• ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Humidity Monitor with Temperature Humidity Gauge

    With an accuracy of ±2%RH and ±1°F, temperature range from -58°F to 158°F (-50°C ~ 70°C), the ThermoPro-TP50 helps maintain proper temperature and humidity conditions in baby rooms, houses, offices, greenhouses and other temperature and/or humidity sensitive environments. Get the Info You Need to Take Action with a Temperature and Humidity Monitor It's the perfect companion for your humidifier and dehumidifier. Using a digital thermometer with humidity reading to ensure proper indoor humidity control has important skin, allergen and other health benefits by inhibiting the growth of mold, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mites and other asthma inducing agents. Digital thermometer with humidity reading features a precision hygrometer and thermistor, which allows you to check comfort conditions at a glance. And you'll appreciate how the handy Humidity Level Icon takes the guesswork out of maintaining proper indoor levels. Simple Humidity Level Indicator -- Check indoor air conditions at a glance with the Humidity Level Icon. The icon easily indicates a high, low, or ideal indoor humidity level. -- Dry: Humidity is below 30%. -- Comfort: Humidity is between 30%-60%, temperature is between 68°F-79°F (20°C-26°C). -- Wet: Humidity is above 60%. High & Low Records -- The digital ther...

    • Color: White
    • Brand: ThermoPro
    • ASIN: B01H1R0K68

  • ThermoPro TP55 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Humidity Gauge with Jumbo Touchscreen and Backlight Temperature Humidity Monitor

    Equipped with professional grade sensors, the ThermoPro TP-55 provides most accurate measurements, be it for humidity or temperature, allowing you to be aware if adjustments are necessary for your household. The TP55 is not just highly accurate but extremely user friendly with a backlight for those nighttime last minute checks on current readings before bed. That's not all, no longer will it be necessary to unmount the device off your wall or fridge to switch settings, simply use the touchscreen display. Furthermore, it provides an abundance of valuable information, such as displaying 24 hour/all-time high/low records and current trends for both humidity and temperature and humidity level icons that indicate if your home is too humid, too dry or just right! Features: 1. 4" large display for easy usability, includes optional backlight and simple touchscreen 2. Professional accuracy 2-3%RH and 1°F/°C to provide the most reliable readings possible3. Wide temperature range from -58°F to 158°F (-50°C ~ 70°C), humidity range from 10% to 99% RH 4. Measures humidity and temperature conditions every 10 seconds, so you can regulate your household for maximum comfort 5. Displays temperature and humidity trends, giving you the chance to preset your humidifier and thermostat to react th...

    • Color: White & Grey
    • Brand: ThermoPro
    • ASIN: B06XTPTG1J

  • Habor Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer, Humidity Gauge Indicator Room Thermometer, Accurate Temperature Humidity Monitor Meter for Home, Office, Greenhouse

    Dimensions 2.3" H x 1.8" W (INCH>Accurate Temperature and Humidity MeasurementSensitive temperature and humidity sensor with high accuracy make the mini digital hygrometer thermometer be the optimal choice for both your life and work. The measurement every 10 seconds provides fast response and updated readings for you.User Friendly FeatureThis mini digital hygrometer thermometer is widely available for monitoring both indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature. This humidity gauge is compact for you to carry it outdoor so that you can adjust your arrangement in time. Three mounting options allow you display it on the wall with hanging hole, put it on a flat surface with support bracket or attach it on a fridge or other place with magnetic backing. Easy-to-read DisplayThe large LCD screen simultaneously displays big digits of temperature and humidity, which makes it easy and clear for you to get the readouts even in far distance. What’s more, the fashionable black appearance makes it match all applied places.SpecificationTemperature Display Range: 32.0℉~122.0℉(0.0℃~50.0℃)Accuracy: when temperature is between 10.0° C~40.0° C, the accuracy is +/- 1.5° C, if out of this range the accuracy will be +/-5° CTemperature Graduation: 1.0℉/℃Temperature Resolution: 0.1...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Habor
    • ASIN: B072XHJLFD
    • UPC: 714874183966

  • AcuRite 01083 Pro Accuracy Indoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor

    Know your indoor environment. With an AcuRite Pro Accuracy Indoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor, you get reliable information that can help you ensure a comfortable living space, and better air quality, all while taking steps to preserve your home's interior and valuable possessions. This temperature sensor and humidity gauge combination offers enhanced accuracy, and frequent measurement updates on an easy-to-read digital display. Compact, easy to use, and offering a variety of mounting options, it's a must-have for any home or office. One-year limited warranty.

    • Brand: AcuRite
    • ASIN: B01HDW58GS
    • UPC: 072397010832

  • AcuRite 00613 Humidity Monitor with Indoor Thermometer, Digital Hygrometer and Humidity Gauge Indicator

    The AcuRite 00613 Indoor Humidity Monitor provides all the home comfort information you need, at a glance. Featuring a precision indoor thermometer and hygrometer, and an easy-to-read LCD display, it shows current indoor humidity and temperature, plus daily high and low records. A handy home comfort icon makes it effortless to tell if your indoor humidity is too high, too low, or "OK." Multiple mounting options include a convenient clip, magnets for attaching to a metal surface like a refrigerator, or you can stand it upright on a tabletop. Limited one-year warranty. It's more than accurate, it's AcuRite.

