• Michigan Motorsports Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Water Temp Sensor For 01-11 Honda Civic Acura

    Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor For Honda Civic Acura Honda Civic (2001-2011) Honda Element (2003-2010) Acura RL (2005-2008) Acura TSX (2004-2008) Acura RSX (2002-2006) Acura TL (2004-2006) Acura MDX (2003-2005) Honda Fit (2008) Honda Pilot (2005-2008) Honda Ridgeline (2006-2008) Honda Accord (2003-2007) Honda S2000 (2006-2007) Honda CR-V (2002-2006) Honda Odyssey (2005-2006) Part Interchange Information: 37870-PLC-004, 37870-PNA-002, 37870-PNA-003, SU5584, TX97, TX97T, 5S1529

    • Brand: Michigan Motorsports
    • ASIN: B079YYJDQC

  • Rhinoco Radiator Coolant Fan Temperature Sensor Water Temp Switch For HONDA ACURA

    Description: QTY:1 PC Connector Gender:Female (1) Terminal Type:Blade Terminal Quantity:2 Thread Size M18-1.5 Material:Brass#62 Part Number: 37760-P00-003 37760-P00-004 37760-PHM-004A 1T1287、TU197、TMS295、7610-437 Fits the following models: MAKE MODEL YEAR ACURA CL 2003-2002 All ACURA CL 1999-1997 All ACURA INTEGRA 2001-1993 All ACURA MDX 2002 All ACURA RSX 2006-2002 All ACURA TL 1999 All ACURA TL 2003 All ACURA TL 1997-1995 All ACURA TSX 2005-2004 All HONDA ACCORD 2005-1995 All HONDA CIVIC 2005-1992 All HONDA CIVIC DEL SOL 1997-1993 All HONDA CR-V 2006-1997 All HONDA ELEMENT 2005-2003 All HONDA INSIGHT 2005-2000 All HONDA ODYSSEY 2000-1999 All HONDA ODYSSEY 2004-2002 All HONDA ODYSSEY 1997-1995 All HONDA PILOT 2004-2003 All HONDA S2000 2005-2000 All ISUZU OASIS 1999-1996 All Package included: 1X HONDA ACURA Temperature Sensor

    • Brand: Rhinoco
    • UPC: 711583432149

  • Honda 35673-ZY3-003 Sensor Water Temp

    Honda 35673-ZY3-003 Sensor Water Temp

    • Brand: Honda

  • Dewhel Aluminum Red Water Temp Meter Temperature Gauge Joint Pipe Radiator Sensor Adaptor Clamps 38mm

    Water Temp Gauge Radiator Hose Sensor Adaptor Temperature 26mm 28mm 30mm 32mm 34mm 36mm 38mm 40mm Features Size: 26mm 28mm 30mm 32mm 34mm 36mm 38mm 40mm 100% Brand New. Color:Blue,Red Fit For Auto Meter water temperature gauge,glowshift water temperature gauge,Defi water temperature gauge,Depo water temperature gauge ,VDO water temperature gauge and so on High quality

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Dewhel
    • ASIN: B00LVTU5J0
    • UPC: 700855061057

  • CBK Radiator Coolant Fan Temperature Sensor Water Temp Switch For Honda Accord Civic Insight S2000 Acura RSX TSX 37760-P00-003

    Compatible Models: 1994-2001 Acura Integra 1.8L 2002-2005 Acura RSX 2.0L 2004-2005 Acura TSX 2.4L 1992-1994 Honda Accord 2.2L 1995-1997 Honda Accord 2.2L 2.7L 1998-2002 Honda Accord 2.3L 3.0L 2003-2004 Honda Accord 2.4L 3.0L 1992-1995 Honda Civic 1.5L 1.6L 1996-2000 Honda Civic 1.6L 2001-2005 Honda Civic 1.3L 1.7L 2.0L 1993-1995 Honda Civic del Sol 1.5L 1.6L 1996-1997 Honda Civic del Sol 1.6L 1997-2001 Honda CR-V 2.0L 2002-2006 Honda CR-V 2.4L 2003-2006 Honda Element 2.4L 2002-2005 Honda Insight 1.0L 2000-2003 Honda S2000 2.0L

