thickness: 20 gauge & wire thickness - 6 gaugeFinish: Powder Coated

    • Color: Musket Brown
    • Brand: Monarch Rain Chains
    • ASIN: B0148K5G9C
    • UPC: 633402505868

  • Monarch Pure Copper Tulip Cup Rain Chain, 8-1/2-Feet Length

    Classic copper tulip rainchain found in Japanese gardens. An alternate to traditional downsputs.

    • Brand: Monarch Rain Chains
    • ASIN: B000BTO60A
    • UPC: 633402266011

  • Monarch Pure Copper Akira Rain Chain, 8-1/2-Feet Length

    Monarch Rain Chains Pure Copper Akira Rain Chain is a beautifully designed X-large cup chain to meet your architectural requirements but to also provide a practical and sensible solution for your gutters at the same time. It is a beautiful assembly of 14 sturdy large copper cups connected together with links to form an 8.5 ft. chain. Each cup is crafted with elegant scalloped rims carving down into the cup to form an exceptional and distinctive rain chain. Rain Chain can handle a heavier downpour.Each cup has a total height of 3.5 inches, with a width of 4 inches. The bottom opening has a diameter opening of 2 inches allowing more water to travel smoothly.Each Rain Chain is made of pure copper material, making it constructive in carrying out its primary function of transporting water efficiently.Comes assembled and ready to install using the fixed triangular gutter hanger. Total length of chain: 8.5 feet with triangular gutter.

    • Color: Copper
    • Brand: Monarch Rain Chains
    • UPC: 633402140038

  • Monarch Pure Copper Midori Rain Chain, 8-1/2 Feet Length

    Monarch International's Pure Copper Midori Cup Rain Chain 8.5ft Length Including Triangular Hanger For Easy Installation.

    • Color: Copper
    • Brand: Monarch Rain Chains
    • ASIN: B0052K1AEI
    • UPC: 633402110017

  • Monarch Pure Copper Tranquility Link Rain Chain, 8-1/2-Feet Length

    Monarch Rain Chains unveiling of the Tranquility Pure Copper Rain Chain is another example of how modern elements supported by a traditional classic approach together make for an elegant and unique design. The quality and characteristic of a Rain Chain itself, with its arrangement of cups and links is in itself a modern approach to replacing traditional gutter downspouts. While a modern way of living and style may not suit everyone, Rain Chains are captivating and highly appealing universally, due in part to the many designs made available. The Tranquility Pure Copper Rain Chain is another illustration of how a modern design can be made elegantly and can underscore a classic look that harmonizes beautifully with many landscapes. While the Tranquility Rain Chain does not emphasize bold designs or intricate moldings, it is precisely its simplistic nature that calls the attention. The tranquility rain chain styling emphasizes on a simple tiered molding, a look that is consistent with traditional classic lines. This layered design gives each cup a unique depth that gives it its classic and clean look and allows the superior heavy gauge quality of copper to enhance its appeal. Adding to the uniqueness of the Rain Chain is the pure copper trio links holding each cup together. Unlike m...

    • Color: Gold
    • Brand: Monarch Rain Chains
    • ASIN: B00J4P9E4K
    • UPC: 633402130190

  • Monarch Pure Copper Cascading Leaves Rain Chain, 8-1/2-Feet Length

    Monarch Rain Chains Pure Copper Cascading Leaves Rain Chain is a breathtakingly beautiful link style rain chain which looks like a piece of art yet takes care of the function of transporting water from the downspout. As the rain water runs down the downspout it first fills into the top cup and then runs down the length of the medley of copper leaves which are individually etched. The movement of water creates a beautiful cascading effect which is pleasing to the ears.The Cascading Leaves Rain Chain draws inspiration from nature's foliage.Watching the transportation of rain water creates an exquisite visual. Creates a sense of tranquilityThere is some splashing associated with this style.3 foot extension available.Copper will oxidize into a rustic brown finish. Size & Specifications:Length: 8.5 feetCascading leaves Size: 1.75"(L) x 1.75"(W) x 3.9"(H)Links: 46 Links (each with 2 Leaves)Material: Pure CopperFinish: Natural CopperSheet Thickness: 23 gaugeUPC : 633402110062

    • Color: Copper
    • Brand: Monarch Rain Chains
    • ASIN: B0063QEJAW
    • UPC: 633401100064

  • Monarch Pure Copper Siam Rain Chain, 8.5 ft

    Monarch pure copper Siam rain chain, large Cup, 8.5' length inclusive of copper triangular installation clip

    • Color: Pure Copper
    • Brand: Monarch Rain Chains (MNNN9)
    • ASIN: B072376T2Z
    • UPC: 633402170028

  • Monarch Pure Copper Heavy Duty Heirloom Rain Chain, 8-1/2-Feet Length

    Monarch’s Pure Copper Heirloom Rain Chain is a bold and architecturally stimulating rain chain that sets it apart from the rest. Its geometrical patterns make it a stand out piece that adds a distinctive touch to your home. The beautiful Heirloom Rain Chain is made of very heavy gauge copper and has a thick folded lip on the rim adding to its character and form. The Heirloom cup depicts class and would look best in a classic or contemporary home. The cup measures 3.75” L x W and 3.5” Height.It is perfect in form and function as it transports water efficiently.The wide Heirloom cup captures most of the water and transports it via the diamond link.The melodious sound of water as it runs down the length of this pure copper Rain Chain is music to the ears.Size & Specifications:Length: 8.5 feet (inclusive of 5" triangular gutter Clip)Cup Size: 3.75"(L) x 3.75"(W) x 3.5"(H)Cup Bottom Opening: 1.25"Cup Per Chain: 8 Square Cups and 14 Diamond LinksMaterial: Pure CopperSheet Thickness : 24 gauge & Wire thickness 8 gaugeFinish: Natural CopperUPC: 633402100070

    • Color: Copper
    • Brand: Monarch Rain Chains
    • ASIN: B006Y6ZDE2
    • UPC: 633402100070