• Biblical Greek Laminated Sheet (Zondervan Get an A! Study Guides)

    Students of biblical Greek and Hebrew may not know everything they need to know, but they do know there’s a lot they need to know! Whether studying for exams or translating passages of Scripture, students need critical information at their fingertips. Instead, it’s usually scattered throughout textbooks, self-made crib sheets, and sticky-notes on their computer monitor. Now there’s a better way! The Zondervan Get an A! Study Guides to Biblical Greek and Biblical Hebrew are handy, at-a-glance study aids ideal for last minute review, a quick overview of grammar, or as an aid in translation or sermon preparation. Each set contains four information-packed sheets that are laminated and three-hole-punched, making them both durable and portable. The study guides are tied to Zondervan’s Basics of Biblical Greek and Basics of Biblical Hebrew.

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  • Greek alphabet poster (8x10). #A117 Greek Alphabet Print.Alphabet Poster for kids.

    Hello! This Print is printed on high-quality white paper! Print measures: 8x10 inches. Frame is Not Included.

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  • Greek Alphabet Code Cracker

    Welcome, Detective. Are you looking for an engaging first step to learning Greek? In The Greek Alphabet Code Cracker, understanding the Greek alphabet is the key to decoding clues and recovering the stolen Urn of Achilles! Learn all of the Greek letters from Alpha to Omega, and their phonetic pronunciation. Practice writing the letters, gather the clues from witnesses, and trace the path of the thief! You will first learn to sound out simple English words with the Greek alphabet, and then will go on to learn Greek words as well! This workbook text is an excellent introduction to Greek for students of all ages.Classical Academic Press Educators will find all curricula by Classical Academic Press to be created with four important attributes. Each product is classical, creative, relevant, and easy to use. As our company name implies, you will find that we publish classical books and media, seeking to acquaint students with the best that has been thought and said. We also design and present our products with creativity and zest, from beautiful illustrations to engaging storytelling, ensuring that the classical subjects being taught are anything but boring. Areas we publish in include: -Latin -Ancient Greek -Logic -Bible, Old & New Testament -The Art Of Poetry -Spanish -Classical E...

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  • Montsho Publishers Reusable Greek Letter Stencils, (3 Inch)

    Reusable Greek Letter Stencil kits that includes all 24 Greek Letters. The kits are available in 2 Inch, 3 Inch, 4 Inch, 5 Inch and 6 Inch sizes. Stencils can be used on various surfaces: wood, paper, fabric brick, etc. Works great for scrap booking, posters and other arts and crafts projects. • Kit contains all 24 letters of the Greek Alphabet • Directions for use are printed on the back of the package • Each stencil measures 4 x 4 Inch and each letter is approximately 3 Inch tall • Use to decorate any surface: walls, wood, fabric, etc. • Easy to use; professional results • Made of durable reusable oil board • Product PROUDLY Made in the USA

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  • The Toddler's Handbook: Bilingual (English / Greek) (Angliká / Elliniká) Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Sizes, ABC Animals, Opposites, and Sounds, with over ... that every Kid should Know (Greek Edition)

    The Toddler's Handbook introduces 17 basic concepts in English and Greek. Included are numbers, colors, shapes, sizes, ABCs, animals, opposites, sounds, actions, sports, food, tableware, clothes, vehicles, emotions, body, and time. This book develops early language skills using 171 words that every kid should know. Vibrant colors and images are designed to attract the attention of babies and toddlers. This book will help children learn a variety of important concepts in English and Greek.

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  • Biblical Greek Alphabet (Including Capital and Small Form, Diacritic marks and Punctuation marks)

    Card List: 1. Α 2. Β 3. Γ 4. Δ 5. Ε 6. Ζ 7. Η 8. Θ 9. Ι 10. Κ 11. Λ 12. Μ 13. Ν 14. Ξ 15. Ο 16. Π 17. Ρ 18. Σ 19. Τ 20. Υ 21. Φ 22. Χ 23. Ψ 24. Ω 25. α 26. β 27. γ 28. δ 29. ε 30. ζ 31. η 32. θ 33. ι 34. κ 35. λ 36. μ 37. ν 38. ξ 39. ο 40. π 41. ρ 42. σ, ς 43. τ 44. υ 45. φ 46. χ 47. ψ 48. ω 49. Iota subscript 50. Smooth breathing mark 51. Rough breathing mark 52. Acute 53. Grave 54. Circumflex 55. Diaeresis 56. Comma 57. Period 58. Question Mark 59. Semicolon

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  • A Greek Hupogrammon: A Beginner's Copybook for the Greek Alphabet with Pronunciations

    Learn the Greek alphabet and pronunciation system in a simple yet comprehensive way. Features of this book: * Designed to correspond with A Greek Alphabetarion. * Practice writing all the Greek letters and marks, including accents, breathers, and obsoletes. * Practice finding Greek letters in words and sentences. * Practice identifying the sounds of Greek letters and Greek vowel combinations. * Practice reading and writing words and sentences in Greek, including eleven pages of numerals. * A variety of exercises in different formats. * Answer key to exercises in the back. * Consumable workbook -- you will need one for each student. * For ages 8 and up. This workbook is laid out in two-page spreads. Most lessons have only one two-page spread. Young students may do up to one spread per day. Older or more ambitious students may do two or more spreads per day. Though the lessons in this copybook can be used without any accompanying text, they are designed to correspond with the more extensive textbook, A Greek Alphabetarion. A younger student could first learn the basics by going through the Hupogrammon, then review the same material more carefully and extensively by going through the Alphabetarion. An older student might use both books together. In this case, we suggest that the stu...

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  • Me & My Big Ideas Puffy Greek Alphabet Stickers, Black

    ME & MY BIG IDEAS-Puffy Stickers: Greek Alphabet. Perfect for all your paper crafting needs! This package contains one 12x5 inch sheet with sixty-one black Greek alphabet stickers. Imported.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Me & My Big Ideas
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  • The Greek Alphabet: 24 Letters in 24 Hours

    Is the Greek alphabet all Greek to you? If so, you need The Greek Alphabet: 24 Letters in 24 Hours - a guide to the modern Greek alphabet for English speakers, designed and formatted for the Kindle.Aimed at expats and tourists, it offers a quick guide to the Greek alphabet for the beginner - followed by a detailed, letter-by-letter guide to modern pronunciation and transliteration.There are also useful exercises, and plenty of examples of words in Greek script.With the help of this book, you'll be able to read the Greek letters you see in Greece and Cyprus - from shop fronts to road signs, menus to maps, bottles of wine to ancient mosaics - giving you more confidence in the Greek language everywhere you go.Greek isn't nearly as hard as it looks - so give it a go!

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