• Golden Retriever Training: The Beginner’s Guide to Training Your Golden Retriever Puppy: Includes Potty Training, Sit, Stay, Fetch, Drop, Leash Training and Socialization Training

    ★★Buy the Paperback version of this book and get the Kindle eBook version included for FREE★★Are you tired of your Golden Retriever puppy leaving “messes” all over the house?What about the biting and chewing?Does your Golden Retriever drag you down the street when you try and take him/her for a walk?Do you want to teach your new puppy how to sit, stay, or play fetch? This short, simple, no-fluff beginner's training guide can help you with it all!Here Is A Preview of What You'll Learn...Is a Golden Retriever Right For You?How Much Is Enough Exercise?How To Speak Your Dog’s LanguageEffective DisciplineHow to Potty Train Your Golden RetrieverBasic Obedience Training Such As: Sit, Drop, Come, Fetch, Stay, and WaitLeash Training Your Golden Retriever PuppySocialization TrainingHow to Stop the Biting and Chewingand Advanced Training TechniquesThis is a must-have guide for all beginner Golden Retriever puppy owners and individuals who are thinking of getting a Golden Retriever puppy.Don’t wait any longer! Scroll up and click the ‘Buy Now’ button to turn your little fluff ball into the perfect puppy!

    • ASIN: B01N705TLJ

  • I Love Dogs! Activity Book: Pup-tacular stickers, trivia, step-by-step drawing projects, and more for the dog lover in you! (I Love Activity Books)

    Kids are sure to have a tail-wagging good time completing the pooch-inspired activities in this I Love Dogs! Activity Book. Inside, kids can learn how to draw an array of favorite dog breeds by following easy, step-by-step instructions. They can also increase their canine know-how with fun-fact trivia cards, answer entertaining diary prompts, and even learn how to make doggy treats. Full of stickers, postcards, bookmarks, and other canine accessories, this book is a must-have for all dog-loving kids!

    • Brand: Quayside Publishing
    • ASIN: 1600582257
    • UPC: 050283906025

  • Paper Pups

    Punch out, Fold up and...Voila! Instant Puppies. Paper Pups is a book that comes alive. With 20 unique dog designs, each Paper Pup is pre-cut, scored, and perforated so you can simply punch them out of the page, fold them up with easy-to follow instructions, and they become adorable, iconic 3D objects to love and enjoy. Paper Pups deftly combines paper craft with advanced paper engineering so no glue, tape, or tools are ever needed!Best of all, they don’t need to be walked, fed, or paper-trained…Paper Pups make great companions for ages 7 to 101 and may actually be as fun as a real puppy.   Includes the bestest friends you’ll soon come to love: Frankie the table scrap-lovin' Dachsund Ginger the star-crossed Pug Baxter the famous Chihuahua Baker the Jamaican Komodor Oliver the upper-crust Welsh Terrier Floyd the twitchy Bearded Collie And 14 more of their friends!   PaperMade™ Books are easy to understand and assemble—no glue, tape, or tools are EVER needed. They're a safe, simple, and nostalgic alternative to digital games that are fun for the whole family. PaperMade™ — Paper craft for the masses.

    • Brand: powerHouse Books
    • ASIN: 1576876500

  • A Puppy Love [email protected] About the Golden Retriever, Tips for Bringing your Golden Pup Home, and Doggone Delicious Recipes!

    Written by an expert breeder: Learn the history of the Golden retriever; tips, tricks and transitions from kennel to home with your new puppy, and tasty recipes your dog will love!#PoweredByIndie

    • ASIN: B01H0GRC7A

  • Golden Retriever Portrait Dog Journal: 150 Page Lined Notebook/Diary

    This notebook of 150 lined pages awaits  your writing pleasure.   It can be your daily diary, a collection of random thoughts, a journal of your hopes and dreams, a "to-do" list, or even a "to-don’t" list!  The choice is all yours.  Enjoy!

    • ASIN: 1537070088

  • Paper Pups 3-D Coloring!

    Paper Pups 3D Coloring Book: Color, Punch out & Fold up and bring to life!Paper Pups–the original smash hit of the PaperMade book series–is back as an adult coloring book unlike any other–with unique dog designs that you color and then assemble into adorable 3-D characters!Each of the 20 pup templates are pre-cut and pre-scored so they simply punch out and fold up with easy-to-follow instructions on the page. Plus, each Pup’s story is now up to you: Fill in their back stories to make your best friend truly your own. Paper Pups 3D Coloring Book deftly combines paper craft with advanced paper engineering: No glue, tape or tools are needed!Best of all, they don't need paper training... they make great companions for ages 7 to 101 and some people may even enjoy them more than a real dog.Our most popular PaperMade title meets another activity people are crazy about today. Two for the price of one! Paper Pups 3D Coloring Book includes:Diesel the BulldogOliver the Welsh TerrierGinger the PugDaisy the Golden RetreiverAnd everyone's favorite, Baker the Komondor with his cool coat

    • ASIN: 1576878546

  • City of Dogs: New York Dogs, Their Neighborhoods, and the People Who Love Them

    A beautiful, heartfelt, funny, and inspiring collection of photos and stories that maps the relationship between canine New Yorkers and their human counterparts.New York is a city of five boroughs, more than 250 distinct neighborhoods, 8.5 million people, and more than 600,000 dogs, who are as much a part of the social fabric as the people who follow them on the other end of the leash. City of Dogs maps this relationship with incredible four-color photos highlighting the scene.From the Bronx to Brooklyn and along the streets of Harlem and Manhattan, Ken Foster and Traer Scott explore the unique relationships between dogs and their human counterparts. We meet Alex Nuckel, living on disability and finding joy and purpose in caring for his two pit bulls, Lucy and Rocky. And Majora Carter, a community activist who has received a MacArthur grant, living and working with two stray shepherds she rescued in her own neighborhood. City of Dogs also takes us to a Midtown Manhattan law office, where staff are encouraged to bring their adopted dogs to work, and to the JFK airport, where we meet dogs who help screen at security. And then on to Brooklyn, where we meet award-winning author Jacqueline Woodson and her dogs, Toffee and Shadow. These are just a few of the amazing animals and their p...

    • ASIN: 0525535160

  • Pocket Pups

    PaperMade Pocket books are the new offspring of PaperMade. They feature the same fun, full-sized characters in a smaller, easy-to-travel size. All are pre-cut and pre-scored to simply punch out and fold up with easy instructions on-page—transforming into adorable 3-D characters that can go anywhere: in a car, plane, or locker.  PaperMade Pocket debuts with Pocket Pups—featuring three characters. Pocket Pups deftly combines paper craft with advanced paper engineering so no glue, tape or tools are ever needed.  PaperMade Pocket books are designed for an impulse buy—perfect items for the checkout line or small-item bins at a variety of retailers. They make a great gift and appeal to a broad range of interests, ages, and nationalities—PaperMade books are available in 37 countries and counting. PaperMade Pocket Books are easy to assemble, super fun, and a nostalgic alternative to digital games. PaperMade is papercraft for everyone!

    • ASIN: 1576878538

  • Golden Retriever in a Frosty Meadow Journal: 150 Page Lined Notebook/Diary

    This journal with 150 ruled pages awaits your writing pleasure.  You can use it to record your hopes and dreams, express your gratitude, to keep a bucket list,  as a daily diary, or  to jot down your “To-Do” lists.  The possibilities are endless and the choice is all yours.  Unplug, unwind, relax, enjoy!  

    • ASIN: 1979386927