    • Color: Black/Silver
    • Brand: AcuRite
    • ASIN: B0013BKDO8
    • UPC: 715120145158

  • ThermoPro TP53 Hygrometer Thermometer Humidity Gauge Indicator Digital Indoor Thermometer Room Temperature and Humidity Monitor with Touch Backlight for Humidifiers Dehumidifiers

    Thermopro TP53 Hygrometer Digital Thermometer Humidity Gauge Room Thermometer, Humidity Temperature Monitor with Touch Backlight Features: 1. 0.13'' Ultra narrow frame allows for a larger screen to provide huge digits to display the current indoor temperature and humidity percentages. 2.Yellow backlight is bright and makes the screen easy to read and helps avoid eye strain in low light, and automatically turns off after 15 seconds. 3.Temperature and humidity trend indicators. 4. Includes all-time / 24 hours high and low records for temperature and humidity. 5. Easily reset the temperature and humidity with the press of one front facing button.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: ThermoPro
    • ASIN: B079N98K93

  • ORIA Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer, Digital Humidity Monitor, Temperature Humidity Gauge Meter, with 2.5 Inches LCD Display, ℃/℉ Switch, MIN/MAX Records, for Home, Car, Office, Greenhouse, Babyroom

    Oria indoor digital hygrometer thermometer simultaneously displays the humidity and temperature, trend of temperature changes, in addition to indicating and recording the maximum and minimum readings. the color-coded zones for dry, comfort and wet on the screen, making it very easy to read. the unit can be placed on the table or hung on the wall. it has a slot in the back if you want to hang it on a nail. you can also switch the way of display about temperature. press the "°c/°f" button, and you will easily change the display reading.  the unit is housed in an abs case and lightweight, convenient to take it home and out. specifications: 1. dimensions: 9.4cm x 9.4cm x 3.8cm (3.7x3.7x1.5 inch)  2. weight:74g 3. temp accuracy: ± 2°f/± 1°c   4. humidity accuracy: ±5%  5. temperature display resolution: 0.1°c (0.1°f) 6. humidity display resolution: 1% 7. measuring temperature range: 32 to 122°f(0°c-50°c)  8. measuring humidity range: 1%rh-95%rh s 9. battery: 2*aaa (not included)  10. cover material:abs plastic  package contents: 1 x indoor digital weather station 1 x user manual note: ● instrument performance may be affected if operated within a high frequency radio filed, such as near a mobile phone, or if subjected to an electrostatic shock

    • Color: White
    • Brand: ORIA
    • ASIN: B06ZYR9Y3N
    • UPC: 712190824686

  • AMIR Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer, Temperature Humidity Gauge with Digital Alarm Clock, uilt-in Clock and Time Display, Calendar, Snooze, Backlight for home, office

    AMIR Indoor Thermometer & Humidity with Digital Alarm Clock is easy to use. The compact and simple design is suitable for your house or office, you could check the reliable data in a professional level. Product Feature: • HD LCD Screen, easy to read. • White backlight, soft light & eye-protection   • Soft backlight, 5 seconds by pressing the top button • Alarm clock with snooze, 5 minutes snooze time. • 12/24 hour display selectable. • Alarm & snooze function with hourly chime. • Perpetual Calendar from 2000 to 2099. • Temperature displays with ℃/℉ selectable.  • Max/Min temperature and humidity records.• Comfort level icon: Comfortable, Wet and Dry.• Power supply by 2 x AAA batteries (Not included)Specification: •Measurement Range: •Indoor Temperature: 32℉~122℉(0℃~50℃). •Accuracy: ± 1'C •Resolution: 0.1'C  •Indoor Humidity: 20%~95% •Accuracy: ±5%(only between 20%-95%)  •Power supply: by 2 x AAA batteries (Not included) Note: ▲ The comfort level icon can be displayed according to the current temperature and humidity (only for healthy reference). ▲Comfortable: Temperature between 18℃ to 25℃, and the humidity between 40%RH to 70%RH; ▲Wet: Humidity lower than 40%RH, at any temperature; ▲Dry: Humidity higher than 7...

    • Brand: AMIR
    • ASIN: B078NL96XG
    • UPC: 712195987034

  • Digital Thermometer Indoor Hygrometer Humidity Meter Room Temperature Monitor Large LCD Display Max/Min Records for Home Car Office by SoeKoa

    Features: Temperature & Humidity display, Large digits on big LCD screen. Memorizes MAX/MIN Values of indoor temperature. Fahrenheit/Celsius (℉/℃) switchable. 2 putting methods: [1] magnetic stick [2] table stand. Super low power-consumption. Power supply: AAA battery * 1. Specification: Indoor Temperature Range: 14℉ ~ 122℉ (-10℃ ~ 50℃) Indoor Humidity Range: 20% ~ 90% RH (When the humidity < 20% RH, display 'Lo' directly; when humidity > 90% RH, display 'Hi') Smile face appears at indoor temperature: 64℉ ~ 77℉ (18℃ ~ 25℃) & humidity: 40% RH ~ 65% RH. Sad face appears at other indoor temperature & humidity. What's in the box? SoeKoa Thermo-hygrometer * 1; AAA battery * 1; User manual * 1 (Please read the manual before using).

    • Color: Black 1 Pack
    • Brand: SoeKoa
    • ASIN: B07DW31RPD
    • UPC: 729043546817