This Screen Protector is the best product to protect andenhanceyour screen. Features: Protects against scratching,scraping,and abrasion. Removable without leaving residue mark. Resistant to erosion and finger-printing. Compatibility Samsung: SCH-i760

    • Color: clear
    • Brand: Cellet
    • ASIN: B000YHLLIO
    • UPC: 800768577611

  • Samsung i760 Screen Protector, IQ Shield Matte Full Coverage Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Samsung i760 Bubble-Free Film - with

    IQ Shield Matte Finish Screen Protectors IQ Shield Matte protectors are designed to provide a special anti-glare coating that reduces glare and allow users to use their devices in brightly lit conditions.  Providing the same protection against scratches, dents and other abrasions, offered by the original IQ Shield LiQuidSkin, the thin, yet durable, anti-fingerprint film keeps your devices protected while also keeping it fully responsive. Features of IQ Shield Matte: Anti-glare coating reduces glare and fingerprints, allowing users to see their devices in brightly lit conditions Unlike traditional protectors, the durable, military-grade film is designed to adhere to curved and round areas of your device Durable protection against scratches, dents and abrasions for your Samsung i760 Wet-application method offers easy installation, allowing frustration and bubble-free applicationFeatures accurate cutouts and precise fitment to your deviceDesigned and made in the USA IQ Shield Lifetime Warranty IQ Shield stands behind the quality of all of its products. We ensure a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of our customers and every item is covered by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

    • Brand: IQShield
    • ASIN: B0188386GK
    • UPC: 849325054349

  • Samsung I760 Screen Protector [6-Pack], Klear Cut High Definition Matte Screen Protector for Samsung I760 PET Film Anti-Glare and Anti-Bubble Shield

    Specially designed to significantly reduce glare and enables you to comfortably use your device in broad daylight. Constructed from a uniquely crafted multi-layered PET film, Klear Cut Anti-Glare Samsung i760 screen protectors offer premium protection at an everyday affordable price. The Film Anti-Glare Layer - This revolutionary layer of film is manufactured with the sole purpose of actively diffusing harsh light that reflects off the surface of your device's screen. Protective Hard Coat - Prevents scratches and other types of damage that would otherwise ruin your device's screen. Oleophobic Coat - Reduces unsightly fingerprints as well as smudges ensuring your viewing experience is never tarnished. Composite Silicone Adhesive - Allows for a bubble-free installation and also prevents residue from forming when removed. Choosing Klear Cut Matte over the competition: Hassle Free Lifetime Warranty - That's right! Should your screen protector for Samsung i760 ever wear simply contact us and we will replace your product. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Design - In terms of design, we put our protectors through a rigorous test that not only ensures quality but also ensures that each protector will provide the maximum amount of coverage to your device. Try Klear Cut Matte Anti-Glare protectors ...

    • Brand: Klear Cut
    • ASIN: B015JZYOTI
    • UPC: 841253104936

  • Samsung i760 Screen Protector (6-Pack), TechLink Solutions UltraClear - Premium HD Crystal Clear Shield /Anti-Bubble & Anti-Fingerprint PET Film with Lifetime Warranty

    TechLink Solutions UltraClear Premium HD Protectors TechLink Solutions brings you a hassle-free way to keep your favorite gadgets and gizmos protected. TechLink Solutions protectors are crafted from a premium multi-layered PET film that features a unique oleophobic protective hard coat that excels at preventing scratches and fingerprints from surfacing on your screen. A silicone adhesive layer allows every TechLink Solutions protector to adhere with little to no fuss while also preventing Air-Bubbles. With Accurate Touch Technology, each protector will allow your device screen to remain fully functional. Using a unique, state-of-the-art, laser cutting technique, each TechLink Solutions protector is precisely cut to fit your device. Superiority Against Our Competitors State-of-the-art precision laser cut method delivers accurate protectors for any device. Premium multi-layer PET film not only keeps your device screen fully protected but makes for a "Hassle-Free" installation. TechLink Solutions Lifetime Guarantee: We back our product 100% and are confident that our protectors are far superior to any other protector out there. Don't believe us? Give it a try and find out for yourself. What's Included: This TechLink Solutions kit features 6 premium ultraclear screen protectors for...

    • Brand: TechLink Solutions
    • ASIN: B00YB4JT0I
    • UPC: 841289105204

  • Klear Cut [6 Pack] Screen Protector for Samsung i760 – Lifetime Replacement Warranty - Anti-Bubble & Anti-Fingerprint High Definition (HD) Clear Premium PET Cover – Retail Packaging

    Klear Cut Ultra Clear HD Screen Protectors for Samsung i760 Klear Cut Ultra Clear HD screen protectors are designed from a unique PET film that is developed to feature a multi-layer surface that keeps your device scratch-free, reduces fingerprints, and maintains your screen fully responsive; ensuring that your device is protected without any features being sacrificed.Offering up to 99.9% True HD clarity, Klear Cut screen protectors feature a layer of protective hard-coating film that is designed to resist scratches, scrapes and prevent dust as well as dirt from forming on your screen. The unique silicone adhesive layer provides secure adhesion while also preventing bubbles from forming underneath the protector and will not leave any residue when removed. Each Klear Cut screen is accurately designed to perfectly align and fit your device. Featuring "Exact Real-Touch" technology, each Klear Cut Samsung i760 screen protector is designed to NOT interfere with screen sensitivity allowing your device's screen to remain fully responsive. Klear Cut Ultra Clear HD Screen Protectors also feature:Easy installation thanks to an Anti-Bubble silicone adhesive layer"Exact Real-Touch" Technology keeps your device fully responsiveScreen remains smooth thanks to an Ultra Clear coating that also fe...

