• God's Flower Garden Book of Poetry

    God's Flower Garden Book of Poetry speaks to the heart of women and young ladies. It is so vital to respect ourselves and God in our lives and this is what this beautiful book is all about. Minister Marcia has handwritten love notes to inspire you to love again and also touches on what love is not. Domestic abuse is not love and we as women need to get out as soon as possible! Please take the time to read each message prepared for you in love.

    • ASIN: 172517068X

  • Love Poems from God: Twelve Sacred Voices from the East and West (Compass)

    Sacred poetry from twelve mystics and saints, rendered brilliantly by Daniel Ladinsky, beloved interpreter of verses by the fourteenth-century Persian poet Hafiz In this luminous collection, Daniel Ladinsky—best known for his gifted and bestselling interpretations of the great Sufi poet Hafiz—brings together the timeless work of twelve of the world's finest spiritual writers, six from the East and six from the West. Once again Ladinsky reveals his talent for creating profound and playful renditions of classic poems for a modern audience. Rumi's joyous, ecstatic love poems; St. Francis's loving observations of nature through the eyes of Catholicism; Kabir's wild, freeing humor that synthesizes Hindu, Muslim, and Christian beliefs; St. Teresa's sensual verse; and the mystical, healing words of Sufi poet Hafiz—these along with inspiring works by Rabia, Meister Eckhart, St. Thomas Aquinas, Mira, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, and Tukaram are all “love poems by God,” from writers considered to be "conduits of the divine." A spiritual treasure to cherish always.

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  • Rilke's Book of Hours: Love Poems to God

    A FINALIST FOR THE PEN/WEST TRANSLATION AWARDThe 100th Anniversary Edition of a global classic, containing beautiful translations along with the original German text.While visiting Russia in his twenties, Rainer Maria Rilke, one of the twentieth century's greatest poets, was moved by a spirituality he encountered there. Inspired, Rilke returned to Germany and put down on paper what he felt were spontaneously received prayers. Rilke's Book of Hours is the invigorating vision of spiritual practice for the secular world, and a work that seems remarkably prescient today, one hundred years after it was written.Rilke's Book of Hours shares with the reader a new kind of intimacy with God, or the divine—a reciprocal relationship between the divine and the ordinary in which God needs us as much as we need God. Rilke influenced generations of writers with his Letters to a Young Poet, and now Rilke's Book of Hours tells us that our role in the world is to love it and thereby love God into being. These fresh translations rendered by Joanna Macy, a mystic and spiritual teacher, and Anita Barrows, a skilled poet, capture Rilke's spirit as no one has done before.

    • Brand: Barrows, Anita/ Macy, Joanna/ Rilke, Rainer Maria
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  • I Heard God Laughing: Poems of Hope and Joy

    From the renowned translator of The Gift, a rich collection that brings the great Sufi poet to Western readers To Persians , the poems of Hafiz are not "classical literature" from a remote past but cherished wisdom from a dear and intimate friend that continue to be quoted in daily life. With uncanny insight, Hafiz captures the many forms and stages of love. His poetry outlines the stages of the mystic's "path of love"-a journey in which love dissolves personal boundaries and limitations to join larger processes of growth and transformation.With this stunning collection, Ladinsky has succeeded brilliantly in translating the essence of one of Islam's greatest poetic and spiritual voices. "If you haven't yet had the delight of dining with Daniel Ladinsky's sweet, playful renderings of the musings of the great saints, I Heard God Laughing is a perfect appetizer. . . . This newly released edition of his first playful foray into Hafiz's divinely inspired poetry is essential reading . . . . Ladinsky is a master who will be remembered for finally bringing Hafiz alive in the West."—Alexandra Marks, The Christian Science Monitor

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  • The Garden of Heaven: Poems of Hafiz (Dover Thrift Editions)

    "Hafiz has no peer." — GoethePoetry is the greatest literary form of ancient Persia and modern Iran, and the fourteenth-century poet known as Hafiz is its preeminent master. Little is known about the poet's life, and there are more legends than facts relating to the particulars of his existence. This mythic quality is entirely appropriate for the man known as "The Interpreter of Mysteries" and "The Tongue of the Hidden," whose verse is regarded as oracular by those seeking guidance and attempting to realize wishes.A mere fraction of what is presumed to have been an extensive body of work survives. This collection is derived from Hafiz's Divan (collected poems), a classic of Sufism. The short poems, called ghazals, are sonnet-like arrangements of varied numbers of couplets. In the tradition of Persian poetry and Sufi philosophy, each poem corresponds to two interpretations, sensual and mystic.This outstanding translation of Hafiz's poetry was created by historian and Arabic scholar Gertrude Bell, who observed, "These are the utterances of a great poet, the imaginative interpreter of the heart of man; they are not of one age, or of another, but for all time."

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  • A Child's Garden of Verses

    Here is a delightful look at childhood, written by master poet and storyteller Robert Louis Stevenson. In this collection of sixty-six poems, Stevenson recalls the joys of his childhood, from sailing boats down a river, to waiting for the lamplighter, to sailing off to foreign lands in his imagination. Tasha Tudor's watercolor paintings evoke a simpler time in the past, and celebrate two of the things she loves most -- children and nature. Her talents are the perfect match for these inspiring poems, making this a handsome gift edition that will be cherished by families for generations.

    • Brand: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
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  • A Walk In God's Garden: Poems by Evelyn Chapman Daniel

    Poetic Expression Written by Evelyn Chapman Daniel. The collection of writings in this book has been put together for you, the reader, that you might see, share, and enjoy as you walk along the path in “God’s Garden.” Poetry and Poetic Expression can often, in all its brevity, express more feelings and emotions than the long written word of prose. An awakening of thoughts, an action of appliance, a strengthening of self-awareness can all be expressed every vividly. The writings in this book are all expressive and meaningful; some might make you smile, some might make you cry, others might make you wonder and you will learn from them. Some might make you see things in ways that you have never seen them before. Many moods and many emotions are expressed in various levels through the intermingling of thought and imagination.

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  • Gardener's Quote Print - 'The Kiss Of The Sun For Pardon, The Song Of The Birds For Mirth, One Is Nearer God's Heart In A Garden, Than Anywhere Else On Earth.' God's Garden Poem Print.

    'The Kiss Of The Sun For Pardon, The Song Of The Birds For Mirth, One Is Nearer God's Heart In A Garden, Than Anywhere Else On Earth' ____________________________ This listing is for a standard high quality lustre photo print. Printed by a specialist fine art and photo lab in Manchester, UK. Available in the following options: 7"x5" Photo Print Board Backed | Presentation Cover | Posted Flat 10"x8" Photo Print Board Backed | Presentation Cover | Posted Flat 8"x6" Photo Print MATTED to a size of 10"x8" Board Matted | Board Backed | Presentation Cover | Ready to Frame | Perfect Gift | Posted Flat ____________________________ You will receive your photo print, unframed and posted with great care, ready for you to frame yourself. 7"x5" and 10"x8" are very popular picture sizes, so you will easily find your own frame if required. *** SHIPPING *** Print orders will be dispatched in 1-2 working days, and will take 5-9 working days to reach the USA & Canada, and around 3-4 working days to reach Europe. Please note, the wooden background which the print is sat on in the thumbnail is for illustrative purposes only. You are ordering a photographic print of this design. Designed with love in Cheshire, England. All my designs are copyrighted by me and are sent to you for your...

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