• HASA HI-TEMP SPA GARD 2 lbs 91122

    HASA HI-TEMP SPA GARD CHLORINE SANITIZER FOR SPAS AND HOT TUBS2500.0 HASA HI-TEMP SPA-GARD sanitizes and oxidizes the spa water. HASA HI-TEMP SPA-GARD brings new sparkle to dull water caused by the buildup of organic waste while it also kills harmful bacteria in the spa water. HASA HI-TEMP SPA-GARD has an almost neutral pH, making it the perfect choice for normal sanitizing and shocking of your spa water.

    • Brand: HI-TEMP SPA GARD
    • ASIN: B004VBACAC
    • UPC: 788727626580

  • 2 PACK -CMP Hi-Temp Union 2" inch 2MIP x 2" inch PVC Whisperflo & Intelliflo - 2 PACK

    CMP Hi-Temp Union 2" inch MIP x 2" inch PVC Whisperflo & Intelliflo 21063-200-000

    • Brand: Unknown
    • ASIN: B00AKMV4K8
    • UPC: 073512592080

  • Sensor, Balboa M7, 12" Temp/Hi Limit, 1/4" Diameter, 2-pin

    Temp/Hi Limit Sensor AssemblyProduct Specifications: • Sensor Application: Spa Control • Sensor Type: Temp or Hi Limit • Application: Balboa Water Group • Model: M7 • Connector Type: 2 pin • Sensor Diameter: 1/4" • Wire Count: 2 wire • Wire Length: 12"

    • Brand: Balboa Water Group
    • ASIN: B011SF2RHY
    • UPC: 712145131012

  • HASA 83121 Hi-Temp Spa Stain-Out, Pint

    HASA HI-TEMP SPA STAIN OUT is most effectively used to prevent surface staining resulting from metals and solids in the spa fill water. Metal impurities and salts with potential for staining are found in most water sources.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: HASA
    • ASIN: B004JX4LTU
    • UPC: 021802831210

  • CMP 1.5 in. MIP X 2 in. PVC Hi-Temp Union 21063-160-000

    Unbelieveably compact compared to other PVC Unions that saves the needed space in tight quarters. The O-ring seal is a plus because you do not have to worry about over tightening. This is a super union allowing easy disconnect for service and absolutely no leakage when completely installed. All parts are Certified by NSF International for potable water use. The main feature of this model is based on its noncorrosive property. This means that this valve can greatly divert or converge fluid, regardless of their constitution and temperature. Good chemical resistance. Good abrasion resistance. Good material strength and high impact resistance. Manufactured to tight size and pressure specification.

    • Brand: CMP
    • UPC: 766112865219

  • Sensor Kit, Watkins Hi-Limit & Temp Sensor, with O-Rings, Gen

    Sensor Kit, Watkins Hi-Limit & Temp Sensor, with O-Rings, Gen

    • Brand: Watkins Manufacturing
    • ASIN: B071GK4598
    • UPC: 682698978085

  • HASA Hi-Temp Eco-Safe Spa Clarifier - 1 Qt - 90122

    HASA Hi-Temp Eco-Safe Spa Clarifier - 1 Qt - 90122

    • Brand: Spa Clarifier
    • ASIN: B00FV344SK
    • UPC: 021802912025

  • HASA 88121 Hi-Temp Spa Filter Soak, Pint

    HASA HI-TEMP SPA FILTER SOAK is a deep cleaning agent to clean all types of filter cartridges either synthetic or natural. HASA HI-TEMP SPA FILTER SOAK effectively dissolves body oils, dirt, and other impurities which are absorbed during normal filtration. With the proper use of HASA HI-TEMP SPA FILTER SOAK you will add to the life and to the efficiency of your filter cartridge

    • Color: White
    • Brand: HASA
    • ASIN: B004KSRK6A
    • UPC: 021802881215

  • HASA 90122 Hi-Temp Eco-Safe Spa Clarifier, Quart

    HASA HI-TEMP ECO-SAFE SPA CLARIFIER causes tiny particles of debris in spa water to coagulate (join together) so that they may be readily removed from the water by the filter. The brilliance and clarity of spa water depend on the efficient activity of the filter as well as the chemicals used to sanitize the water. It is recommended that your filter cartridge or element be cleaned in HASA Hi-Temp Spa Filter Soak on a routine basis, frequency depending upon the use of the spa. HASA HI-TEMP SPA CLARIFIER may be used in any fiberglass, vinyl, plaster, tile, or acrylic spa

    • Color: White
    • Brand: HASA
    • ASIN: B004KSRK5G
    • UPC: 021802901227