• Ault AC Adapter for Handspring Visor Edge PDA

    AC Adapter for many Handspring PDA's including the Visor Edge.

    • ASIN: B002A9OFUK

  • Handspring TREO OEM 650 680 700 750 700ww 700p 700wx 750v T5 TX LifeD International Travel AC Wall Charger 3172WW

    Need a spare charger to recharge your Treo smartphone battery when traveling internationally? Moving from office to home day after day wondering when your PDA will run out of power? Have one at home and office or when traveling out of country. This Treo OEM charger with removable international Pin Clips recharge your Treo smartphone from your home or office stand AC plug. Perfect for those days you forget to recharge at home or in the office. This charger works in all standard outlets, charges fast, and has built in circuit protection to prevent over charging. Handspring TREO 3172ww Battery Charger rapid charges your Handspring TREO 650/ 700p/ 700w/ 700wx/ Ace cell phone model rapid battery charger, International travel charger! # Handspring TREO 3172ww international travel battery charger is designed & built specifically for Handspring TREO 650/ 700p/ 700w/ 700wx/ Ace cell phone models. # US, UK, and European AC outlet adapter plugs convert into a rapid rate battery charger for a convenient battery charge. # Included Travel bag makes this battery charger set compact. # Handspring TREO 3172ww battery charger can operate your cell phone when attached to a rechargeable cell phone battery, even if the battery is discharged. # Charger Clip Adapters removable for easy packing.Perfe...

    • Brand: Handspring
    • ASIN: B0017CW904
    • UPC: 033584193479

  • Gomadic compact and retractable USB Charge cable for Handspring Treo 90 - USB Power Port Ready design and uses TipExchange

    Are all USB cables alike? No, where the difference is in being 'USB Power Port Ready' or not. For example, many manufactures use special wall chargers where each manufacture has their own special wiring specification inside the wall charger to put their device into proper 'charge mode'. Without this proper wiring yuor the mobile device will not charge using a USB cable. For example a common misunderstood connector used by manufactures are micro & mini USB type connectors. These physically look the same but required different wiring to properly put mobile devices into the proper charge mode. At Gomadic we put this special wiring in the cable hence why title says this retractable USB cable will charger but will not offer USB data transfer. Most people are not using the USB cable for data transfer we decided to convert this product line into a USB charge *only* cable. In the case of the Handspring Treo 90 you might have gotten away with using a USB data cable in the past but to ensure you don't get stranded when you need a charge most we have integrated the wiring in the connector end that plugs into your Handspring Treo 90 to ensure no mater what type of USB power port you use your device will charge, guaranteed or your money back! Note that all Gomadic products come with a Lifetim...

    • Brand: Gomadic
    • ASIN: B000A656YO
    • UPC: 842623008847

  • Mini 10W Car / Auto DC Charger designed for the Handspring Treo 90 with Gomadic Brand Power Sleep technology - Designed to last with TipExchange Technology

    We believe this is the most powerful, durable, and flexible rapid car charger available today for the Handspring Treo 90. In the rapidly commoditized vehicle charger market where manufacturers all compete for the lowest price offering, Gomadic stands alone. We have integrated the latest in advanced charging circuitry using only high quality components, miniaturized it to fit on a circuit the size of a dime, and then backed it with a lifetime warranty, to produce a charger without compare. Built to outlast the Handspring Treo 90 that it will charge, Gomadic TipExchange Technology was added to ensure that the charger can be easily upgraded when your device is. The Handspring Treo 90 is a quality product that deserves to be protected by a quality charger!

    • Brand: Gomadic
    • ASIN: B000A6LFYO
    • UPC: 842623015593

  • Ereplacements SC-3180 Handspring Treo AC Adapter

    SC-3180 Ac Adapter (charger) for Handspring Treo 90 180 & 270 series

    • Brand: Handspring
    • ASIN: B0029XA1KK
    • UPC: 842740015261

  • Coiled Power Hot Sync USB Cable for the Handspring Treo 90 with both data and charge features - Uses Gomadic TipExchange Technology

    Provide constant power to the Handspring Treo 90 while simultaneously hot synching data with a PC by using our unique Coiled Hot Sync and Charge USB cable. Reduce the number of cables you carry around to power and sync your Handspring Treo 90 by 50% by simply adding this product to your accessory arsenal. Smartly constructed using the Gomadic upgradeable TipExchange System, this cable will be well positioned to continue to serve you long after you have moved on from your Handspring Treo 90. Of course, this product, like all Gomadic products, is backed by a lifetime warranty.

    • Brand: Gomadic
    • ASIN: B000A60VZI
    • UPC: 842623005235

  • Unique Gomadic 4-Port Intelligent Compact AC Home Wall Charger suitable for the Handspring Treo 90 - High output power with a convenient and foldable plug design - Uses TipExchange Technology

    Quad Chargers use TipExchange Technology; with this technology you have the freedom to pick any 4 gadgets to charge. TipExchange Technology tips offer the option to provide a combination you wish by adding tips. Mow the tangled wires polluting your home and workstation with Gomadic's new Quad Rapid Wall Charger. Compatible with Gomadic's innovative TipExchange Technology that allows you to simply rotate your entire family's tech around one power cable; you can finally beat back the brush of gadget accessories and enjoy a civilized life. Experience the new; small-tech revolution by simply plugging and unplugging our removable tips; which are custom-made for virtually thousands of devices. No more wondering which outlet is powering which gadget. No more hazardous adapters that sprout weed like growths of fiber optic cables. Now you can charge up to four mobile gadgets at the same time without sacrificing the minimalist environment you worked to so hard to create. Don't let your area be spoiled by the countless wires that your gadgets drag home with them. Keep your kitchen counters clean; your night table neat; and your desks Spartan; with this simple yet elegant device. With its small lightweight design and sleek appearance meant to compliment any home or work d'cor sensibility; th...

    • Brand: Gomadic
    • ASIN: B00GABA5VC
    • UPC: 842624645652

  • Hot Sync and Charge Straight USB cable for the Handspring Treo 90 – Charge and Data Sync with the same cable. Built with Gomadic TipExchange Technology

    Charge the Handspring Treo 90 while synchronizing data with our unique Gomadic Hot Sync and Charge Straight USB cable. Cut loose the rest of the cords protruding from your PC to make this cable the hub of your mobile workstation and enjoy a minimalist workspace anywhere you go. Built using the unique Gomadic TipExchange Technology, this cable is not like the others in that the same cable can be used to work with thousands of additional devices by simply changing the physical connector tip. We start you off with the specific tip for the Handspring Treo 90. However additional tips for nearly every other device can be purchased separately. Of course this product, like all Gomadic products, is backed by our lifetime warranty.

    • Brand: Gomadic
    • ASIN: B000A62ZGQ
    • UPC: 842623001626

  • Advanced Rapid Wall AC Charger Compatible with Handspring Treo 90 - Amazingly powerful home charge design built with Gomadic Brand TipExchange

    The Handspring Treo 90 is not an inexpensive device, so why risk damaging it with a cheap wall charger? When it comes to safely powering devices, Gomadic chargers have always stood alone. We have been in the power accessory business since 2001 and continue to innovate in power circuit design and miniaturization. Our Handspring Treo 90 Travel Wall Charger is a very powerful (high wattage), very compact (measures around 2.5 inches diagonally with foldable wall plug), and very well made (backed by lifetime warranty) accessory. Top it off with our upgradeable and interchangeable Gomadic TipExchange Technology, and this will most certainly be the last charger you ever buy.

    • Brand: Gomadic
    • ASIN: B000A6K1R6
    • UPC: 842623018952