• Tinksky Professional WLtoys V911-2 RC Helicopter Accessories Spare Parts Kit Set Head Cover Balance Bar Main Blades Main Shaft Connect Buckle

    DescriptionThe item is a set of professional and practical RC helicopter spare parts accessories, which are fully compatible with WLtoys V911-2 RC helicopter, and mainly includes head cover, main blades, vertical tail, connect buckles, balance bars, tail blade, landing skid, main gear, etc. They are ideal for replacing your old or broken ones.Features- Color: as shown in the pictures.- Material: durable hard plastic and metal.- Fully compatible with WLtoys V911-2 RC helicopter.- Includes 1 * Canopy/head cover, 2 * main blades, 1 * vertical tail, 3 * connect buckle, 1 * Balance bar, 1 * Tail blade, 1 * Main frame, 1 * landing skid, 1 * main gear, 1 * tail motor set, 1 * swashplate, 1* hollow pipe, and 1 * main shaft.- Ideal for replacing the old, broken or damaged spare parts of your WLtoys V911-2.--------------------------------------------------------Package Including1 * Canopy/head cover,2 * Main blades1 * Vertical tail3 * Connect buckle1 * Balance bar1 * Tail blade1 * Main frame1 * Landing skid1 * Main gear1 * Tail motor set1 * Swashplate1 * Hollow pipe1 * Main shaft

    • Color: V911-2
    • Brand: TINKSKY
    • ASIN: B00W0Z1MZ0
    • UPC: 888566877454

  • Stabilizer Sway Bar Bushing & Link Kit Front for Pontiac Buick Chevy Olds

    Your front sway bar helps your vehicle's suspension performance. The main purpose is to reduce body roll when going through a turn at speed. Over time the end links, bushings, brackets, ball & socket joints can wear causing loose connections, or even come apart and fall off. The original sway bar that this kit replaces was hollow, which over time will cause the stabilizer bar to develop dangerous pin holes. Once the pin holes start, there is nothing that can stop the eventual failure of this bar. The sway bar that comes in this kit is solid, so no worries in the future of pin holes or rot through. This set has the following specifications: Solid design Built to strict quality control standards Fits in the front of the vehicle Fits only FWD (Front wheel drive) vehicles Does not fit 4WD (4 Wheel Drive) Models Stabilizer Bar Diameter: 33mm It is a complete set that includes the following pieces: Qty (1) - Redesigned Front Stabilizer Bar (commonly called sway bar) Replaces dealer part numbers: 10257316, 10284146 Qty (2) - Stabilizer link packages Replaces dealer part numbers: 10285683, 10292672 Qty (2) - Stabilizer Bar Bushings Replaces dealer part numbers: 10275555, 10292499, 10290651, 10284149 Qty (2) - Stabilizer Bushing Brackets Replaces dealer part number: 1044539...

    • Brand: TRQ
    • ASIN: B077YQB2D9
    • UPC: 191213849262

  • Hotchkis 22443 Sport Sway Bar Set for Nissan G35X/G37X (AWD) 08+

    Hotchkis Sport Suspension helps enhance the cornering performance of your G35X/G37X with a set of Hotchkis Sport Suspension sport sway bars. The sport sway bar package increases front/rear roll stiffness giving the car crisp, quick turn-in response and balanced handling. As delivered the car has slight understeer and limited roll control. Sport sway bars give the driver the ability to rotate the car on corner entry and steer with the throttle when necessary. The dreaded understeer is eliminated and the handling becomes comfortably neutral with added traction during cornering. Hotchkis Sport Suspension sway bars feature a durable powder coat finish, greasable bushings, and brackets Item 22443 fits 07-08 G35X (Sedan), 08 -11 G37X (Coupe and Sedan) AWD Models Only. RWD Models use item 22441. Features: Lightweight, Durable 1 3/8 inch (35mm) Tubular Front Bar 2 Way Adjustable. It is a lightweight, Durable 1.063 inch (27mm) Tubular Rear Bar 3 Way Adjustable. Premium mounting hardware including, greasable polyurethane bushings and heavy duty brackets. Finished in durable anthracite powder coat. Its benefits are: Brings handling excitement to your G35X Dramatically improves steering and chassis response. Increases stability, improves traction, reduces body roll by increasing front/rear r...

    • Brand: Hotchkis
    • ASIN: B004MZLS8W
    • UPC: 810361034121

  • Hotchkis 2284 Sport Sway Bar Set for Corvette C6/ZO6

    Hotchkis Sport Suspension Corvette C6/ZO6 Sport Sway Bar Set with a hollow tube bar that measures 1.25-inches in front and 1.125-inches in the rear, and are 20 percent stiffer than stock in front and are adjustable from +30 percent to -15 percent stiffer in the rear. The result is dramatically improved cornering potential, chassis balance and steering response. Besides offering exceptional handling improvements for street driving, Hotchkis sway bars work extremely well in autocross, road course, and open road racing applications. The lightweight hollow sway bars are formed on a CNC machine, powder coated gloss black for durability and come with special high durometer dry lube impregnated rubber bushings. Stock end links are retained to maintain a quiet ride on the street. Thanks to added adjustability, the new Hotchkis C6 sway bar package reduces body roll, increases vehicle control, and adds a new level of driver feedback and control to any late-model Corvette, even razor-sharp Z06 and Z51 models. Its specifications are: Lightweight, durable 1 1/4 inch tubular steel front sway bar 20 percent Stiffer than Z51 and ZO6. It is a lightweight, durable 1 1/8 inch adjustable tubular steel rear sway bar, stiffness increase on Z51 +15 percent, +45 percent, +80 percent. Stiffness increase ...

