• Apollo 11 Digital Spa Controller /Spa Pack / Spa Control Syrtem 2 Pumps, Blower, Circ Pump, Ozone, Fiber Optic Light. 12V Light with Heater

    The Apollo 11 Spa Controller is an economical easy to install complete control system that can be used to up-grade or replace the original control system for most hot tubs. Works with either 120V or 240V spas. The system has three heat modes Standard/ Economy and Weekend to save on operating cost by allowing you to choose whether you want the water hot all the time only on weekends or economy heating. Preset filtering for 2 hours twice a day maintains water clarity. Filter time can be set or use the default time. The system can be plumbed to either the intake or the discharge side of the pump. It is a direct replacement for many OEM systems. If the spa currently uses a 15' heater and the equipment plugs are Amp style this system should be a direct replacement, if not some re-plumbing may be necessary, and the pump cords may require and adapter or to be changed. System is designed to be installed by qualified spa technician. Electrical connections to be made in accordance with state and local codes and in accordance with national Electric Code. Spa must be connected to a GFIC.

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Apollo
    • ASIN: B00BRJ7EI4
    • UPC: 757901702020

  • Balboa Water Group 53189-01 Topside Control Panel with 7-Button

    Balboa VL701S Topside Control Panel, 53189-01. Operates 7 Buttons: Auxiliary, Mode, Jet 1, Jet 2, Light, Warm, Cool. This panel replaces all Serial Standard Digital (6-button) products. It also utilizes the phone type connector. The following circuit board(s) are compatible with this topside: 52295-01, 52518, 54175-02, 52320-01, 52076, 54122, 50768, 50759, 51414, 51512, 51536, 54372-03.

    • Brand: Balboa Water Group
    • ASIN: B00M3ZIZ4S
    • UPC: 702082346556

  • Balboa 54219-Z Spa Control System VS500 Value Pack Retrofit Kit

    Balboa - VS500Z M7 Retrofit Kit

    • Brand: Balboa
    • ASIN: B007TXDBF2
    • UPC: 852673916276

  • Dimension One Spas Hot Tub Upper Control Panel Display 01580-0001 Easy to Read Display for All D1 Reflections and Bay Series Spas

    This panel used on Dimension One Spas Reflections models from mid-2001 through 2006, and Bay Series spas from 2003 through mid-2005. Visually confirm this is the correct panel for your spa before ordering.

    • Brand: Dimension One Spas
    • ASIN: B01LWKM9DE
    • UPC: 000158000013

  • SpaGuts VS300FC5 Single Pump Spa Controller Kit w/Topside, 54855

    Features: Exclusive QR Code for Quick Access to Wiring Diagram, Operation/Installation/Technical Information Exclusive SpaGuts brand 4-Button Mini Oval LCD Topside Panel, VL200 Model, with 7ft cord, 50553 One pump circuit, two speeds, 110/220V, 12A Max Ozone circuit, 110/220V, 1A Max 12V 12W Light circuit with socket and reflector that fits most existing light housing, 8ft cord 1.4/5.5KW, 120/240V Flo-Thru Incoloy High Flow heater with M7 technology M7 Technology completely eliminates the pressure switch which otherwise requires occasional manual adjustment making the SpaGuts VS300FC5 an ideal choice if a pressure switch is not necessary on your spa configuration. Stainless steel heater housing No Pressure Switch. Heater can be installed on suction or discharge side of pump 4ft amp motor, and ozone cords UL and ETL listed for your safety Freeze protection High-limit protection Filtration mode Economy Mode Pair of 2 inch Heater Tailpieces with O-Ring Gaskets Topside Cover Plate, 11718. Controller Dimensions are 12" L x 11" H x 4.5" W (approx) Heater Dimensions are 15" L x 2" Diameter (approx) Topside Panel Dimensions are 4.25" L x 1.5" W (approx) Topside Cover Plate Dimensions are 8.5" L x 3.5" W (approx). This controller kit is a also a replacement option fo...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: SpaGuts
    • ASIN: B018QIND8I

  • Balboa 54218-Z Spa Control System VS510SZ Value Pack Retrofit Kit

    Fits these machines:

    • Brand: Balboa
    • ASIN: B003WSUGYM
    • UPC: 852673916245

  • Spa Essentials 28304000 Stain and Scale Control for Spas and Hot Tubs, 1-Pint

    Liquid formula prevents stains from dissolved metals including iron, copper and manganese. Also prevents scale formation from excess calcium in water. 12.5% 2-phosphono-1,2,4-butanetricarboxylic acid.

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Spa Essentials
    • ASIN: B003V63BII
    • UPC: 017541619448

  • SpaGuard Spa Stain/Scale Control - Quart

    SpaGuard Stain and Scale Control enable spa owners to prevent and remove stains caused by iron, copper and manganese, as well as scaling caused by a high level of calcium. Stain and Scale Control's formula bonds to troublesome metal ions in your spa water and filtering them out, eliminating scale build-up that causes cloudy water and can clog up filters, and other metals that cause unsightly stains. Simply add this powerful liquid formula weekly to safeguard your spa or hot tub from these threats. Product Dosage 1 fl oz per 300 gallons of water per week. Directions Clean filter according to label directions for your type of filter using SpaGuard Filter Cleaner & Degreaser. Pour entire dosage directly into the spa water with the pump operating. Keep pump operating for at least 2 hours. Some existing stains may be removed by brushing stain with a spa brush after application of Stain & Scale Control. Weekly application of 1 oz. per 300 gallons is recommended to prevent scale and stains. Clean filter with SpaGuard Filter Cleaner & Degreaser at least every 60 days.

    • Brand: BioGuard
    • ASIN: B006MHSE26
    • UPC: 017541619271

  • Hot Tub Things Stain and Scale Control 32 Ounce - Prevents Discoloration and Staining of Spa Surface

    The water used to fill your pool, spa, or hot tub may contain high amounts of metal that can stain or discolor the surface. The presence of minerals can cause oxidizing and scaling on the shell's surface and erosion of the heater element. Hot Tub Things Stain and Scale Control helps guard your spa from metal and mineral impurities found in spa water from outdoor materials or chemical reactions by suspending and inhibiting stain and scale causing minerals. Initial Use: Add 16 oz. to spas up to 500 gallons of water while it is being filled, before any sanitizer is added. Remove and clean cartridge filter within 24 hours of dose with filter cleaner. Maintenance Dose: When you add water to top-off your spa, you may need to maintain your Stain & Scale Control levels. Add 1 oz. per 100 gallons of Stain & Scale Control to hot tub water while the pump is running. Allow the water to recirculate overnight or until the water is clear. This will help to control any mineral staining and will help to protect the heating element from corrosion. If staining continues due to excessive mineral levels in water, increase dosage. Note: Draining and cleaning of spa or hot tub is recommended every 3 months. About Us Hot Tub Things is your premier source for spa parts and hot tub parts online....

    • Brand: Hot Tub Things
    • ASIN: B00NP4U7SS
    • UPC: 850511004291