• Hummingbird Gardens

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  • The Hummingbird Garden

    A charming personal guide to cultivating plants and flowers that will attract the hummingbirds of North America to home and garden. Includes a color-photograph insert and several useful appendices. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

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  • Hummingbirds of North America: The Photographic Guide

    This book is the first ever, comprehensive photographic guide to the identification of all 24 species of hummingbirds to be seen as breeders or vagrants in North America. For all their startling colors, the speed of hummingbird flight and the often drab coloration of females and immatures make this group especially difficult to deal with in the field. The simple field marks are often poorly lit, hard to spot, or simply not shown by any particular individual under observation. But accurate identification of these popular and beautiful birds brings both real satisfaction and a welcome challenge to most birders. Steve Howell, a well-known and respected bird tour leader and author, has made a particular study of the finer points of hummingbird recognition and has specially chosen over 200 stunning photographs to complement the information given in his text. Some species feature as many as 14 photographs each. A detailed introduction covers the basics of hummingbird anatomy and plumage variation, allowing the observer to effectively focus on points that are of value in the field. New field marks are provided and old myths dispelled in this ground breaking and essential new guide. Key Features? Contains up to 14 full-color photos for each species, with detailed photo captions Detaile...

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  • Hummingbird Gardens: Turning Your Yard Into Hummingbird Heaven (21st-Century Gardening)

    Hummingbirds enliven your garden with their glittering colors and bold, inquisitive personalities, as they dash from one tempting bloom to the next. In this handbook, learn how to attract North America’s tiniest birds to your yard by planting flowers they love.

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  • Attracting Hummingbirds and Butterflies in Tropical Florida: A Companion for Gardeners (Florida Quincentennial Books)

    “In this tour de force work, Hammer ‘connects the dots’ among South Florida’s birds, butterflies, and plants. It is a must read for every nature lover, whether birder, butterflier, or gardener, and it belongs on your closest bookshelf.”—Dennis Olle, North American Butterfly Association   “This delightfully witty book will open your eyes to some of the world’s most beautiful flowers.”—Marc C. Minno, coauthor of Florida Butterfly Gardening   “Wonderfully comprehensive. This book will get you started on your own butterfly or hummingbird garden even if you’ve been gardening for years!”—Ryan Fessenden, Florida Museum of Natural History   “Accessible and informative. Hammer instructs home gardeners on the plants they can grow on their property to increase their own personal pleasure while providing a valuable oasis for the region’s colorful hummingbirds and butterflies.”—Rick Cech, coauthor of Butterflies of the East Coast   In this authoritative and friendly guide, Roger Hammer shares more than thirty years’ experience tempting butterflies and hummingbirds into tropical Florida’s gardens. From ground cover to large trees, from soil requirements to effective seeding and frost protection strategies, Hammer catalogues 200 of the best plants for...

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  • Hummingbird Plants of the Southwest

    Hummingbirds and plants have co-evolved. These little flying jewels need nectar and shelter, while many native plants need to be pollinated by the birds. Hummingbird fanciers along their migration routes can enjoy the flower/bird show and even help species threatened by loss of habitat with wise landscape choices. It's easy. Just add hummingbird-friendly native plants to your garden, and take some simple steps to enhance the habitat in your yard and beyond. Here, Marcy Scott provides a wealth of guidance.120 plant profiles, with detailed information on their significance to hummingbirds, distribution, known habitat, and appearancePlant-focused profiles of the 14 regularly occurring hummingbird speciesHummingbird natural history, plant pollination, and how and why to create habitatTips on landscaping, finding plants, and gardening in the Southwest15 ways you can help hummingbirds and their flowers

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  • Hannah the Hummingbird (Garden Friends Club Book 2)

    Hannah the Hummingbird is a children's picture book which tells the story of a member of the Garden Friends Club and her two babies, Hayley and Harry. Hannah builds her nest in a tall rose bush in Ari's garden, surrounded by the birds and animals,all members of the Garden Friends Club. It is a charming story detailing the adventures of Hannah and her baby hummingbirds from hatch to first flight. The story begins as Hannah builds her nest. She lays two eggs, Hayley and Harry. The exciting event of the two eggs hatching begins the story that teaches children about the life of a baby hummingbird from breaking out of their little egg house in their nest to learning about the flowers that contain the best nectar and where to find bugs to eat. Aristotle, the Maltese dog, and The Garden Friends Club members, introduced to us in The Jewel Collar, the first book in this series, surround the little baby hummingbirds with love, friendship and safety. In the Garden Friends Club tradition, Ari shares two new jewels with Hayley and Harry and welcome them to Ari's garden which the birds and animals all live in and take care of each other. Hannah the Hummingbird teaches children the lesson of sharing and friendship. Hannah the Hummingbird contains contains 74 brilliant color pictures. Children a...

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