• Hobbyzone Propeller: 9 x 6; Super Cub LP

    HobbyZone Propeller, 9 x 6: Super Cub LP, HBZ1002

    • Brand: HobbyZone
    • ASIN: B00283OCI8
    • UPC: 885404843411

  • Hobbyzone Propeller Shaft: Champ

    Prop. Shaft - Champ HBZ4904

    • Brand: HobbyZone
    • ASIN: B003DZ35H4
    • UPC: 698887223119

  • Hobbyzone Propellers and Spinner Set: Firebird Stratos

    HobbyZone Propellers and Spinner Set: Firebird Stratos, HBZ7707

    • Brand: HobbyZone
    • ASIN: B00745ZVFI
    • UPC: 605482054314

  • NEW HobbyZone Champ Propeller Shaft HBZ4904 .HN#GG_634T6344 G134548TY93797

    NEW HobbyZone Champ Propeller Shaft HBZ4904 .HN#GG_634T6344 G134548TY93797

    • Brand: Anajosily
    • ASIN: B01M68968G
    • UPC: 044952993447

  • Hobbyzone Float Set: Super Cub LP

    Key FeaturesPre-built and sealed Z-Foam for remarkably easy installationPackaged with all mounting hardware, including pre-bent wire strutsCan be utilized with original Super Cub thanks to included rear float mountWeigh 5.5 ounces (150 grams)Includes a high-performance 10x8 propellerOverviewIf you have progressed past the teach-yourself-to-fly stage and are looking to add even more excitement to your RC flight experience, the Super Cub float set is the perfect option.   This lightweight, Z-Foam float set includes a larger prop (10x8) to maximize the performance of the Cub on floats. These floats are a Zone 3 product, and are not recommended for beginners due to the difficulty of flying off of water. 

    • Brand: HobbyZone
    • ASIN: B00283RXUC
    • UPC: 605482147962

  • HobbyZone Duet RTF HBZ5300 Airplane

    Key Features Everything you need to teach yourself to fly in one box, even the "AA" batteries for the transmitter! Interference-free 2.4GHz transmitter with built-in charger Vibrant trim scheme3-channel control allows you to have complete control over climb, steering, and throttle Virtual Instructor technology helps to remove the complexity of RC flight by providing control assistance and countering the effects of wind and turbulence Durable, lightweight construction helps prevent damage in case of a crash Quiet and efficient power system Rechargeable 150mAh 1S Li-Po battery for generous flight times on a single charge Includes 4 "AA" batteries to power the charger/transmitter Needed To Complete Nothing! Everything you need to teach yourself to fly in one box, even the "AA" batteries for the transmitter! Overview Teach yourself to fly with the Duet RTF trainer! This small RC aircraft turns your dreams of flight into a reality. Even if you've never flown an RC airplane before, you could be flying in no time with Virtual Instructor technology. This HobbyZone-exclusive technology makes minor corrections and adjustments to help you stay confidently in control while you learn the basics. No other RC model can offer this experience at such an incredible price.

    • Brand: HobbyZone
    • ASIN: B00F4ZJ700
    • UPC: 605482108215

  • Hobbyzone Propeller: Mini-Cub

    Propeller: Mini-CubHobbyzonePart HBZ4807

    • Brand: HobbyZone
    • ASIN: B001IF2BFS
    • UPC: 605482150788

  • RC Vehicles Gear Guide

    Remote control vehicles are something both the young and old can enjoy. If you want to bring out the kid in you, RC vehicles Gear Guide can just be the perfect thing you've been looking for! RC Vehicles Gear Guide is equipped with rich info about the types of RC Vehicles, Toy-grade and Hobby-grade RC Vehicles, Kit or Ready-To-Run, On-Road and Off-Road Vehicles, Gas-powered and Electric-powered RC Vehicles, Size/Scale, Frequencies and Multiplayer Capacity and more! Go ahead, control those remotes and get the engines running!About the Author: Robert PattensonRobert is an avid collector of all kinds of toy vehicles, especially radio controlled car models. This hobby of his started when his father, who was then a car mechanic, gave him his first set of Matchbox toy cars for his 5th birthday. Every Christmas and during his birthday, Robert would usually receive a different kind of toy car as a present from his dad. He took good care of all his toys and more than 20 years later, Robert now has 258 pieces of toy vehicle models. His collection, which came from varied sources, continues to grow with his current addiction on RC vehicles. With his passion for toys, Robert decided to put up a store which offers radio controlled vehicles of all sorts, and that is how Internet-RC.com was born....

    • ASIN: B004JU0HXW

  • Hobbyzone Folding Prop and Spinner: Conscendo S

    HobbyZone Folding Prop and Spinner: Conscendo S, HBZ8607

    • Brand: HobbyZone
    • ASIN: B0163MYOXC
    • UPC: 605482597811