• Trading Pit Hand Signals

    The advent of electronic trading has shuttered virtually every futures trading floor in the world, putting an end to the 150-year reign of the open outcry trading pit-those disorderly, deafening places where massive volumes of commodities could be bought or sold with a gesture. Trading Pit Hand Signals is a retrospective look at the history and function of open outcry trading pits with a specific focus on the trading floors of Chicago, New York, London, Paris and Singapore. Using engaging portrait photography of former pit traders, Trading Pit Hand Signals catalogs the hand signals that made commodities futures trading possible. Researched and written by a former pit trader who utilized the hand signals during his early career on various trading floors, Trading Pit Hand Signals records the history and sometimes ribald humor of the financial industry's most fascinating "lost language."

    • ASIN: 0988613182

  • Pit Bull CHIAU0600 9-Inch Auger Drill Bit Set, 6-Piece

    6 piece 9" Auger Bit Set: Creates deep, clean holes quickly and cleanly in hard or soft wood, Lead screw pulls the bit into the work eliminating extra pressure and strain, Use these bits with a hand or electric drill, Comes complete with wood case, Sizes: 3/8", 15/32", 9/16", 5/8", 11/16", 25/32".

    • Brand: Pit Bull
    • ASIN: B0025ZDTTC
    • UPC: 735090105952

  • McCormick Grill Mates Barbecue Tools MC8011 Barbecue Pit Mitt Grilling Glove

    Grilling gloves can be bulky & cumbersome. They often make it harder to hold your grilling tools, not easier. The pit mitt is a no-frills glove for serious grillers, made of aramid fibers that are also used in aerospace & the military. The fibers form a protective heat barrier while you flip burgers, turn hot dogs or grab piping hot kabobs from the grill. The glove's long length protects your wrist & lower arm & keeps the heat where it belongs. With the superior grip of the silicone-textured surface, you can focus on mastering flame & flavor. Reversible for the left or right hand with a durable cotton lining. The pit mitt can also be used in the kitchen or anywhere you come in contact with hot surfaces. Care: hand wash only with mild dishwashing soap. Hang to dry. WARNING: pitt mitt does not protect against heat from hot liquids. If pitt mitt gets wet, remove immediately from hand & dry completely before next use. Do not use over recommended temperature of 475 DegreeF (246 Degree).

    • Brand: McCormick Grill Mates Barbecue Tools
    • ASIN: B078V3CRPW
    • UPC: 050016680116

  • Rubber Handlebar Grips Hand Bar Grips Handle Bar For Motorcycle Dirt Pit Bike Yamaha YZ80 YZ85 YZ125 YZ250 YZ250F YZ400F YZ426F - Blue

    Features: Full Diamond pattern improves grip and reduces vibration Inner core compound perfects the bonding interface with bars Vibrasonix pillow top eliminates vibration and cushions impact Tacky gel-like surface compound is perfect for offroad riders ANTI-Rip Tip uses denser compound to increase life of grip Designed to self-clean and shed mud away from outer surface Super soft but strong rubber material, take more cushioning against vibration without reducing control. Offer the ultimate combination of comfort and durability. High performance for motocross and enduro racing. Used by Professional races worldwide Specification: Color: Blue As Pictures(Other color options: Gray/Red/Yellow ) Material: Rubber Left Inner Diameter: 22mm Right Inner Diameter: 24mm Fitment: All Handlebars 7/8" Of Motorcycles Package Includes: It's Sold in pairs (Left And Right) As Pictures Installation Instruction NOT Included

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Unknown
    • ASIN: B07917BBPX
    • UPC: 714133123733

  • Howlings from the Pit: A Practical Handbook of Medieval Magic, Goetia & Theurgy

    Howlings from the Pit may be Dr. Lisiewski's finest work to date. For both the beginning and advanced students of occultism, it lays bare what practical magic is all about. A veritable modern magical 'grammar,' Howlings takes the reader step-by-step through the mental, psychological and physical preparations required by the 'Fathers of the Grimoires', the authors of the classical books on ceremonial magic which include The Heptameron, The Lesser and Greater Keys of Solomon, The Sword of Moses and others. Dr. Lisiewski clarifies dozens of technical points critical to successful magical operations, including the most feared and desired one: evoking a spirit to physical manifestation. Alchemy, mysticism and even modern Science of Mind and New Thought are all examined in their relationship to Medieval magic. In addition, Mark Stavish's editing and extensive commentary on the original text, places the material in the context of the magical and philosophical traditions of both East and West, thereby adding valuable insight into the nature of magic as a living tradition.

    • ASIN: B008LDQ1JW

  • Click N' Play Pack of 200 Phthalate Free BPA Free Crush Proof Plastic Ball, Pit Balls - 6 Bright Colors in Reusable and Durable Storage Mesh Bag with Zipper

    These Click n' Play plastic balls are great for ball pit, jumping castle and pools. They are safe to use and made to last a long time without having the air Using a unique 2-stage blow molding process to ensure consistency of thickness; quality; smooth seam & surface. Safe and friendly to use.

    • Brand: Click N' Play
    • ASIN: B00PYLU3GG
    • UPC: 792384511332

  • Underarm Whitening Cream, Armpit Knee Elbow Hand Legs Body Butter skin whitener cream for woman, natural ingredients Get Rid of Dark Fast 60ML

    Main Ingredients: Water, glycerol, sorbitol, white mineral oil, PEG-30 dimeric hydroxystearic acid ester, nano-titanium dioxide, dioctyl carbonate, magnesium stearate, hydroxybenzophennone, fragrance, hydrolyzed collagen, bamboo charcoal. Apply to skin area: Neck: Modifies uneven clolors tones between the beck and the face after makeup application PRIVATE PARTS: Lightens dark area. It Is a necessary product for summertime. Body: Available for back use in order to make your complexion more appealing Legs: Makes leg tones lighter, and more fasionable. Instructions: 1. Cleanse the skin. 2. Take a proper amount of product on the skin. 3. Tap gently and massage until absorbed. 4. Better use after removing hair. How to use: In the morning, you can apply proper amount of the private whitening cream on body where you want whitening area and then gently massage until fully absorbed. In the evening, after shower, you can apply proper amount of the private whitening cream on body where you want whitening area stay 10-15minutes and then massage 30 seconds for double effects. Use it in the morning and the evening, will be better result! Package include: 1 Pcs Underarm Whitening Cream

    • Brand: ALIVER
    • ASIN: B07DS727T5
    • UPC: 705020186139

  • Pit Bull, Cropped Picture Frame Holds Your Favorite 2.5 by 3.5 Inch Photo, Hand Painted Realistic Looking Pit Bull Stands 6 Inches Tall Holding Beautifully Crafted Frame, Unique and Special Pit Bull Gifts for Pit Bull Owners

    Announcing this year’s best gift for Pit Bull lovers everywhere! This unique picture frame stands 6 inches tall, holding a 2.5 x 3.5 inch photo of your favorite furry friend. You can easily personalize the frame to give it that extra special touch. The personality of each Pit Bull is truly captured in the unique design. This hand painted frame with intricate detail is the perfect place to put your favorite picture. This frame features a Pit Bull hugging the outside of the frame with its hind leg paws as the table topper to hold it up, but is also enhanced with an easel back stand for added security. Look no further for the perfect gift for that pet lover you had in mind because this frame is sure to wow anyone who sees it! It’s a simple yet affectionate gift to brighten any room in your home or office.

    • Color: Multicoloured
    • Brand: E&S Pets
    • ASIN: B008J1HV9U
    • UPC: 875623007732