    • Brand: Klear Cut
    • ASIN: B00S1WP34W
    • UPC: 812745023042

  • Samsung i760 Screen Protector, IQ Shield LiQuidSkin Full Coverage Screen Protector for Samsung i760 HD Clear Anti-Bubble Film - with

    IQ Shield LIQuidSkin Screen ProtectorThe IQ Shield LIQuid Screen Protector for Samsung i760 is visually invisible and provides complete edge-to-edge coverage of your device's screen. Using a unique liquid molding process, our protective film ignores conventional "layer-stacking" to deliver prime protection in a single sheet of frictionless, tough yet flexible, durable yet thin, crystal clear film with "True-Feel" sensitivity.Additional Features of the Samsung i760 Screen Protector :The IQ Shield LIQuidSkin film features self-healing, as well as, anti-scratch capabilities. The protector will heal itself by reverting back to its original state, removing minor scratches, dents, abrasions and imperfections along the way. Provides a clean and transparent way to keep your device(s) protected. Unique adhesive ensures a bubble-free application that does not leave residue when removed.UV protective layer prevents yellowing, keeping the IQ Shield Samsung i760 screen protector crystal clear."True-Feel" sensitivity maintains your device's screen fully responsive; eliminating lag-time from touch to response.Unlike other protectors, the Shield LIQuidSkin is able to contour to the curved and round edges of any device Designed and Made Proudly in the USAIQ Shield Lifetime Warranty Replacement Pr...

    • Brand: IQShield
    • ASIN: B00ANA6NO4
    • UPC: 849325013223

  • Samsung i760 Screen Protector, Skinomi MatteSkin Full Coverage Screen Protector for Samsung i760 Anti-Glare and Bubble-Free Shield

    Anti-Glare TechnologyThe Skinomi® MatteSkin Screen Protector is a new line of screen protectors developed to enhance the visibility of your mobile device in bright environments. The protector features a smooth, satin anti-glare infused finish specifically engineered to disperse harsh sunlight to significantly reduce glare. Whether you're in the field or spending the day at the park, the Skinomi® MatteSkin protector will allow you to use your device without squinting or desperately looking for shade.Complete ProtectionPlastic screen protectors are a temporary solution for preventing damage to your device. However, with the Skinomi® MatteSkin Samsung i760 Screen Protector , you get a flexible, yet tough long-lasting protector that is resistant against scratches, UV light and fingerprints. Equipped with the same "self-healing" technology found in the original Skinomi® TechSkin, the protector features the latest in elastic polymerization technology that allow fine scratches, scuffs, and marks to disappear over time. Custom-designed and laser-fit for maximum screen coverage, the Skinomi® MatteSkin Screen Protector provides a unique layer of protective coating made to give your device a smooth, lasting finish.Lifetime Warranty PromiseAs with all Skinomi® products, we're so confid...

    • Brand: Skinomi
    • ASIN: B018YEYN9M
    • UPC: 840990134909

  • Samsung i760 Screen Protector, Skinomi TechSkin Full Coverage Screen Protector for Samsung i760 Clear HD Anti-Bubble Film

    Protect your InvestmentDaily use of your mobile device can cause unsightly scratches, dents, and other unwanted damage. Within a few months, the screen will be difficult to read; the device will decrease in resale value and be embarrassing to show other people. Lower-quality disposable screen protectors seem like a temporary solution for keeping your device looking brand new; though they need constant replacements.The Only Screen Protector You'll NeedWith this problem in mind the founders of Skinomi® set out to create a screen protector that's tough, reliable, and long-lasting. Their solution was the Skinomi® TechSkin.Made of a thermoplastic urethane film that is designed to resist abrasion, the TechSkin Samsung i760 Screen Protector provides impact absorbing military-grade protection for your device. The screen protector is UV resistant, HD Clear, and goes on invisible. A smooth texture and feel makes it easy to navigate your device as if there was nothing applied. The flexible high-grade film is formulated to be "self-healing" which makes it able to stretch, absorb, and even repair scratches and impact damage.Lifetime GuaranteeWe're so confident that you'll love the TechSkin that every Screen Protector comes with a 100% Risk-Free Lifetime Replacement Warranty. If the Skinomi...

    • Color: clear
    • Brand: Skinomi
    • ASIN: B002BDA6RQ
    • UPC: 813904010910