• IF-4000 Interferential Therapy Unit

    4 Modes. Continuous, 1/1 abrupt, 8/8 abrupt, 10/10 ramped. Frequency shift: from 25% below set frequency to 55% above. Carrie Frequency: 4000 Hz. Modulating frequency: 1-150 Hz. Wave form: symmetrical bi-phasic square. Includes stimulator, lead wires, 4 self stick disposable electrodes, 9V battery, AC adapter, plastic carrying case, and instructions. IF-4000 interferential therapy unit, portable/battery, AC adapter, complete

    • Brand: Fabrication
    • ASIN: B0061XRED6
    • UPC: 813520010738

  • IF-4000 Analog Portable Interferential PN# KOA-IF4000

    Portable interferential (IF-4000) dual channel therapy unit features include – 1. Dual channel. 2. Manual selection for 2 or 4 pads. 3. Adjustable pulse amplitude, interference frequency and difference frequency parameters. 4. 4 stimulation modes (frequency shifts): Continuous, 1/1, 8/8 and 10/10 ramped. 5. Includes 120V AC line cord adapter. 6. Comes with carrying case. 7. Unit in factory sealed box. 8. Unit comes case, leads, electrodes, AC adapter, 9V battery & manual. 9. Less than 1 lb. - light weight and easy to use.

    • Brand: IF-4000
    • ASIN: B007TCFB2O
    • UPC: 787461659120

  • iReliev TENS + EMS Combination Unit Muscle Stimulator for Pain Relief & Arthritis & Muscle Strength - Treats Tired and Sore Muscles in Your Shoulders, Back, Ab's, Legs, Knee's and More

    iReliev TENS + EMS combines two therapies in 1 device the footprint of a credit card. TENS blocks Pain, EMS strengthens and helps muscle recover and heal quicker. Use What the Pro's Use. Get the Competitive Edge with On Demand Pain Relief, Muscle Strength & Performance. Great for Arthritis! Athletes & Performers have long benefited from two clinically supported therapies to help relieve pain (TENS) & improve muscle performance, strength & recovery (EMS). You can too, now with the iReliev Strength & Recovery Dual Channel EMS + TENS Combination Unit. This highly innovative device offers 14 pre-set therapy modes making this system extremely easy to use & versatile. The integrated TENS modes (P1-P8) generate a safe & effective output sensation that helps block pain or increase endorphins, a natural pain reliever. The EMS programs (P1-P6) deliver rhythmic massage-like impulses that help increase blood flow to promote muscle recovery, strength & performance. PHYSICAL THERAPIST ENDORSED: I, Joe Noel, PT, licensed Physical Therapist in the State of Florida and having practiced as a PT for the last 24 years do hereby recommend the iReliev TENS + EMS unit for treating pain & increasing muscle strength. I have used TENS & EMS in my clinical practice & recommend for home use. I believe i...

    • Brand: iReliev
    • ASIN: B011J79PNK
    • UPC: 853635002365

  • Shield Touchscreen TENS Unit, Combination Muscle Stimulator

    The Shield TENS unit electronic massager is designed for a clinical setting with strength and quality in mind. This upgraded unit is the product of our customer's feedback. LED backlights for convenient viewing in the dark and expansive, easy-to-use LCD touch screen. Independent intensity control with each electrode port. Larger screen and more modes (24 total) to enhance your experience! With this FDA-Approved unit you have the freedom of therapeutic massage and pain relief anytime you desire. In this package you will receive the Shield Class IV Unit with 2x2 leads, two small massage pads, two medium massage pads, two large pads, an armband pouch, a usb/wall charger, and a user guide.

    • Brand: Shield
    • ASIN: B01N6GFT2V
    • UPC: 641361823251

  • Tone-A-Matic Electronic/Electric Muscle Stimulator & TENS - 8 Programs, 20 Adhesive Electrodes: TAMTEC SPORT 4 PLUS Complete Set Includes: Russian Stim/ACTIVE RECOVERY PROGRAM/Micro-Current/IFC

    The Tone-A-Matic PLUS is the latest EMS device for muscle building and rehabilitation. Tone-A-Matic has been manufacturing superior quality electronic muscle stimulators for over 25 years and we are constantly innovating to improve our products. The TAMTEC PLUS has Interferential, Micro-Current, TAMEXX Active Recovery Program, Russian Stim, Regular Stim, and TENS all in one machine. Having 2 independent channels and 8 concurrent pads will allow for a full body treatment with 8 different treatment programs. This device is very user-friendly and easy to use. Simply turn on the machine, choose a desired program with the touch of a button, set your time, press START, and adjust the intensity to a comfortable level. Unlike other TENS devices that only treat pain through massage, our EMS device was designed to treat pain and build muscle with 8 different built in programs. Our electronic muscle stimulator duplicates the effects of regular exercise by sending electrical impulses to targeted muscle groups to contract and relax. This means you get the benefits of performing sit-ups and lifting weights without actually doing it! Our machine will allow you to tone, firm, and shape your abdominals, pecs, buttocks, and thighs while reading, watching TV, and replying to emails.

    • Brand: Tone-A-Matic
    • ASIN: B00ZJ8RNSU

  • Intelect 07-7719 IFC Interferential

    Battery-operated dual channel if stim. For 2 or 4 electrode use; adjustable pulse Amplitude, interference frequency and difference frequency parameters; 4 stim modes: continuous, 1/1, 8/8, and 10/10 ramped; 120V AC adapter.

    • Brand: Intelect
    • ASIN: B01BY2GDF8

  • Tone-A-Matic Electronic/Electric Muscle Stimulator/TENS Multi-Functional Therapy Garment Waist & Back Belt (sold as an Accessory Only)

    Comes with 2 Extra Large Pads (please note: EMS/TENS device NOT included).

    • Brand: Tone-A-Matic
    • ASIN: B01GH5QAZK

  • Balego® Patients Choice® Interferential Therapy Silver Foam 3 in. Round, 4/pack. Manufactured in the U.S.A. with American Made raw materials.

    Manufactured with the highest quality, American Made raw materials to ensure the best treatment results

    • Brand: Balego
    • ASIN: B00TSU00P8
    • UPC: 728795139629

  • Balego® Patients Choice® Interferential Therapy Silver Tricot 2 in. x 2 in. Square, 4/pack. Manufactured in the U.S.A. with American Made raw materials.

    Manufactured with the highest quality, American Made raw materials to ensure the best treatment results

    • Brand: Balego
    • ASIN: B00TSU0MHE
    • UPC: 728795139605