• Carbon Cub 15cc ARF 90"

    Key FeaturesLaser-cut, all-wood construction that's lightweightShock-absorbing main landing gear and tundra-style wheelsTwo-piece, plug-in wing with functional flapsQuick-connect, streamlined wing strutsFunctional LED landing lights, installedOperational cockpit side-doorsInstrument details and seats includedFloat ready, with hard points for optional 1/5-scale float setMatching paint on fiberglass cowl and accessoriesPre-cut hinge locations for all control surfacesGenuine UltraCote® film finishTail wire detail and a leaf tail wheelEasy installation of engine or electric power recommendationsComplete hardware package featuring fiberglass control hornsNeeded To Complete15cc 2-stroke gas/petrol engine6+ Channel, full-range transmitter and receiver7 × Standard digital servos2 × Batteries for receiver and engine ignitionPropellerOverviewThe Cub is a classic aircraft that's adored by both full-scale and model aviation pilots. Its flying qualities and design versatility have come to be known well enough that practically every new aircraft is compared to it. That's a lot to be said for an airplane that first flew in 1938. Cub Crafters of Yakima, Washington started their booming business by restoring original Cub airframes. Very quickly, the collection of engineered refinements spawned...

    • Brand: Hangar 9
    • ASIN: B01ANLUD84
    • UPC: 605482601907

  • Hangar 9 Christen Eagle II 90 ARF 54"

    Key FeaturesLightweight balsa/plywood constructionImpressive scale outlineMulti-color Eagle UltraCote® trim schemePainted fiberglass cowl and wheel pantsDesigned for glow or electric powerLarge, easy-access top hatchCockpit details and pilot figure includedAll hardware includedWing transport frames includedNeeded To Complete4-cycle Setup: - 4+ channel Transmitter and Receiver radio system - Engine - Propeller - Glow Plug - Fuel - Receiver Battery - (5) Standard ServosElectric Setup: - 4+ channel Transmitter and Receiver radio system - Motor - ESC - (2) 4000mAh+ 30C 4S LiPo Batteries - LiPo-compatible Charger - Propeller - (4) Standard ServosOverviewIntroduced in 1977, the Christen Eagle II was the brainchild of avid aerobatic pilot and entrepreneur, Frank Christensen. His idea? Give pilots a refined, aerobatic kit plane almost anyone could build. The sporty little two-seater was so well-received that a slightly modified, single-seat version became the plane of choice for one of the greatest aerobatic demonstration teams of all time - Charlie Hillard, Tom Poberezny and Gene Soucy, otherwise known as The Eagles. The trio flew the plane from 1979 through 1995, thrilling millions at air shows all over the world. The Hangar 9® Christen Eagle II 90 ARF brilliantly captures the spiri...

    • Brand: Hangar 9
    • ASIN: B005QIP6T6
    • UPC: 605482015285

  • Hangar 9 F6F Hellcat 15cc ARF

    Key FeaturesQuality construction that's lightweight, with laser-cut balsa and plywood Factory-applied, genuine Hangar 9 UltraCote film coveringRealistic markings and graphics, plus three nose-art decal choicesLarge top-hatch makes access to electronics and batteries convenientTwo-piece, plug-in wing with anodized-aluminum tube supportTool-free field assembly for easy transport and storageRugged fixed landing gear and four-inch tires included Retract ready-optional E-flite electric retracts drop right inPainted fiberglass cowl with simulated engine detailGear doors and cockpit details increase realistic appealEasy-to-install gas/petrol engine and electric power mounts includedPre-hinged control surfaces help you save on build timeComplete hardware kit included Needed to Complete 15cc 2-stroke to 21cc 4-stroke gas/petrol engine or equivalent electric motor systemFull-range, 4+ channel transmitter and receiver (5+ for the retract option)(5) Standard-size servos (4 for the electric power option)(2) Batteries for receiver and engine ignition (for the gas power option)Propeller What's in the box? (1) The Hangar 9 F6F Hellcat 15cc Sport Scale ARF (1) User ManualOverviewAt a dire moment of WWII the U.S. Navy was desperate for a fighter capable of returning the wallop enemy aircraft were ...

    • Brand: Hangar 9
    • ASIN: B07FT1RB8L
    • UPC: 605482366691

  • Hangar 9 Ultra Stick 30cc ARF 81"

    Key FeaturesOutstanding flight performance: tried and true Ultra Stick designFlaps for expanded flight envelopeCovered in genuine UltraCoteTail dragger landing gear adds to its sportier looksLarge, double beveled control surfacesTwo piece plug in wings with aluminum tube provides easy transport and assemblyLightweight balsa/balsa-plywood construction that's strongFloat-ready-hard points for mounting the Hangar 9 1/5-scale Float Set (sold separately) are already built into the fuselageFinished fiberglass wheel pants match UltraCote colorsReady to mount the Evolution 33GX Gasoline EngineElectric motor mount included makes it EP friendlyComplete quality hardware includedUltra Stick 30cc ARF 81" Playlist Needed to Complete Radio System33GX Engine and Receiver Battery or Electric Power System(8) ServosTools and Adhesives for AssemblyPlease see manual or completion guide tab for a full list of required components What's in the box? (1) Ultra Stick 30cc ARFOverviewThe first Hangar 9 Ultra Stick ARF revolutionized the Stick genre with innovative design twists that really spiced up performance such as a large, double beveled control surface for 3D flight, extra-large control surfaces and optional quad flaps. Building on the legacy of this popular design, the Ultra Stick 30cc ARF provides ...

