• BIJA Chocolates Organic 70%, 72% and 80% Dark Chocolate Classic Bundle

    Everyone knows the health benefits of dark chocolate. From antioxidant support to flavanols for heart health, dark chocolate is a dynamic, incredibly healthy superfood. BIJA Chocolate has taken the best of those health benefits and combined five generations of Swiss chocolate making experience to produce one of the smoothest dark chocolates available. We believe food should be organic, simple and clean. BIJA Chocolate is 100% USDA Certified Organic and is sourced from direct-trade cacao beans from the Dominican Republic and Peru. All of our chocolate is hand-crafted and bean-to-bar that produces luxuriously rich, smooth, and complex flavors. Our Himalayan Sea Salt chocolate bar is made with subtle pink Himalayan salt crystals that balance and temper the sweet notes of currant and raisins. Our Toasted Coconut chocolate bar is delicately laced with organic toasted and finely textured coconut to present a twist on a beloved classic. Our Pure Dark Chocolate brings a unique richness and depth unlike anything you've experienced. Dark cherry notes in the beginning give way to blackberry on the finish.

    • Brand: BIJA Chocolates
    • ASIN: B07B1HS1KK
    • UPC: 854665006095

  • Healthy Delights Naturals, Turmeric Dark Chocolate Bites, Supporting Joint Support, Amazingly Delicious Snacks, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, 30 Ct

    Decadent Dark Chocolate with a sensational candy shell— we’re talking about a Turmeric supplement. You’ve never experienced a Turmeric supplement this delicious. Turmeric is revered throughout the world for its inflammation fighting properties and Healthy Delights Naturals TURMERIC Dark Chocolate Bites takes high quality Turmeric supplementation to the next level. Inflammation is your body’s enemy and nutrition is your weapon against inflammation. Turmeric is among the best known inflammation fighters in the world. Healthy Delights Turmeric Dark Chocolate Bites are a deliciously enjoyable way to feed your body the Turmeric it needs to fight inflammation— and satisfy your craving for candy at the same time! Each serving delivers the Turmeric necessary to promote healthy inflammatory response.* • Promotes healthy inflammatory response* • 100 mg Turmeric Root Extract • 5g sugar • 40 calories per serving • Non GMO • Gluten Free • NO Artificial Flavors, Colors, Sweeteners or Preservatives! Bite into 100 mg of healthful Turmeric Just nine pieces delivers 100 mg of Turmeric, but these bites taste so good, you’re going to want more. Enjoy a powerful dose of Turmeric and a delicious snack with only 5 grams of sugar, 40 calories and no artificial sweeteners. A spi...

    • Brand: Healthy Delights
    • ASIN: B077GBD3HP
    • UPC: 746888913062

  • KIND Healthy Grains Granola Bars, Double Chocolate Chunk, 1.2 ounce, 5 Count (Pack of 3)

    Baked with at least five super grains to create a unique chewy and crunchy texture. Each bar provides at least one full serving of whole grains.

    • Brand: KIND
    • ASIN: B00DILE11W
    • UPC: 602652180545

  • JOJO's, Guilt Free 70% Dark Chocolate Bark, NON-GMO Protein Raw Almonds and Pistachios and Dried Cranberries, 8.4oz Bag With 7-1.2oz Bars, One Week Supply

    JOJO's Story When Jodie Jones (Jojo) was diagnosed with breast cancer, she realized she needed to start looking for healthier alternatives. After meeting with a man who had recently lost 50lbs from a strict diet while eating one piece of dark chocolate bark everyday, she decided to try it herself. After many different recipes and testing she created what today we call JOJO'S Chocolate Bark. Our goal since the beginning has been to help all health conscious individuals kick their sugar cravings with something healthy and delicious. We believe that enjoying one healthy-delicious snack a day will keep you on your path to a healthier lifestyle. Health Benefits of JOJO's Boost in Brain Power Heart Healthy Packed with antioxidants Satisfies quickly NON-GMO Casein Protein Gluten Free No Highs or Lows(helps keep blood sugar balanced) Paleo Friendly We don't settle for anything less than high quality, great taste, and filling snacks. JOJO's is packed with antioxidants, fiber, Iron, and Magnesium. Our goal is to always stay low in sugar so that we can make sure to kick your sugar craving with the best tasting natural super snack. With the great mix of dark chocolate and nuts we bring the two best possible snacks into one super snack to help fight those sugar cravings. Ingredi...

