• German WWII Splinter Pattern Helmet Cover M35, M40, M42

    New Made Item: Copied directly from an original in the IMA collection this Wehrmacht helmet cover is for use the M35, M40 or M42 German WW2 Helmets with size 66 or less shells. Will also fit size 68 M35 and M40 helmets, but may have trouble with M42 helmets. Made of high quality splinter camo water resistant material with foliage loops, drawstring, strong stitching and the perfect color shade (unlike most on the market). Ours is made exclusively for IMA and is just like an original!

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: International Military Antiques, Inc.
    • ASIN: B005OZSXHS

  • Alliance Model Works 1:35 WWII German Camouflage solid Disc Pattern #LW35080

    Alliance Model Works 1:35 WWII German Camouflage solid Disc Pattern #LW35080

    • Brand: Alliance Model Works
    • ASIN: B005SAQ28Q

  • German WWII Tent Quarter Zeltbahn Splinter Pattern Camouflage

    New Made Item: Copied exactly from and original in the IMA collection this is among the very best quality with highest authenticity available on the market today. Constructed of durable water-repellent cotton canvas with strong stitching, reinforced button holes, aluminum buttons, aluminum grommets and even comes complete with two leather securing straps, just like the originals. Zeltbahn or German Army Tent Quarter was a multi-purpose piece of German army regulation equipment that was issued to Wehrmacht soldiers during WWII. This piece of camouflaged material could be combined with three other to make a proper tent, or other quantities to construct shelters of various sizes, it was also used for camouflage, as a poncho or even a stretcher. Ours comes with reversible German Army Splinter pattern and holes with buttons to put two or more together just like the originals. The Zeltbahn 31 was developed in 1931 and found its origin in the square Reichswehr tent. It was made of a water repellent material called Makostoff and is imprinted with a camouflage pattern which is also known as Army Splinter Pattern (Heeres Splitter Muster 31), another phrase used was: Buntfarbenaufdruck. See how to wear/use it here: http://www.dererstezug.com/UsingTheZeltbahn.htm

    • Brand: International Military Antiques, Inc.
    • ASIN: B005OZX5YY

  • Waffen-SS Camouflage Uniforms, Vol. 2: M44 Drill Uniforms • Fallschirmjäger Uniforms • Panzer Uniforms • Winter Clothing • SS-VT/Waffen-SS Zeltbahnen • Camouflage Pattern Samples

    This is part two of a comprehensive two-volume reference that shows all the camouflage uniforms of the Waffen-SS. Using predominately modern color photographs, Volume 2 covers SS camouflage M44 Drill Uniforms, Fallschirmjäger Uniform, Panzer Uniforms, Winter Clothing, SS-VT/Waffen-SS Zeltbahnen, and concludes with a detailed look at each camouflage pattern including samples. Each example is displayed on a full mannequin with numerous photos showing how the clothing appeared from various angles. In addition, numerous detail images are used to clearly expose key features of the uniforms and equipment. The text explains the important details about the creation, manufacturing, and wear of each item. Period photos establish the wear of each item presented in the book.

    • ASIN: 0764350668

  • German Naval Camouflage Volume II: 1942 – 1945

    This book completes a highly original and superbly illustrated two-volume survey of German naval camouflage and markings in the Nazi era. On first publication in 2012 the 1939-1941 volume was quickly recognized by warship enthusiasts and model makers as a major step forward in the understanding of a complex and much debated topic. It is already considered the standard reference, and this second volume is keenly awaited. Although a few crucial documents have recently come to light, this study is largely based on close scrutiny of all available photos, including many newly discovered, collated with the firsthand testimony of Kriegsmarine survivors. After decades of study, the authors are probably the worlds leading experts, and their work challenges many accepted views, while greatly expanding the general understanding of the subject. The fruits of their labors are presented in the form of exquisite color illustrations of every scheme and variation for which evidence is available. This volume covers all major surviving ships down to destroyers from 1942 to the end of the war, and adds a new section on torpedo boats.While there can never be a last word on such an elusive and poorly documented subject, these two volumes will remain the most authoritative work in the field for many ye...

    • ASIN: B01MR4G02E

  • German WWII Wehrmacht M45 Linen Sumpftarn Pattern Jacket- Size XL (US 46+)

    New Made Item: Copied from an original in the IMA collection. We managed to get the sumpftarn pattern nearly identical to the real thing. Jacket matches our original in almost every detail; linen construction, correct stitching, cut, weight, even the aluminum buttons have replicated manufacturer MOTZ stampings. Size I (Medium, U.S. 38-42) Size III, XL (US 46+) Jacket only, Helmet is available separately.

    • Brand: International Military Antiques, Inc.
    • ASIN: B0077BY8OE

  • bemysolution Ring German self Defense Snake Corps Schlesien,nice pattern WW2,WWII

    nice Ring of a rare German Defense Corps to protect SCHLESIEN.Ring US size 11.5 Inch, 0.83 Inch (21 german millimeters). I have over 120 different old MILITARIA rings in my great collection,worldwide unique biggest offers!You will get them exclusive and only from me! So watch my other auctions. All rings are Silver Palladiumoxid.

    • Brand: bemysolution
    • ASIN: B01CULQF6Y

  • RUKO WWII Stainless Steel Blade Paratrooper Knife (5-3/8-Inch)

    RUKO K9807 WWII Stainless Steel Paratrooper Knife. The K9807 features a Razor Sharp 420A Stainless Steel 5-3/8" Clip-Point Plain Blade Solid Stainless Steel construction, Knife Blade Retracts into Handle for safe and secure carry, a Fixed Blade Pattern in a Folding Design Based on the Design of a German WWII Paratrooper, Pantographic (scissor action) Opening Mechanism Blade: 5-3/8", Closed: 7", Weight: 7.06 oz Lifetime Warranty.

    • Brand: Ruko
    • ASIN: B003Z6RBFI
    • UPC: 770583924283

  • German WWII Waffen-SS Type 2 Oak Pattern A Camouflage Reversible Smock

    New Made Item: Copied from an original; this is a fabulous reversible (summer & autumn camouflage) Oak pattern A Type 2 WWII era German smock constructed from heavy canvas-like water-resistant cotton. This type 2 smock was the most common smock seen in the latter half of the World War Two. The changes from the Type 1 style were the result of battlefield experience. Type II smocks were designed to be worn under the field gear; the waist was higher and the smock is longer. Complete with neck drawstring, reversible camouflage, double reversible waist pockets, correct aluminum flat style vintage buttons, elastic waist and cuffs, and loops for attaching camouflage are provided on the upper body. ONE SIZE FITS MOST (US 36-50 chest). Note: The fabric used on the reversible camouflage is only surface dyed, as there is a different pattern on each side. We do not recommend washing them as the dye is very easily rubbed away. Do not wash in water, dryclean only: Petroleum Solvent, do not bleach. There is a care label on the plastic packaging for each of these, as we cannot attach a label to the smock without it being visible.

    • Brand: International Military Antiques, Inc.
    • ASIN: B005XG4P3E