    • Brand: Hangar 9
    • ASIN: B01MZ7DUDQ
    • UPC: 605482174777

  • Van's RV-4 30cc ARF 85"

    Key FeaturesExpertly constructed with laser-cut balsa and plywood Two-piece, plug-in wing and horizontal stabilizer make field assembly fastFunctional flaps and scale hinges add realism and a wider flight envelopeWide-track wheel stance and leaf tail wheel for outstanding ground handlingPainted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants Matching aluminum landing gear with painted fairings Large top-hatch provides easy access to electronics and flight batteries Detailed cockpit area features a scale pilot, instrument decal and crystal-clear canopyA self-aligning drill guide makes all recommended power options easy to installOperational LED landing lights pre-wired and installed Easy to maintain, genuine Hangar 9 UltraCote covering Military-style and civilian decals included for trim scheme customization Includes motor mount for the electric power option Complete hardware kit includes a matching spinner and painted fiberglass control horns Needed to Complete (1) 30cc two- or four-stroke gas/petrol engine or equivalent electric motor system(1) Full-range, 6+ channel transmitter and receiver(8) Standard digital servos (7 for the electric power option) (2) Batteries for receiver and engine ignition (for the gas power option)(1) Propeller What's in the box? (1) Van's RV-4 30cc ARF(1) User Manual...

    • Brand: Hangar 9
    • ASIN: B0749H5LKT
    • UPC: 605482128930

  • Hangar 9 Twist 40 ARF 47.75" (Version 2)

    Key FeaturesRemovable wing provides easy transport and storageCovered in exclusive Hangar 9 UltraCoteExtremely lightweight all-wood constructionCapable of both sport and extreme 3D performanceNeeded To CompleteTranmitterReceiverServosBatteryEngineFuelOverviewFrom hovers to harriers, knife-edge loops to flat spins, the Hangar 9® Twist 40TM ARF is the thoroughly capable sport 3D plane that's always up for a good time. It comes out of the box with a great-looking UltraCote® trim scheme and can be assembled quickly thanks to iits super-simple construction. Whether you're looking for your first 3D plane or your tenth, the Twist 40 has everything you want and more.

    • Brand: Hangar 9
    • ASIN: B0032HH5A6
    • UPC: 605482560044

  • Hangar 9 P-51D Mustang 60cc ARF 89"

    Key FeaturesTrue scale outline with accurate details3-piece, plug-in wing design with center-section landing gear supportTwo-piece, plug-in horizontal stabilizersScale flaps for an authentic appearanceWorking inner gear doors, outer gear doors and tailwheel doorsEasily accepts E-flite P-51 giant-scale electric main and tail wheel retracts-sold separatelyFiberglass chin cowl and scale exhaust detailPainted full-depth cockpit with sliding canopyIncludes 2 sets of decals (Glamorous Glen III and Gentleman Jim)Includes wing pylons that accept the optional E-flite remote payload release systemComplete high-quality hardware package featuring fiberglass control hornsOptional bombs and drop tanks-sold separatelyAvailable 5-1/4" P-51 wheels with CNC aluminum hubs-sold separatelyOverviewThe Hangar 9 P-51D Mustang 60cc ARF is a remarkable replica of America's favorite warbird. Modeled after the Mustangs used by the 357th Fighter Squadron during WWII, it's constructed in 1/5-scale with lightweight balsa and plywood featuring full balsa-sheeting to maintain a strict scale appearance that's also durable. Very few details were sacrificed in order to maintain a high-level of performance. So you get a correctly located tail wheel and other outline characteristics in a way that makes modern scale m...

    • Brand: Hangar 9
    • ASIN: B00M0KPJMM
    • UPC: 605482579466

  • P-47D Thunderbolt 20cc ARF 67"

    Packed with firepower, fast and heavily armored, the mighty Republic P-47D Thunderbolt could complete virtually every task the U.S. Army required. WWII pilots called it the "Jug" for its massive size and bottle shape. The enemy knew it better as the "Juggernaut" because it dominated the skies as the toughest and hardest hitting foe ever encountered. The Hangar 9® P-47D Thunderbolt 20cc ARF takes the popular warbird a bold step further. No stranger to making a great flying P-47D model, lightweight, laser-cut construction combines with expert craftsmanship to bring a durable, all-wood airframe with incredible realism and great performance. The result is a model replica that's a blast to fly and looks as though it belongs in a museum. Highlighting its outstanding appearance is a rich film covering with incredible detail and a satin finish. Stunning only comes close to the description of how the intricate panel lines and soft color transitions take this iconic warbird to deeper level. Plus, it's easy to maintain and durable. Multiple nose-art decal options included let you personalize the model to your own liking. With a 20cc gas engine such as the easy-to-use Evolution® 20GX, you can expect to get long flights that cost only pennies per flight. The large top hatch allows convenien...

    • Brand: Hangar 9
    • ASIN: B0794TVYXH
    • UPC: 605482826096

  • Hangar 9 Fiberglass Cowling: Christen Eagle II 90 ARF

    Hangar 9 Fiberglass Cowling: Christen Eagle II 90 ARF, HAN501006

    • Brand: Hangar 9
    • ASIN: B005QIP7S6
    • UPC: 605482015346