    • Brand: JOJO's Chocolate
    • ASIN: B00ZCQK0N4
    • UPC: 768352220469

  • Viva Naturals - Organic Cacao Nibs, 1 lb Bag

    Theobroma: Food of the Gods Criollo cacao is revered as the "Food of the Gods", traditionally used in Mayan ceremonies and rituals to promote vitality and purification. Considered to be nature's chocolate, Viva Naturals Cacao Nibs deliver unrivaled flavor and aromatic precursors among all variations of cacao. The Goodness of Viva Naturals Cacao Nibs Cardiovascular Health Polyphenols, catechins and procyanidins naturally present in cacao promote cardiovascular health by offering defense against the effects of oxidation. These powerful compounds help maintain healthy cholesterol levels within the normal range. Minerals Unlike processed chocolate, our cacao retains essential minerals like magnesium, chromium, calcium and iron. An ounce provides roughly 20% of your daily recommended intake of magnesium per day. Theobromine Compared to caffeine, this powerful compound provides a stimulant-free natural energy source. Experience the benefits of theobromine without the dreaded caffeine crash. The Viva Naturals Difference Viva Naturals uses the finest variation of cacao from sacred Peruvian Criollo beans, highly prized as the most superior and rarest sources of cacao. Our Criollo cacao beans are naturally fermented, a crucial step in initiating exquisite chocolate taste and s...

    • Brand: Viva Naturals
    • ASIN: B00MGW81YM
    • UPC: 700465936974

  • Nature's Bakery Vegan + non-GMO, Double Chocolate Brownie (36 Count)

    Nature's Bakery Soft-Baked Brownie Bars are fuel for everyday life's great journeys. Made with wholesome and natural ingredients, our delicious soft-baked baked bars are filled with real dates for an on-the-go snack that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Perfectly portioned in two bars, our twin-packs don't melt, crumble or break--they're the daily snack companion you can rely on to be there when you need them most.

    • Brand: Nature's Bakery
    • ASIN: B073VN2WKT
    • UPC: 047495110340

  • Healthy Delights Naturals, Probiotic Dark Chocolate Bites, Digestive Support, Immune Health, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, 30 Ct

    How can a delicious snack food with a crunchy candy shell and dark chocolate center be a great way restore digestive balance and support immune health? The answer might surprise you as each tasty serving of Healthy Delights Naturals Probiotic Dark Chocolate Bites deliver 1 billion CFU’s of probiotics‡. That’s enough beneficial nutrients to help you restore digestive balance and support immune health.* A crunchy candy shell and delicious dark chocolate center hide a powerfully nutritious secret. Designed to be just like candy, this taste sensation has such great flavor and crunchy texture, you’ll feel like you are cheating. We made probiotics deliciously enjoyable Healthy Delights Naturals Probiotic Dark Chocolate Bites are so unbelievably devourable, it will amaze you that each serving is only 40 calories with only 5 grams of sugar. You would eat handfuls without even caring that they actually are loaded with a very high quality probiotic. We are trying to make getting your probiotics not only easier, but more deliciously enjoyable than ever before. Discover Digestive Balance Support for digestion and immune health you’re going to look forward to eating, discover the most delicious way to get your daily dose of probiotics with Healthy Delights Naturals Probiotic Dark Ch...

    • Brand: Healthy Delights
    • ASIN: B077GBK821
    • UPC: 746888913024

  • Fruits in Chocolate Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut, 6 Oz Bag

    Smooth and delicious coconut covered in premium dark chocolate tempts your senses with the taste of tropical paradise. This sweet and healthy treat is individually wrapped for your sharing pleasure! Packaged in a convenient resealable pouch, the smaller size of our 6 oz Bag makes it an ideal snack to grab and go.

    • Brand: Fruits in Chocolate
    • ASIN: B01LZZ5Z2D
    • UPC: 837907300052

  • HEALTH WARRIOR Chia Bars, Dark Chocolate, Gluten Free, Vegan, 25g bars, 15 Count

    The 100-calorie Health Warrior Chia Bar is the only bar with chia as the #1 ingredient—the very first one you read on the label. Packed with omega-3s, plant-based protein, fiber, and a fraction of the sugar of many bars, it is a super snack for a super you.

    • Brand: Health Warrior
    • ASIN: B01CLJ09E4
    • UPC: 852684003576