• Prayerbook Hebrew the Easy Way

    Understanding Hebrew is the key to experiencing the richness of Jewish prayer. Prayerbook Hebrew the Easy Way teaches the Hebrew found in all Jewish prayerbooks. Designed for students who can read Hebrew words but do not know what they mean, this text explains grammar so simply that the non-academic community can easily understand it. Twenty-one lessons include: Oral reviews Vocabulary lists Prayerbook selections Handy grammar and verb charts Exercises Prayerbook and vocabulary selections are based on several Jewish traditions. This self-paced text is suitable for beginning and intermediate students and is perfect for adult learners. A supplement to this book, Prayerbook Hebrew the Easy Way Companion Audio Tape Set, is also available.

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  • First Steps in Hebrew Prayer with Audio Cd (The Most Important Jewish Prayers, Blessings, and Principles, For the very Beginner)

    Learn Hebrew and Learn Jewish prayer for beginners with the friendliest prayer tutorial. Hear every prayer and blessing on the enclosed CD. See text in English, Hebrew and transliteration. A Book and a CD or Tape Together! This best-seller beautiful book provides an easy and pleasant start with the first steps of Jewish prayer, bringing to you the most important prayers and blessings. It features the Hebrew text in bold letters, line-for-line with English translation and transliteration, and is illustrated with a beautiful selection of graphics and photos. It is coupled with a CD, so that you can easily find and play every prayer and blessing on your home stereo. Traditional in Content - Modern in Appearance! Practice prayers in the Holy Tongue. The text conforms to that of a traditional Siddur, but every page is titled and organized in such a way that you can find any prayer or blessing within seconds. There are 60 prayer tracks on the CD, recorded with the wonderful, rich voice of Rabbi Tzvi Cooperman. These tracks include narration and well known tunes of the various prayers. One of a kind with no competition! This is the most pleasant and the easiest prayer tutorial available today. It is already in use in thousands of homes, schools, congregations, and is offered in almost e...

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  • New Covenant Prayer Shawl Tallit English/hebrew with Matching Case. 72 X 22

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  • Learn Hebrew Today: Alef-Bet for Adults (English and Hebrew Edition)

    Formerly a URJ Press title. This popular approach to learning Hebrew is designed for adults who want to use Hebrew when celebrating Judaism at home and in the synagogue. Students will learn how to pronounce the Hebrew letters and vowels, enabling them to read more than 30 essential Hebrew blessings and prayers. For classroom and individualized instruction.

    • ASIN: 0807404837

  • A Reading and Prayer Primer (Hebrew Edition)

    This volume breaks down the Hebrew alphabet and the Jewish prayers into 36 one-hour lessons. Lessons are clear, with color-coding and lucid explanations of the prayers. One of the most popular books ever for teaching Hebrew to children and adults alike.

    • Brand: Brand: KTAV Publishing House
    • ASIN: 0881252700

  • Hebrew Through Prayer, Book Two

    The Shabbat morning Amidah and selected prayers for Friday Night.

    • ASIN: 0874415799

  • My Little Siddur: A Daily Jewish Prayer Book with Hebrew, English Translation & Transliteration with Weekday Prayers & Other Essential Jewish Texts

    My Mini-Siddur is a Mini Jewish Prayer Book for Beginners and People who Travel. It contains rudimentary prayers for the Day - including The Morning Blessings, The Shema Yisrael, The Amidah / Standing Prayer & Aleinu. It also contains blessings that one says during the Course of the Day and Shabbat, like the blessings on Food, the after blessings, the blessing for good heath - Asher Yatzar, the Kiddush of Friday Night Dinner & Saturday Lunch. It has the Candle Lighting Blessing and the Blessing When making Bread. It contains also the Select Tehillim / Psalms & a list of the benefits of Saying Psalms for each Psalm. The Siddur is great for people who read English or Hebrew. All Blessings and prayers are Divided into 3 Sections. One Column is The Hebrew Prayer, One Column is the English Translation and One Column is the Phonetics or Transliteration of the Hebrew if one wants to read the prayer in Hebrew but doesn't know how to read Hebrew. The Hebrew pronunciation is spelled out in English letters.Although it does not contain the complete Prayer Service of the Day it is perfect for someone who is starting out or wants to become familiar with Judaism & the Jewish prayers and their meanings. It could be used in conjunction with a Complete Siddur to help a person understand the ...

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  • Successful Business Prayer in Hebrew Text Wall Hanging

    "Esek Ze Yitbarecha" is a prayer for a successful and peaceful business. Bring an extra touch of success for your business with this stainless steel business prayer wall hanging. The text "Esek Ze Yitbarecha Beshafe Pehasena Hetzlicha Ve'Shalom" is written in Hebrew letters. This sleek and modern wall hanging will surely be a successful touch for your business. 100% handcrafted in Israel! Perfect present for your favorite business owner!

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    • Brand: World Of Judaica
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