    • Brand: CBK
    • ASIN: B07D573384

  • Genuine Honda 37870-RTA-005 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

    Honda Sensor- Water Temp - 37870-rta-005

    • Brand: Honda
    • ASIN: B00C2M8U38


    Fits:2017 CRF250R2016 TRX680FA2016 CRF450R2016 CRF250R2015 TRX680FA2015 CRF450R2015 CRF250R2014 TRX680FA2014 TRX420FPA2014 TRX420FA2014 CRF450R2014 CRF250R2013 TRX680FA2013 TRX420TM2013 TRX420TE2013 TRX420FPM2013 TRX420FPE2013 TRX420FPA2013 TRX420FM2013 TRX420FE2013 TRX420FA2013 MUV7002013 CRF450R2013 CRF250R2012 TRX680FA2012 TRX420FPA2012 TRX420FA2012 MUV7002012 CRF450R2012 CRF250R2011 TRX680FA2011 TRX420TM2011 TRX420TE2011 TRX420FPM2011 TRX420FPE2011 TRX420FPA2011 TRX420FM2011 TRX420FE2011 TRX420FA2011 MUV7002011 CRF450R2011 CRF250R2010 TRX680FA2010 TRX420TM2010 TRX420TE2010 TRX420FPM2010 TRX420FPE2010 TRX420FPA2010 TRX420FM2010 TRX420FE2010 TRX420FA2010 MUV7002010 CRF450R2010 CRF250R2009 TRX680FGA2009 TRX680FA2009 TRX420FPA2009 TRX420FA2009 MUV7002009 CRF450R2008 TRX680FGA2008 TRX680FA2008 TRX420TM2008 TRX420TE2008 TRX420FM2008 TRX420FE2007 TRX680FGA2007 TRX680FA2007 TRX420TM2007 TRX420TE2007 TRX420FM2007 TRX420FE2006 TRX680FGA2006 TRX680FA

    • Brand: Honda
    • ASIN: B00I87DFJA


    The Coolant Temperature sensor changes resistance with the temperature. The Coolant Temperature sensor is critical to many PCM functions such as fuel injection, ignition timing, variable valve timing, and transmission shifting. A failing sensor can illuminate the MIL, and cause the engine to run rich or lean. The transmission may shift incorrectly or not lock-up the torque converter. A DTC will be set if an abnormal reading occurs, P0116 for sensor performance, P0117 low input or P0118 for a high input. The coolant temperature sensor temperature reading should closely match the air charge/manifold temperature reading on a scan tool if the engine has not been run for over an hour. The sensor circuit can be checked for proper voltage using a voltmeter. FITS: ACURA CL 1997-2003, ACURA INTEGRA 1988-2001, ACURA LEGEND 1991-1995, ACURA MDX 2001-2002, ACURA NSX 1991-2005, ACURA RL 1996-2004, ACURA TL 1995-2003, ACURA VIGOR 1992-1994, HONDA ACCORD 1989-2002, HONDA CIVIC 1989-2000, HONDA CIVIC DEL SOL 1993-1997, HONDA CR-V 1997-2001, HONDA CRX 1988-1991, HONDA INSIGHT 2000-2006, HONDA ODYSSEY 1994-2004, HONDA PILOT 2003-2004, HONDA PRELUDE 1988-2001, HONDA S2000 2000-2004, ISUZU OASIS 1996-1999

    • Brand: Global Sales
    • ASIN: B079XV8VBK
    • UPC: 705552254214

  • AHL Water Temperature Sensor for Honda CB600 CBR600 Hornet 600 Hornet 900

    Attention:In order to avoid making troubles to you,please ensure this part fits for your motorbike.You can compare the size showed in picture with your original part.Please contact us with any questions regarding the product at any time.We will try our best to serve you.Sincere regards to all buyer!

    • Color: gold,black
    • Brand: AHL
    • ASIN: B0171KMZL8
    • UPC: 714046760544