    • Brand: Hotchkis
    • ASIN: B001GBS8G0

  • Hotchkis 22833 Sport Sway Bar Set for VW MKV/MKVI

    Hotchkis Sport Suspension is designed and manufactured by Hotchkis Sport Suspension specifically for the VW GTI, Jetta and Audi A3 . The street, autocross and track event ready Sway Bar package features massive 27mm tubular 3 position adjustable front and rear sway bars for enthusiasts looking for a distinct, balanced handling advantage. It is polyurethane bushings and heavy duty bushing brackets are also included along with zerk fittings for easy lubrication. The VW and Audi A3, tremendous fun in stock form, just got even more exciting with the addition of Hotchkis Sport Sway Bars. Features: Lightweight, durable 27MM (1 1/16 inch) tubular steel front sway bar. The adjustable from +45 percent, 70 percent and 105 percent stiffer than stock GTI and GLI. It is a lightweight and durable 27MM (1 1/16 inch) tubular steel rear sway bar. The adjustable from +90 percent, 135 percent and 200 percent increase in stiffness over stock. It has greasable polyurethane bushings and heavy duty brackets with zerk fittings. Welded on centering rings Gloss black powder coat finish. Benefits: Dramatically improves cornering potential due to increased front/rear roll stiffness. It offers definite track and autocross advantage over stock sway bar package Adjustable front and rear bar allows suspension t...

    • Brand: Hotchkis
    • ASIN: B001GBVMC2

  • Hotchkis Performance 2202 Performance Sway Bar Set 1 3/8 in. Dia. Front 1 in. Dia. Rear Performance Sway Bar Set

    Hotchkis Sport Suspension 2202 1964-1972 GM A-Body Sport Sway Bar Set. Improve handling by reducing body roll of your 64-72 GM A-Body with a set of Hotchkis Performance Sway Bars for your Chevelle El Camino GTO or other A-Body car. Hotchkis sway bars are CNC bent for a precise fit and feature lightweight hollow construction and include greasable polyurethane bushings end links brackets and all necessary hardware. Hotchkis bars are powder coated for durability and tested and tuned to ensure the best performance possible. Specs: 1 3/8 in. Tubular Front 1 in. Solid Rear. Looking for a a Trick Upgrade? Try our Billet Sway Bar Mounts.

    • Brand: Hotchkis
    • ASIN: B001DVZTVK
    • UPC: 012430000864

  • Hotchkis 22827 Sport Sway Bar Set for Audi RS6

    Hotchkis Sport Suspension offers a RS6-specific sway bar set, meaning this set fits the slight design changes inherent in the RS6. Because of its super car status, the RS6 differs from the standard A6 especially at the rear end. Hotchkis' sway bar set is is designed to clear componentry on the RS6 and operate freely and efficiently. This set includes a 35mm tubular front bar and a 24mm tubular rear bar. In addition, the set includes all necessary mounting hardware and easy-to-read instructions. No cutting, welding or modifying in any way. RS6 drivers who have tried the Hotchkis sway bars are surprised at the reduction of roll without sacrificing ride quality. Very important when the RS6 comes from the factory with aggressive spring rates and shock valving. In comparison, the rear bar from the factory on the RS6 is a stout 20mm solid bar but even the weight of the car overrides this bar during spirited driving. Its specifications are: Front 35mm Tubular Non-Adjustable Stiffness: +50 percent (Compared to stock RS6). Rear 24mm Tubular 2 Position Adjustable, Stiffness: +49 percent, +67 percent (Compared to stock RS6).

    • Brand: Hotchkis
    • ASIN: B001DVZW3U

  • Hotchkis 22829 Sport Sway Bar Set for Audi B6/B7 S4

    Hotchkis Sport Suspension is designed specifically for the new S4, Hotchkis Sport Sway Bar Set incorporates a 24mm, tubular, 2 position adjustable rear along with a 35mm, tubular front. It is polyurethane bushings and bushing brackets are also included along with 90-degrees zerk fittings for easy lubrication. The set does not include a reinforcement bracket system which is not necessary for this application. Keep in mind that the stock S4 rear bar is a solid 20mm bar on two solid bushing towers. The biggest improvement will be felt through the steering as maneuvering takes much less steering input with greater response. While rounding tight or long corners, the S4 feels as though it has more tire pressure on the outside tires and really stands on the outside rear exiting a corner. The new S4, which is a lot of fun in stock form, just got more exciting with the addition of Hotchkis Sport Sway Bars. Rate increase over stock.Front: +60 percentRear: +145 percent,215 percent Fits B6 and B7 platforms.

    • Brand: Hotchkis
    • ASIN: B001DW67UG

  • Hotchkis 22406 Sport Sway Bar Set for Subaru WRX

    Hotchkis Sport Suspension Hotchkis Sport Suspension Subaru WRX Sport Sway Bars improves your handling and reduce body roll. Turn in with confidence and late brake in the corners with the track tested lightweight hollow sway bars. The sway bar sets include front and rear bars, greasable bushings, brackets, and a subframe reinforcement bracket. Front 1 inch (25.4 mm) Hollow +88 percent. Rear 1 inch (25.4 mm) Hollow 3 Position Rear +50 percent, +90 percent, +160 percent.

    • Brand: Hotchkis
    • ASIN: B001DW61D4