• The Story of Rancho Tranquilo

    This is not a "how to move to Costa Rica" book, there are plenty of them out there. This book is a true story, about how I bought 200 acres of land on my first trip to the country. I ended up developing the land into small farms, and along the way fulfilled my dream of having a successful horseback tour business. The book is full of funny stories about life as it was back then, potholes and all. You'll chuckle at the various Tico-isms that endear us (sometimes) to the people here, and get a taste of village life with all its charm and, yes, difficulties. I'm not going to tell you how to move here, or even if you should, but this book will give you a real taste of what it's like to live in Costa Rica.

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  • Madmen on Horses (A Costa Rican Cultural and Spanish Language Immersion Learning Series Book 1)

    Why try to learn a new language the old fashion way?Memorizing grammar rules and getting more and more frustrated, and like most people signing up for internet classes or materials that you never finish?Well, there is a BETTER way – through Cultural Immersion. Our books are all based on real life stories centered on Costa Rican culture and its easy going, “Pura Vida” way of life. All of our books are in easy to read English, with a sprinkling of Spanish words that start your immersion into a non-complicated way of learning a new language.Real Life StoriesIn this way, you begin to learn more and more new Spanish words, each time further immersing yourself into the cultural aspects of Costa Rican life from real native writers, with their own perspectives and becoming more fluent in the language.EASY SIMPLIFIED WAYPainting you a picture of our lifestyle, while teaching you in an easy simplified way target words, and phrases that will allow you to fit right in with the natives –So when someone asks – “¿Cómo está?” You will be answering, “Pura Vida!”GET STARTED TODAY with any of 14 titles and make learning a second language the easiest it has ever been.

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  • Football Academy: Reading the Game: Reading the Game

    Ben is at his happiest playing for United and is getting top marks from the coach. But every day at school is a trial for Ben, as he struggles to hide a huge secret from his teachers and classmates.Ben's secret is starting to affect his game - can he swallow his pride and ask for help before he sidelines himself - for good?

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  • Where You Can Find Me: A Novel

    A searing exploration of a family's struggle to heal in the wake of unthinkable tragedy A week after his eleventh birthday, Caleb Vincent vanishes with hardly a trace. After a three-year search, he is found living a seemingly normal life under a new name with a man he calls his father.While outwardly stunned with joy at his safe recovery, Caleb's parents and sister are privately scrambling to gather together the pieces of a shattered family. To escape the relentless media attention surrounding her son's return, Caleb's mother, Marlene, decides to flee the country and seek refuge in Costa Rica with Caleb and his younger sister, against her estranged husband's wishes. There Marlene forms a makeshift household with her husband's expat mother and his charming, aimless older brother, all residing in a broken-down hotel perched at the blustery apex of the continental divide. In the clouds of their new home, the mystery of Caleb's time gone unfolds while new dangers threaten to pull him back toward his former life.Where You Can Find Me, a darkly incandescent novel that progresses with page-turning suspense, is sure to establish award-winning author Sheri Joseph as a household name.

    • ASIN: 1250012856

  • This Happy Life

    from the author of KANSAS PITY and SHIVER: the life and times of a serial marrier (which Kirkus Discoveries Review calls "a rollicking satire") comes an entertaining new novel...THIS HAPPY LIFE!Reviews of SHIVER: the life and times of a serial marrier...“A happy-go-lucky polygamist weds his way through post-war American history in this bawdy picaresque...a rollicking satire.” -Kirkus Discoveries Reviews.“Not since Terry Southern's first novel, Candy, written more than half a century ago (and like Shiver: the life and times of a serial marrier also originally published under a pseudonym) have I read a novel that covers so much territory and glazes it all with such a dark, searing, absurdist and unsparing vision of American civilization and its discontents.” -Amazon Customer Review“Debunking those who insist that the picaresque novel breathed its last in the 18th century, this fresh new voice takes us on an antic romp through the middle and late 20th in the company of a protagonist who might be channeling Fielding's Tom Jones.” -Amazon Customer ReviewTHIS HAPPY LIFEA middle-aged gay man from San Francisco moves his elderly mother suffering with dementia to live with him on a coffee farm in Central America to keep her from being put into a nursing home. What could possib...

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  • A peculiar predicament

    January 1929, Ballyscat, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Patrick O’Grimwhistle a married man with multiple offspring is about to turn forty-one. Once a nationalist rebel and aspiring poet, he is now unhappily an assistant bank manager. But things are about to change.Two years previously Patrick had granted a bank loan to an eccentric anthropologist for an expedition to Central America. The man is reported missing and Patrick is charged with safely returning him to the bosom of his family. While Patrick is overseas, his wife Matilda has adventures of her own. An outspoken suffragette, her adventures during her husband’s absence revolve around her desire for a good horse so she can go steeplechasing, and her participation in a naturist music ensemble.Throughout this picaresque novel, both Patrick and Matilda encounter the various pitfalls of a long separation to reach their own epiphanies of sorts. Both emerge a little wiser with a somewhat deeper appreciation of each other and their life together. Somewhat.

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  • Thirteen Tangos for Stravinsky

    Los Angeles of the 1940's is the setting for this vivid coming of age memoir.

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